Silicosis patients need food that is not eaten

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Silicosis patients need food that is not eaten

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Silicosis patients need food that is not eaten

Pepper big spicy hot food.

Zhu Danxi, a famous doctor in the Yuan Dynasty, once said: “Pepper is dry, and it hurts the spleen and stomach. If it is a long time, it will hurt you.

“The lungs are not full of lungs, and you should not eat pepper.”

  Betel nut is warm and bitter, can kill insects and break up, hurting people.

As stated in “Materia Medica”: “Betel nut, long-term service will damage the true gas, and more clothes will succumb to high gas.

“A person who has suffered from lung cancer for a long time, has a weak constitution and is depleted of vital energy.

  Cigarette silicosis patients should definitely smoke.

The main toxic component of cigarettes is nicotine, also known as nicotine. People with silicosis have difficulty breathing, and the oxygen exchange capacity of alveoli is decreased. After smoking, the corrosive action of nicotine can cause rapid inflammation of the mucous membrane, leading to respiratory failure and death.

  Salt is cold and salty.

“Do not record” records: “More food, lung injury and cough.

“Materia Medica” also warned: “The disease is cursed.”

“So, people with chronic silicosis should have a light diet and should not be salty.

  Apricot is warm.

According to the experience of ancient doctors, it is not conducive to silicosis patients.

“Materia Medica” said: “More sores and upper heat.

“Dietary Notes” also pointed out: “More food, fainting, making you hot and sick, and sick.”

“The folk song also said: “Peach is full, apricot hurts people.

“So, patients with silicosis should not eat.

  Although pomegranate has the distinction of sweet pomegranate and sour pomegranate, each of them has damage to the lungs.

For example, “Do not record” said: “Pomegranate damages the lungs, can not eat more.

“Daily Materia Medica” also said: “The juice is in love with the sputum, the lungs are damaged, and the patient does not eat.”


Wang Mengying also pointed out: “More loss of lungs, help fire and sputum, the most unfavorable.

“The lungs of the lungs are already empty, and there are turbid dust and lungs, and you should not eat more pomegranates.”

  Amomum vulgaris is warm and fragrant. It is a condiment commonly used in medicine and food.

Although there is an appetizing power, but the Xinxiang is hot and dry, it has the disadvantage of consuming gas and yin, helping the heat to get angry.

Lung qi deficiency and lung heat are not suitable for eating.

“With the Materia Medica” also warned: “The qi deficiency lungs are full.”

“The disease of silicosis is a kind of syndrome of “qi deficiency and lungs full”. The disadvantages of eating more are less, and avoid eating too much food for a long time.

  In addition, patients with silicosis should also avoid white wine, garlic, cherries and pepper, pepper, fennel, cinnamon and other spicy spicy foods.