Fiber vegetarian slim beautiful

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Fiber vegetarian slim beautiful

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Fiber vegetarian slim beautiful

The beautiful summer is coming again. I looked at the excess meat on my body and the “swim ring” in the mirror. I was upset again.

Beautiful clothes can’t be worn, and the previous pants seem to be particularly tight.

A few days ago, I saw my former friend Tingting. Suddenly, she felt that she was too slim. She kept knowing that she now uses the vegetarian health method and proper fitness to have such a magical effect.

But how can vegetarian food be compared with meat? The taste is too far apart. This is really a problem for every meat that must be there.

Tingting told me mysteriously that she would take me to a good place and definitely let me replace the abandoned meat.

How can I pout?

  On the weekend, Tingting came to the north gate of Taoranting Park in Xuanwu District. We walked 200 meters to the north. Suddenly, a blue-brick house with ancient charm was reflected in my eyes. There was also a black lacquered gold plate on it: “The eventPuda?

Bodhi edge.”

Such a high atmosphere, and the beauty of antiques, I can not help but sigh that Beijing actually has such a simple place.

I asked Tingting, here is the underground, do you bring me to worship Buddha?

Tingting mysterious smile, took me and went in.

  It was discovered after entering that the natural world inside was isolated from the external cockroaches.

This is an ancient house complex with dense grass and trees. The blue floor tiles look particularly quaint, and the silk bamboo floats in the breeze. It is a scent of aroma. Is it a fairyland here?

The waiter led us to a glass house in the corner, looking through the glass to see the beauty of the yard, the birds flying on the trees, the catkins floating in the air, and the scent of the grass and the fragrance of the flowers could be heard in the vague.It reminds me of the beautiful mood of “the wide leaves are clear, the flowers are even plain.”

  When asked Tingting this is a treasure, Tingting said that this is an ancient courtyard that can worship Buddha and eat vegetarian food, called “Bodhi margin vegetarian vegetarian”.

These pure places, such beautiful scenery, have given me a strong interest in the vegetarian food here.

Soon, the vegetarian dishes we ordered were on the table.

My eyes are round and round, is this vegetarian?

The names of “Dongpo and Di” in front of my eyes are auspicious and the appearance is exactly the same as that of Dongpo.

  Listening to the waiter, this dish replaces the finest Mei cuisine of Hakka as the raw material, highlighting the original flavor of the dried vegetables and the sweet taste of the vegetarian meat. The taste is strong, the tongue is fluid, and the appetizer is special.

I took a sigh of relief, but the taste of the meat is exactly the same, and there is no greasy meat, no big oil stimulation, and it will not make me feel a slight feeling. Instead, the taste of this meat is more than real.The meat is smoother and more fragrant.

  The second big dish is the “Fu Bao”.

This dish is not only a strange name, but also a very creative look.

On the nutritious and delicious soup, there is a tin foil lotus leaf tray, which is filled with smooth abalone slices.

There are a lot of wild mushrooms in the soup outside. It tastes delicious, fresh and transparent. The abalone slices are fine, smooth and fragrant.

However, the place where the dish is more colorful is still the “Fobao” homophonic “Fu Bao”.

  The waiter said that if you can hold the abalone slices with your left hand, it represents the blessings of your predecessors; if you hold the abalone slices with your right hand, it represents the blessing of your life.

It means that some people try hard, but they may not be able to win a “floating abalone”. Some people do not care, but they can get a “blessing”.

Therefore, if you want to get this “blessing”, you have to look at your chances!

  After that, I tasted the exquisite vegetarian foods such as “fireworks and non-fish”, “bacteria cigarette rain”, “fragrance around the world”, the name and appearance are very artistic, and the taste is mellow, completely replacing the green vegetables with organic fertilizer andMade from the finest quality meat, there are no five sin in cooking, and the eggs are excluded, which are both nutritious and toxin free.

This vegetarian experience has made me feel deeply. The original vegetarian food can also be so delicate and delicious. After I have satisfied the taste, I will not grow slightly. The hot summer makes me see the slimness of the body.

  ”Bodhi margin vegetarian vegetarian” is really a vegetarian in the capital, let me look at the vegetarianism, and let me know more about the world should continue to add understanding and blessing, self and others will be happier.

The philosophy contained in every dish here has made me inexhaustible, and the dust in my heart has been really washed!