Minutes a day to shape the body without stress

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Minutes a day to shape the body without stress

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Minutes a day to shape the body without stress

The first magical movement in India, yoga, was actually given to those yogis who were super soft. For ordinary people, it was just as accessible and feasible.

As you practice deeper, you will obviously feel the energy in your body is increasing, and your heart will become calmer and more controllable.

The yoga instructor introduces several yoga-like movements to relieve stress and body: 1. Side stretch effect: slim, firm abdomen and waist, and can relax the back.

  2, rowing action effect: tighten the abdominal and thigh muscles, strengthen the back strength.

  3, bending effect before and after: release the tension and pressure of the body, keep the spine soft and flexible.

Tighten the thighs, abdomen, waist and height.

Because this action promotes blood circulation, it is also good for skin and hair.

  4. Bend fracture effect: firm the abdomen, waist, hips and thighs, relax the back and keep the spine soft.

  5. Toe squat effect: It can wonderfully change the shape of the thigh leg, and can enhance the flexibility of elongation, strengthen the toe, foot replacement, and the strength of the arch.

  6, head point contraction effect: stretching the spine, helps keep the back straight, and can relieve the pressure on the entire body.

  In fact, if you do n’t have much time to exercise every day, you may not have the proper space and equipment when you need to decompress . All kinds of difficulties should not prevent you from being scratched.

Because there is yoga, there is no need for tedious exercise tools, a large training room, as long as you, a calm heart, and a quarter of a day, you will have a beautiful figure and good mental state!

Beautiful yoga, beautiful you, me and him!