Sleep health, adjust yin and yang

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Sleep health, adjust yin and yang

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Sleep health, adjust yin and yang

Good sleep is good for health, can improve physical fitness, enable people to have a healthy body, and enjoy a harmonious and happy life.

But an online sleep survey shows that 80% of urban adults do not sleep well.

Sleep can adjust yin and yang, how to have healthy sleep, etc., experts give you a satisfactory answer.

  Sleep and natural yin and yang changes related to the “Nei Jing” cloud: “Yin and Yang, the heavens and the earth, the universe of all things, the parents of change, the beginning of the birth, the temple of the gods also.

This shows that the law of yin and yang is suitable for everything in the universe.

Human beings living between heaven and earth must follow the laws of nature.

  Experts say that there are four seasons in a year, rhythms in the four seasons, the yin and yang of the human body are accompanied by corresponding, and there are obvious rhythms.

If everything in the spring recovers, people can sleep late and get up early, and gradually recover; in the summer, everything should be glory, people should sleep late and get up early, work hard; autumn grass withered, yang converge, humans should follow the chicken’s work, get up early and get up early;When the yang is sinking, people should go to bed early and get up late, and don’t over-consume the yang in the body.

Adapting to the changes in the yin and yang of the four seasons will bring great benefits to our health and help us stay away from the invasion of disease.

  There are many classic articles about sleep health in the treasure house of Chinese medicine, and the main purpose is that the yin and yang balance four characters.

“Lingshu·Qiwen”: “The defensive qi is in the sun, the night is in the yin, the yin is the night, and the night is lying.”

“In the day, the day is yang, the night is yin, sleep is related to the qi walking, the qi is in the daytime in Yang (the awake), and at night into the yin (sleep).

This passage not only tells us the mechanism of sleep, but also explains why we sleep at night.

  Sleep is an important means of balancing yin and yang. The invention of electric lights illuminates the nighttime world. The habit of human beings and the sunset has changed since then.

Nowadays, the accelerated pace of life and the popularity of the Internet have deprived more people around the world of their sleep time.

For example, experts say that there is a famous cartoonist who, due to too much work in his youth, does not pay attention to rest, and is plagued by illness in the year of knowing his destiny. He has to interrupt his comic creation.

After seeing a doctor, the doctor told him to sleep well while prescribing.

As a result, the cartoonist insisted on normal work and two years later, his physical condition improved greatly.

  He said that this is because the human yin and yang are in a relatively balanced state before they can have health.

“Su Wen, angry heaven” cloud: “Yin Pingyang secret, the spirit is ruled; Yin and Yang are separated, the essence is absolutely.

When awake, yang is active, it is the process of yang consumption, long-term deprivation of sleep time, excessive yang penetration, human yin and yang imbalance, disease will occur.

This shows that sleep is the essence of human health.

  Sleeping “Mei Zijue” to improve the quality of rest to do healthy sleep?

Experts tell you that insisting on sleeping “Mei Zi” can improve the quality of our rest.

He explained that “Mid Meridian” is divided into “subconscious” and “noon”.

The child refers to 2 o’clock to 1 o’clock in the morning and two o’clock.

At this time, it is the yin and yang conference. When the fire is on fire, it is called “heyin”.

This period of time is the heaviest time of the day, the most able to nourish Yin, the best sleep effect, you can do more with less.

  At noon, it refers to 11:00 to 13:00. It is also the time when the yin and yang are handed over. It is called “Heyang”, which is the best time for yang in a day.

Therefore, lunch break is also a good sleep health, but the time should not be too long, so as not to affect the night break.

  Because sleep is related to physical fitness, sleep varies from person to person.

8 hours of sleep meets the needs of most people. Due to different physical conditions, some people may sleep longer. Some people may have more, but as long as they do not violate the natural yin and yang changes, they will help improve our physical fitness.

He reminded the elderly that through the attenuation of energy and physical strength, the elderly should ensure the sleep time, but also pay attention to the quality of sleep.

In a sense, enough sweet sleep is the foundation of healthy longevity.

  Normal life helps sleep health sleep is related to diet, and how much food is eaten at dinner. Too many people have deep experience.

Especially people who have stomach problems or eat too much at dinner know that it is difficult to have a comfortable and sleepy night.

The Chinese medicine says that “the stomach is not harmonious and restless” is the truth.

  Experts analyze that the stomach seems to be two parallel lines that do not intersect with sleep. How can it affect sleep?Chinese medicine says that the stomach is descending and the stomach is falling.

People who suffer from stomach problems or eat too much supper, if they have a stomach upset, they cannot enter the rest and affect sleep.

Therefore, in order to sleep better, dinner should not be full.

  Exercises made at a certain time before going to bed should not prolong emotional ups and downs.

Experts suggest that you can sit still, take a walk, watch slow-paced TV, listen to low-pitched music, etc. before going to bed to help your body gradually calm down.

  Static is yin, and yin is sturdy.

In addition, before going to bed with warm water to soak your feet, you can speed up the blood circulation of the lower limbs, promote the intersection of heart and kidney, yin and yang, and sleep can reach the best state.