Practical breast enhancement books for adolescent MM

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Practical breast enhancement books for adolescent MM

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Practical breast enhancement books for adolescent MM

Having a pair of beautiful and healthy brunettes is the exclusive dream of every girl.

The development of adolescent tibia is the key to this dream, because the development of the chest is basically completed during this period.

The nutritional supplements required for adolescent tibia development, the correct massage of the chest, and the correct wearing of the bra will affect the chest development of the young girl invisibly, and the care of the chest during puberty is very important.

  The practical breast enhancement books dedicated to adolescent MM are generally from the 11th, 12th, and 13th day of menstruation. These three days are the best period for breast protection, and the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th days are the seventh.During the good period, because the ovarian estrus hormone that affects high-level development during these 10 days is secreted in the same amount for 24 hours, it also stimulates the best opportunity for accidental accumulation and thickening.

In fact, from the beginning of the first menstrual cycle, ovarian estrus hormones have already played a good role in driving the breasts, gradually becoming fuller.

Therefore, we should make good use of our innate resources, master the 10 days in each month, that is, the best period for breast enhancement and breast enhancement, take the opportunity to hurry to exercise the chest, strengthen the diet, adhere to the massage, etc.Exciting the breast causes the volume to increase slowly.

  Breast-feeding diet In general, vegetables, fruit, milk, and fish are the best foods to promote alkaline development.


Soy beans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernels, sesame seeds and corn seeds and nuts are effective breast foods.


Papaya, fish, meat and fresh milk and other protein-rich foods, similar to breasts.


Vitamin C-containing foods such as oranges, grapes, grapefruits and tomatoes prevent vertical deformation.


Foods containing vitamin E such as celery, walnuts and red kidney beans help dark hair.


Foods containing vitamin A, such as broccoli, broccoli and sunflower oil, are beneficial for the secretion of hormones.


Milk stewed chicken – with tender chicken added to the milk and stew, can have a breast enhancement effect.


Foods containing vitamin B, such as beef, milk, beans and pig liver, also help in the synthesis of hormones.

  First of all, Chinese herbal medicine can supplement the breast muscles, thus promoting the good development of dark color.


Mix some soups containing traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as Zihe Che stewed pigeon soup.

Materials include Zihe, Angelica, Beiqi, Jujube and pigeons.

The purple river car is a placenta, rich in hormones and hormones; Angelica, red dates and northern flags are qi and blood, while the pigeons have the effect of strengthening the body.


It can also be made into squid soup made from materials such as Huang Jing, Angelica, Atractylodes, Angelica, Squid and Ginger.

Because the squid has a strong body effect, while Atractylodes can strengthen the spleen and stomach, combined with a breast enhancement effect.


Drinking more and returning to pig heart soup also has the effect of nourishing Qi and nourishing blood and strengthening the chest.

  Finally, some of the therapeutic breast enhancement remedies that are often recommended by the breast enhancement people also have a good promotion effect during the development of the adolescent girls.


Brewed eggs – add wine, add sugar to cooked eggs, take a bowl in the morning and evening during the physiological period, to achieve the effect of beauty and breast enhancement.


Royal Jelly – for several months in a row, it can have a certain effect of breast enhancement, because royal jelly has the function of stimulating hormone secretion.


Adhesive foods such as tendons, sea cucumbers and pig’s feet can increase deep development.
Eat more seafood, such as shrimp and shellfish, the zinc contained in it is an important element in the manufacture of hormones.

  Exercise is a good way to breast enhancement.

Participate in physical exercise, pay special attention to exercise muscles, develop the pectoralis major muscles, and promote breast fullness.

Usually pay attention to the tip and walking posture, often keep a chest and abdomen, in order to facilitate breast development, swimming is particularly helpful for breast-build.

In many breast-lifting exercises, lifting dumbbells has always been respected by the breast-powered people. It is considered to be simple and practical, and it can make the muscles strong and consistently achieve the effect of expanding the chest.

Next, I recommend some dumbbell exercises that help the adolescent girls’ retinal development: chest movements – separate the legs, hold the dumbbells in both hands, and move the upper body forward while keeping straight.

Lift the dumbbell up and down to the chest, inhale when lifting, and exhale when you let go.

  Sturdy chest and abdomen movement – keep the neck and waist straight at the same time, then straighten your hands, concentrate on the abdomen, and exhale while stretching your hands to the sides.

  Strengthen muscle movement – upper body forward, one hand holding a dumbbell, the other hand pressed to support the body; lift the dumbbell to the chest, then hang down, the left and right hands take turns 10 times.

  Push down and push – 5 pounds of dumbbells for both hands, pay attention to exhale when pushing, elbow joints remain slightly curved, hold for about 1 second when pushed to the highest; keep elbows at 90 degrees when laying down, can do 12 continuouslyAbout a second.

  Push on the chest – with the triceps of the arm, raise about 10 pounds of dumbbells at the beginning of the school, and pay attention to the chest muscles to lock.