Meimei wants to lose weight, try Chinese medicine

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Meimei wants to lose weight, try Chinese medicine

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Meimei wants to lose weight, try Chinese medicine

Exercise, dieting, diet pills. these are the methods used by excessive people.

However, in the view of Chinese medicine, the same is obesity, the syndrome is very different, some minor obesity and old age are not the same, most of the teenagers are real fat, and middle-aged and old people are more fat, one virtual oneIn fact, the treatment plan is very different, “individualized weight loss” is the characteristics of Chinese medicine to lose weight.

  Obesity from the respiratory wet body expert Professor Bang believes that obese people belong to the respiratory wet body, dampness is caused by visceral disorders caused by spleen and stomach disorders, liver and gallbladder disorders, they may lead to metabolic disorders, pathophysiology can not be evacuated in time, thus showing body postureFat, chest tightness, sweaty and sticky, heavy weight and other symptoms.

  The visceral dysfunction that causes obesity is roughly classified into four categories.

One is the stomach heat type, which shows that the digestive function of the stomach is too good, the appetite is strong, and the absorption is good.

This type of young people with adolescents and real fat type is the most.

The second is the spleen-deficiency type, which is characterized by the whiteness of the skin, and these people are consciously heavy and lazy in activities, so they are getting fatter, with postpartum obesity, mostly light and physical workers, especially women who are rich in life and have few activities.

The third is liver qi stagnation, manifested as low mood, raging a meal, often overeating, and even combined with depression.

People with high stress and emotional intelligence expectations are the most likely to appear.

The fourth is the liver and kidney deficiency type, the liver is a metabolic organ, and the kidney is related to the secretion of hormones. Once the liver and kidney are dysfunctional, the metabolism will become slow and become fat. Such obesity is often associated with hypertension, degenerative arthritis and other diseases.Most of the menopausal women or middle-aged and older people.

  Obesity should be the right medicine expert believes that Fangfengtongsheng is more suitable for patients with stomach heat type. It is composed of windproof, ephedra, schizonepeta, peppermint and other medicines. It integrates the table, diarrhea and heat-clearing function, and can smoothly wick away sweat and diuresis.The channels of diarrhea, “sweeping” the body’s food, damp heat and other toxins.

However, among them, rhubarb, thenardite, and ephedra are more violent, and must not be used in a messy manner. Also, people who are in poorly flowable are not suitable for use.

  Anti-Huang Huang Tang soup comes from Zhang Zhongjing’s “Golden Lack of Essentials”. The drug is often used by spleen deficiency syndrome. It consists of anti-self, jaundice, atractylodes, licorice, ginger, jujube and other drugs. It is beneficial to qi and spleen and diuresis.

Improves obesity muscles, body becomes light, and can also eliminate knee pain and lower extremity edema.

  Da Chai Hu Tang from “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” can be used for obesity patients with liver qi stagnation. Among them, Dachaihu Tang is composed of Bupleurum, Astragalus, Radix Paeoniae Alba, jujube and ginger, and has the function of attacking and diarrhea.

Dachengqitang also has a similar effect.

  Patients with liver and kidney deficiency are suitable for the use of Zhibai Dihuang Pills and other yin medicines.

It is composed of Zhimu, Phellodendron, Rehmannia glutinosa, Hawthorn, Mudanpi, Yam, Sputum, Alisma and other drugs. It has the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat, but it is not suitable for patients with deficient cold. Its performance is cold, cold hands and feet, hot drink.
  Traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight also has side effects for weight loss. There are many traditional Chinese medicine decoctions, such as “Gui Gui Shu Gan Tang”, “Jiuwei Banxia Soup”, “Guizhi Pills”, “Mairen Pills”, “Heye Leaves”, etc.
Obese people’s physical condition is very complicated, sometimes combined with other syndromes, and two or three drug regimens are needed to improve the efficacy.

  Traditional Chinese medicine also has side effects in weight loss. In the outpatient clinic, it is often referred to some people who take Chinese medicine to lose weight. As a result of excessive weight loss, the body’s immunity is reduced.

It turns out that most of the traditional Chinese medicines used for weight loss are cold and cold. It is easy to cause physiological imbalances in long-term use. It is best not to take them at will, and to use them under the guidance of a doctor.