Physiological Yoga

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Physiological Yoga

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Physiological Yoga

The yoga teacher divides a woman’s physiological cycle into four parts. Do different actions at different times to help you improve your physical condition. You only need to do four or five actions per cycle to make you feel obvious changes.

  One Tuesday before the physiological period: Condition the ovarian hormones and recharge the body.

  During this time, women’s estrogen secretion is weakened, and their emotions are particularly irritable. The action of fractures should be mainly used to clear the breath of the skin, promote the pelvic blood circulation, and change the bad emotional period.

You can add some exercises to the abdomen to prevent the waist and abdomen from hoarding a large number of uncles.

  Tip: Do n’t turn your “temper” into appetite arbitrarily during this time, eat a lot of high-calorie foods, these accumulations greatly increase the risk of unfortunate hoarding.

  One Tuesday during the physiological period: Soothes the breath of the chest and shoulders and relaxes the lumbosacral region.

  During this period, women’s constitution is the weakest. It is not recommended to do some actions to stimulate the reproductive system. The upper body is mainly stretched.

First learn to adjust your breath to let your physiology enter a quiet and relaxed state; then open your shoulders, rotate the shoulder joint clockwise and counterclockwise, comb your body’s left and right veins, and stretch forward to expand your chest.

  The first Wednesday after the menstrual period: Unblocking the bones and muscles, strengthening the body and reducing fat.

  During this period, women’s estrogen secretion is the strongest, physical fitness gradually returns to the best state, and metabolism is fast. It is the first golden week of fitness and weight loss, so seize the opportunity, don’t be lazy, just control diet and do targetedExercise can have weight loss.

  Tip: Have you walk fast every day?
20 minutes, do a full exercise after returning home.

Avoid large intake of high feces and high conversion food.

Every day, we need to strengthen local strength training to achieve the purpose of shaping.