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Category : 洗浴


鳖 Tuantu or turtle.

A, steamed buns are used for medicinal purposes.

  The taste is salty, flat and non-toxic.

  Contains protein, trace amounts, sugar, niacin, inorganic salts, vitamins A, B1, B2.

  The utility model treats pericardial cramps, sturdy buildup, bone steaming fever, and leukemia mother.

Blood sacrifice is a nourishing yin and antipyretic medicine, suitable for patients with tuberculosis with low fever.

Scallops are splenomegaly due to dryness of the moon.

Head cure prolapse.

  [久疟疟母,脾脏肿大]  鳖甲煎丸(中成药),每次6克,一日2次,疗程一个月。  [肺结核下午发低热]  鳖1只,宰取血,以热黄酒冲服,当日服完,能持续服之更好,除能解热外并有强壮作用。  [猝然腰痛,不可俯仰]  鳖甲砂炒,研成细末,以热黄酒送服,每服3克,一日2次。  [创伤出血(包括跌打伤,刀伤,枪珠弹片伤等)]  用鳖血石灰粉撒布(鳖血石灰粉制法:宰鳖取血,滴入干石灰粉内,搅和捏成团,Thread it and hang it in a dry place in a ventilated place.

  [脱肛,子宫脱垂]  鳖头烧存性研末,每服1个,黄酒送服。  [癫痫]  未发作时用鳖煮食,可用油盐调味,每天吃1个,连服七天。(Hebei’s “Selection of Traditional Chinese Medicine Examination Recipes” states that he had been served for 5, 7, 9 days, 3 cases were cured, and the cloud was not regenerated).