Mentality is very important. Sticking to these habits will make you live longer.

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Mentality is very important. Sticking to these habits will make you live longer.

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Mentality is very important. Sticking to these habits will make you live longer.

Keeping pets is not only rich in the life of the elderly, animal people, old people, whether they have their own husbands, animals, encountering troubles in life, in fact, animals often seldom talk to the object, especially the widowed elderly, raisingPets are very necessary. The topic of the elderly and higher education is certainly not so much. Even if the children are around, the animals are sometimes the “children” of the elderly, like dogs and cats. They are very understandable.

The radio, listening to the charm of the text, enjoying the fun of music, the ability of the elderly may be reduced in terms of visual hearing, and the radio monitoring has little effect on them. It is also an electronic product that accompany them for a long time, by listening to the radio.Listening to the text can also exercise memory, learning ability and listening, so that the elderly can maintain their learning ability, and also allow the elderly to receive new things and more topics for the elderly to chat.

More contact with people, regardless of the same age of the elderly or middle-aged or children, the elderly usually go to different people in the ordinary life, chat with the younger generation, respect etiquette, let the elderly feel happy, happy, and thus maintain “life”Fun, of course, more communication with the elderly, after all the background of the era is almost the same, the topic of chat will be more, especially the memories of the past will make the elderly feel full of happiness.

After all, the old man is not the backbone of society. However, the old man’s use of the residual heat has caused the old people to feel very existent, life is full of passion, participate in community activities, volunteer activities, these activities are more in contact with the community, but also absorb newKnowledge, but family activities, some kind of housework, pick up and drop off children, these no one can help, can not help alone, these things are very lonely waste heat activities.

Keeping a sport, not very recommended to participate in the game, or test endurance sports, a basketball match, long-distance running, that will be a life-threatening crisis, after all, the body organs of the elderly are not so strong, but it is recommended that those lightExercise, self-cultivation of the body, a little Tai Chi, long walk, square dance, participate in group sports can also communicate with people around, but also drive away loneliness, but also exercise, rich life content.