Yin and Yang listen to heaven

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Yin and Yang listen to heaven

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Yin and Yang listen to heaven

Yin and Yang listening to heaven is a corrective method for correcting the function of the human body. It has a better regulating effect on the function of the human body. It corrects and treats various functional parts and assists in the treatment of various organic shifts. This work is a kind of internal exercise static work.It is advisable to sleep while practicing.

  The first method of practice.

Take the supine position, the head of the North foot is flat, the legs are straight, and some naturally extend to the side of the body.

Vertical elbow uplift, the left palm is placed down the small abdomen, that is, the left palm of the labor palace (empty fist, the middle finger tip to the palm) in the lower Dantian (on the midline of the abdomen, under the umbilicus 1.

On the 5 inch), the palm of the right hand is placed upside down on the pillow above the head.

  At this time, the left palm is facing down, and the right palm is facing upwards, showing the upper and lower yin and palm.

Then perform a breathing exercise, which requires a combination of ideas.

When inhaling, use the lower abdomen Guanyuan (the midline of the abdomen, 3 inches below the navel) to guide the point. The thought passes through the right palm through the left palm and inhales into the sky at infinity; when exhaling, the ideaFrom the sky down, through the right palm back around the body to the left palm, then turn to the lower abdomen Guanyuan gas; repeated guidance until the whole body goes through the natural sleep.

When you sleep, you don’t have to change your posture. When you wake up, you can regain your palm.

  If you have severe neurasthenia, a second guiding method can be used.

The second practice method, the inhalation guide is the same as the above, the difference is that when exhaling gas, the idea should be down from the top of the Baihui point (the midpoint of the two ear tip lines) until the lower abdomenhole.

Repeated guidance, about 1-3 minutes to sleep naturally, wake up to feel the heat has become full.