Characteristics and health conditioning of qi stagnation

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Characteristics and health conditioning of qi stagnation

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Characteristics and health conditioning of qi stagnation

What are the overall characteristics of the qi stagnation: air stagnation, with depression, anxiety and fragility as the main features.

  Physical characteristics: the body is thin, more depressed, emotionally fragile, unhappy, flustered, insomnia, foreign body sensation in the throat, or breast pain, red tongue, thin white fur, pulse string.

  Psychological characteristics: personality introversion, sensitive and considerate.

  Incidence tendency: susceptible to depression, insomnia, plum nuclear gas and so on.

  Adaptability: Poor adaptability to mental stimulation; not suitable for rainy weather.

How do people with stagnation and physique maintain their temperament? As the name implies, it is the inward instability, melancholy, fragile, sensitive and suspicious state formed by long-term qi stagnation.

In addition to the previous genetic reasons, long-term stress is too much, and excessive thinking is a common cause of this physique.

Sudden mental stimulation, sometimes the death of a loved one, horror and so on will also lead to the formation of such a constitution, and often after the stimulation, the memory will be significantly reduced and become forgetful.

  The principle of nursed back to health should be to soothe the liver and open its stagnation.

It is not advisable to have qi and qi, and it should not be too greasy.

Light diet, eat more: buckwheat, wheat, bean, pea, ham, kelp, seaweed, leeks, scallions, radish, kohlrabi, mustard, kale, bergamot, hawthorn, kumquat, fennel, rose, jasmine, white plum, turnips, orange peel, onions, garlic, etc. have a qi stagnation, digestion and refreshing food.

It is not advisable to eat sour and tonic.

  Try to increase outdoor activities and ethnic activities, such as aerobics, to integrate more into society and not always stay at home.

Because these people are prone to insomnia, they must avoid drinking tea, coffee and cocoa before going to bed.

Self-massage Sanyinjiao, Shenmen, Neiguan, Zhongli, Honglong.

Recommended diet: 50 grams of orange peel porridge orange peel, research fine spare.

Previously 100 grams of rice, panned clean, put into the pot, add water, cook until the porridge will be formed, add orange peel, cook for 10 minutes Serve.