Chinese medicine makes my retina flow

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Chinese medicine makes my retina flow

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Chinese medicine makes my retina flow

Now, when combing my thick black hair, I ca n’t help but be filled with emotion. It ‘s my traditional Chinese medicine that cured my head sores and allowed me to grow back again . When I was only ten months old, my headThe ascension was full of malignant sores, and the pus was bleeding continuously, and it eventually developed into a peeling pomegranate on the entire head, and the original hair was completely replaced, which looked like an unbearable disgrace.

  In order to treat me, my parents had a young me, and involved in transfers to hospitals of all sizes.

However, I went to many hospitals, took a lot of western medicine, and gave a lot of injections, but my condition did not improve in the slightest.

I really responded to the old saying, “If you have a disorder, you should go to the doctor.” At that time, as soon as I heard that there was a good doctor, my parents could go to me for treatment.

However, the effect of each treatment was very small. My head was still bleeding and pus, and I could not grow hair at all.

My parents are very worried that when I grow up, I will not grow hair to become bald.

  Repeated medical visits and repeated failures not only exhausted all the savings in the family, but also owed the debt to the next buttock. This made parents even more frustrated, and almost did not have any hope and was left to fate.

  Just then, a relative from my distant house came to visit the house and said that there was an old Chinese medicine practitioner who was particularly good at treating skin diseases such as malignant sores.

The parents have the last hope to find the old Chinese medicine practitioner.

After looking at my head, the old Chinese medical practitioner opposed my parents: “Go back and use the pods on the lime tree (Ailanthus altissima) and the pine cones on the pine. After burning to ashes, put them in a bowl and mix them with warm waterShape, then smear it on the head, and heal soon!

“Parents who didn’t spend a penny returned to the house doubtlessly and followed the methods of old Chinese medicine.

But to my parents’ surprise, a miracle turned out. The sore on my head gradually disappeared, atrophied, and scarred. It was completely healed in half a month, and my hair gradually grew.

  It is now that when elderly parents often look at my thick black hair, they thinly sigh with emotion: “Thanks to that old Chinese medicine doctor, I made you grow hair .” After editing: You are in the process of watching Chinese medicine,There are some unforgettable experiences, touching stories, profound experiences. Let us write to you and let us experience the unique charm of Chinese medicine together.