[Feeling after eating bullwhip]_Effect_Effect

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[Feeling after eating bullwhip]_Effect_Effect

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[Feeling after eating bullwhip]_Effect_Effect

The aphrodisiac effect of bullwhip is well known, because it contains androgens, proteins and other material components, so it can lead to a good aphrodisiac and kidney effect.

Bullwhip is one of the tonics for men. It has always been the favor of male friends, especially every fall into the fall. If men supplement the right amount of bullwhip, it is very helpful for the body health, especially the improvement of sexual performance.
There are many ways to eat bullwhip, some of which are stir-fried or added to porridge.

First, the effect and role of bullwhip Bullwhip is the external genitalia of male cattle, which has the effect of warming kidney yang.

Many people think that the genitals of food animals can be aphrodisiac and replenish qi and blood.

Western medicine is different from traditional Chinese medicine. It does not recognize that bullwhip has any relationship with impotence. The Chinese generally believe that animal organs and sexual function are directly related. Eating the whip is almost equal to impotence. Western impotence mainly depends on drugs.

Second, the medicinal value of bullwhip 1, aphrodisiac and strong waist: Promote sexual function, spermatogenesis and help breed.

Strengthens the essence and strengthens qi, improves the quality of semen and enhances the sperm vitality.

It is suitable for the treatment of impotence caused by kidney yang deficiency, low back pain, frequent urination and lack of energy for filling the five internal organs.

2, kidney deficiency: symptoms of “cold”, backache, cold limbs, chills, edema of kidney yang deficiency.

Symptoms are “hot”, and there are kidney yin deficiency such as backache, dryness, night sweats, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus and so on.

3, strong gluten: strong gluten, Tongluo, restore fatigue and condition the waist and knees.

4, blood and qi: suitable for people without Guanghua, rosy, cold hands and feet.

3. Edible method of bullwhip 1. Stir-fried bullwhip material: bullwhip, red pepper, shallot, ginger, garlic, coriander; peanut oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, cumin, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence.

Method: (1) First, wash the bullwhip and add it to the pot, then cut into slices, and cut the red pepper into oblique angle.

(2) Prepare appropriate amount of onion ginger garlic and some coriander.

(3) Peanut oil is poured into the pot. After the oil is heated, the cut bullwhip is put into the oil and stir-fried. Add cooking wine and soy sauce during the period.

(4) When the beef whip meat is fried to 7 minutes, pour the prepared onion ginger garlic and red pepper together into the pot and stir quickly.

(5) In the process of adding salt, cumin powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence and a small amount of water.

(6) When starting the pan and adding the pan, add some cilantro, so that the sautéed stir-fried beef whip is completed.

2. Bullwhip and wolfberry porridge materials: bullwhip, wolfberry, white rice, vanilla, shallot, ginger, eggs.

Method: (1) Wash the white rice and cook the porridge first, and cook it on the fire until it boils.

(2) Bullwhip and diced, chopped green onion, coriander into small pieces, shred ginger, and egg into a bowl and stir well.

(3) After the porridge is boiled, turn to low heat and cook slowly until it is sticky, and then sprinkle the stirred eggs on the porridge evenly.

(4) Put the ox whipping and wolfberry into the pot together, and add soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence and other condiments.

(5) Finally add the green onion, coriander, and ginger, add the sesame oil, and serve immediately.