What is the father in the baby’s mind?

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What is the father in the baby’s mind?

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What is the father in the baby’s mind?

He is the maker of chaos, the destroyer of rules, the maker of trouble.

In short, the image of the father and the score of the mother are completely reversed.

However, if you think about it carefully, the identities mentioned above may not be meaningless, and even more positive in the child’s growth process.

Although it causes the mother to lose her temper and cause her brain, but if we think about it, the nonsense behaviors in front of the father will have an important impact on the children ‘s life.They are often traced to these events.

Then we look back and see what role a perfect father will play in the growth of a baby.

  1 The thick-line father and dad love children in a totally different way from their mothers. Many times they are passionate and unpredictable.

They shake their babies much more strongly than their mothers when they sleep, and can often roll on the floor with them.

When the baby is 8 weeks old, the separation between father and mother can already be felt in their little hearts.

  Toddler experts conducted a detailed study of the video of the life of the two-month-old child and found that these little guys were able to make a special response when their dad approached.

At this time, they often curled up their arms, became short of breath, and tried to keep their eyes open.

Another survey of two-and-a-half-year-olds shows that at this age, more than two-thirds of babies find it more fun to be with their father than to be with their mother.

  Through research, experts found that children’s preferences for dad’s style were very conscious and mimicked consciously.

In this way, the baby has unknowingly learned some of the most needed skills after entering school-how to deal with others, how to control their emotions, and even how to become an outstanding leader among their peers.

From the perspective of early education experts, the value of dad in these education is greater than that of educational institutions such as early education classes.

  2 Dad as an expert From the time we were born, the love of dad and mom was always with us.

We can feel the difference between the two: the mother’s care is very direct, which can make us feel stable and comfortable, and sometimes ask the cold and warm in life; but the father is more far-reaching, they will focus on the future of the baby,Teach them how to know the world and face the challenges it brings.

For example, when dads ask their children to go to the garden to help with work, they are actually opening a door for the baby to connect between themselves and this ecological environment.

Babies may all go through a stage where they show more adoration to their dad and think that he is omniscient and omnipotent.

And the world in which dad lives is also novel and seductive for babies. They always watch everything about their father with curious eyes.

Therefore, at this time, the dad must appear in front of the child as an expert. While teaching them to solve practical problems and develop practical skills, they should use their actions to stimulate children’s curiosity about science and mathematics.

  3Unique teachers We will notice the problem that it is almost difficult for a baby to meet a male teacher in kindergarten and elementary school.

This is really a great loss in the child’s growth process, and even affects the cultivation of personality.

It is difficult to imagine that a child with a weak character, timid, and crying at the nose and tears, will grow into a man of ingenuity.

Since we can’t change the school’s teaching staff, we can only start with the family, and dads who are busy working all day, must work harder for your child to find their man’s feeling.

  A good way is to study with your children.

The books to be read are chosen by the father, and read and told to the children in their own way. This can greatly enhance the baby’s language ability, mastering of reading skills, and understanding of basic knowledge.

For example, we can choose a book about spaceships to attract babies with your male-specific tone, make them pay attention to your storytelling, and let them learn a lot of rich vocabulary without knowing it.

  Many experts firmly believe that dad-style reading causes substantial changes in the book itself.

For girls, reading with dad will greatly enrich their spoken language, while for boys, the influence of work may be unimaginable.

They will regard this process as a cultivating of a man’s quality, and they will consciously learn the dad’s tone and speaking style as a potential clue to becoming a real man.

In the process, their fluency in speech and their ability to remember knowledge will be greatly improved.

  In addition, if you, as a child ‘s father, have some construction skills or ball game abilities, your baby will become your little tail when you work and exercise. Do n’t let them obstruct things. PassThese activities will greatly enhance the baby’s athletic ability and physical coordination.

  4 The best playmates As the big stewards at home, the mother will pay more attention to the safety of the baby and the cleanliness of the room, but this will often deprive them of a lot of freedom and happiness.

In these matters, perhaps innate childishness, fathers often show greater tolerance.

Unlike his mother who likes to be coaxial, Dad generally becomes a child’s sympathizer and playmate, and even plays with them on the stairs or on the floor of the room.

  Even if different babies live together, dad’s participation will still be a vital part of their lives.

In a family with a broken marriage, single mothers must understand this, that man is just your “ex-husband”, not the child’s “ex-daddy”.

A survey of this type of family clearly shows that when babies are aware of their father’s care, they feel significantly relaxed and safe.Therefore, regular communication between father and child in a single-parent family is very important. Even if you can’t meet often, regular phone calls or emails are necessary behaviors.

  In short, you need to keep in mind that in the world of children, mom and dad are completely different, and neither party can replace the other.

And their very different way is the best boost for the baby’s growth.

Dads who can fulfill these four roles can be appointed as “perfect dads”, and these behaviors will also give the baby a perfect growth space.