Why the longer a woman is in love, the more dangerous

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Why the longer a woman is in love, the more dangerous

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Why the longer a woman is in love, the more dangerous

Too many women feel that anyway, both parties are in love now, and no one can do without others, so they are relieved.

But I do n’t know, the longer you fall in love, the more men do n’t want to marry you. Why is this?

Lets come look.


Fear of Marriage For a long time, a man is still unwilling to marry you, not because he doesn’t love you enough, it may be that he has a fear of marriage and is not ready for marriage.

  In modern society, divorce rates have soared, and people no longer trust marriage.

I used to think that marriage can last long and be able to stay with each other, but now all kinds of temptations are scattered, both men and women can’t resist the temptation to derail.

Sometimes men see their friends get married and leave, and they start to fear marriage.


Don’t think that if you suddenly say that you are getting married, you will be very excited.

You say so suddenly, it’s like a sudden attack on a man.

Love is not the same as marriage. If a man is going to get married, you must give him enough mental preparation, and you cannot think of giving him a surprise.

Otherwise men are easily scared away by you.

  Before you propose to marry him, you may wish to give him more time to prepare for thoughts, such as often mentioning some of his happiness after marriage, etc., to give him a hint, by the way, check if he is marriedready.

Don’t be afraid to promise that men are brave enough, in fact men are also weak.

Many men are afraid of commitment, because they are responsible for their commitment.

The cells that do not want to be responsible are basically the same as male hormones. They are rooted in male genes, separated by some men, and only by some men.

  Marriage means commitment, which means you have to be nice to this person, treat her well, and be with her forever.

This promise is too long-term, like a shackle that tied him up. A man doesn’t want to catch his life so fast.


People are afraid of changing their own life style. People are unwilling to change their used life style. If you don’t understand, look at colleagues who complain about their work every day but have not yet changed jobs.

Because I have been used to it for many years, if I change suddenly, it will take a certain amount of time to re-adapt, and many people don’t want to change their lifestyles in this way.

  Marriage means that two individuals have to live together more than one family may live together.

Problems such as mother-in-law and private life followed.

You have to adapt to the bad habits of the other person. The other person in love seems to be all right, but not necessarily after marriage.

If a man has decided to change his lifestyle, then he is ready to get married.


A lot of men don’t want to give up the whole forest. He can have many girlfriends and many sexual partners, but his wife can only have one.

Many men were reluctant to let him abandon the forest and enter the grave of marriage.

Although not many men like three wives and four wives, it is an indisputable fact that marriage equals to giving up the right to choose.

If it were you, there would be many boutiques all over the street. Would you like to enter only one of them in your life?

  So a man would rather bear you than a whole forest.


Too much pressure and love are two people’s affairs. You can go out for dinner every day, you can go out crazy every night, you can be a moonlight clan . marriage is a matter for two families.

When you are in love, you don’t look at your family, you don’t look at the deposit, you only focus on feeling, and you feel right together.

But marriage is not the same, you may pay more attention to the door to door when the two sides are right, then it is suitable to be your wife.

  When in love, you don’t have to bear too much, but it is different after marriage. After marriage, you have to shoulder the responsibility of the whole family.
Most of the post-80s generations are only children. Your husband and wife must shoulder the burden of supporting the four elderly people. This is a heavy burden, and the pressure is too great.

Don’t love you. If none of the above are reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you, then there is only one, that is, he doesn’t love you at all.

  People’s sense of responsibility is getting lower and lower. The previous one is now like a laughingstock. Whoever says that means old-fashioned.

If a man loves you enough, then he will never run away. He will be more nervous than you, hoping to bring you in to the palace of marriage and make you unique.

If he loves you enough, he will bear all the responsibilities and love you forever.

  Please don’t avoid this topic. Many men now have a playful attitude towards feelings and have no intention of getting married at all.

If you find that your man is such a mixed-world demon king, advise you to break up early and find your own happiness.

Although such selective merit is painful, it is more reliable than wasting your youth.