Put it in the porridge and ruin the child’s life.

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Put it in the porridge and ruin the child’s life.

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.Porridge is taboo, how much do you know?

Put it in the porridge and ruin the child’s life.

.Porridge is taboo, how much do you know?

A mother added salt to the porridge and personally ruined the life of the child for 8 months. The mother was only trying to make the baby grow better, and listened to the recipe of “eat salt and strength”, no one intended to “kill”.Dead child!

1. What is the cause of the tragedy?

Baby can’t eat salt within one year of age!

The reason why people are so sad is that the mother added too much salt to the baby’s porridge.

A high-salt diet will increase your baby’s heart and kidney burden.

The baby’s internal organs are not yet fully developed, and a long-term high-salt diet may also cause the baby’s kidneys and impaired heart function.

Baby babies within one year of age are advised to eat plain foods without adding additional seasonings.

In milk and porridge, as well as the nutrients needed for enough babies.

2, what are not suitable for adding in the porridge?

In order to shorten the time of porridge, some people in the edible alkali add a certain amount of edible alkali in the porridge, so that the porridge cooked is sticky and rotten, which is more palatable.

I don’t know if the nutrient loss of this cooked porridge is great.

Rice used for porridge, millet, sorghum, etc. all contain a lot of vitamins, and vitamins B1, B2 and vitamin C are stable in an acidic environment, and are easily decomposed in an alkaline environment.

Over time, it will lead to a lack of vitamins.

Therefore, do not put alkali when cooking rice porridge, you can add some glutinous rice, oats, etc., can not only increase the viscosity of porridge, but also will not destroy the nutrients, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Iced food ice porridge is a food that is very popular among children. The sweet taste and the thickness of the ice have won the favor of teenagers.

However, whether it is iced food in porridge or ice porridge directly, it is not conducive to health for a long time.

But it is not suitable for cold and cold, weak elderly and children.

When the ice porridge is drunk, there is almost no clogging of the pores of the human body, which makes the metabolic waste difficult to excrete, and may affect the gastrointestinal function.

Why egg eggs are not suitable for adding porridge, there is a specific point.

Some people like to throw eggs in the shell directly into the rice to cook porridge, which is actually not good.

Because there may be bacterial residue on the egg shell, it can’t be washed off by water.

It is not good to put it directly into the pot.

The correct way can be to break up the eggs and add them to the porridge. It is best to wait until the water is opened and put them in 3. The children’s blacklist for all ages is very fragile. Don’t give them inappropriate food.Things, otherwise it is easy to regret.