What kind of milk powder for premature infants to drink?

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What kind of milk powder for premature infants to drink?

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What kind of milk powder for premature infants to drink?

What kind of milk powder do premature babies drink?

Presumably, this is what many mothers want to know, but before we want to know what milk powder for premature babies to drink, we must first understand the nutritional needs of premature babies.

Nutritional needs of premature infants 1. Protein: The protein absorbed by mature infants from breast milk accounts for 6-7% of total conversion, and the protein transformed by premature infants accounts for 10 of total conversion.

2%, higher than normal children.

2, amino acids: 9 kinds of essential amino acids in normal children, 11 kinds of premature infants, because premature infants lack the related invertase, can not convert methionine into cystine, phenylalanine is converted into tyrosine, so cystineTyrosine becomes an essential amino acid and must be taken from food.

3, inorganic salts: premature infants need more than mature children, because the final stage of oxides is the stage of increased inorganic salts, such as: calcium, phosphorus, iron to increase, less than a month, premature infants will lack inorganic salts.
4, vitamins: premature infants lack of vitamin E, prone to hemolytic anemia, premature infants are not as good as mature adults, and may lack fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients.

Due to different situations, individual differences, nutrition should be carefully considered in combination with individual circumstances.

The milk powder of premature infants is chosen to be 1. According to the ingredients, α-lactalbumin in milk is only 4% of the total protein, relative.

α-Whey Protein can provide a combination of amino acids suitable for your baby, improve the bioavailability of protein, and reduce egg accumulation, thus effectively reducing the cholesterol burden.

At the same time, α-lactalbumin also contains sleep-regulating neurotransmitters that help the baby sleep and promote brain development.

2, according to the age of the baby to choose the milk powder instructions have a suitable age or age, can be selected as needed.

Suitable for baby’s milk powder, the first is no constipation after eating, no diarrhea, body weight and height and other indicators of normal growth, the baby sleeps well, appetite is normal.

Then the baby has no breath, less eyelids, no rash.

3, according to the baby’s health needs to choose the development of the digestive system of premature infants is worse than the child, optional milk powder for premature infants, until the body weight develops to normal (greater than 2500 grams) can be replaced into infant formula; for babies lacking lactase,A baby who causes chronic diarrhea to cause loss of lactase in the intestinal mucosa, a baby with high blood pressure and skin disease, and replaces desensitized milk powder, also known as soy milk formula.

In children with acute or chronic chronic diarrhea or short bowel disease, due to the destruction of mucous membranes in the body, a variety of digestive enzymes are lacking, and recombinant protein formula can be used; children with iron deficiency can supplement high-iron milk powder.

These choices should preferably be carried out under the guidance of a clinical nutritionist.