Beautiful source of Sicily

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Beautiful source of Sicily

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Beautiful source of Sicily

“If you don’t go to Sicily, you have never been to Italy, because in Sicily you can find the source of beauty in Italy.

“This is the sentence that Gus wrote when he arrived in Palermo on April 13, 1787.

  The largest island in the Mediterranean, and the largest province in Italy, is indeed a clear land. The charming natural scenery and the human landscape are harmoniously integrated into one, naturally it is evidenced by people who have lived here since ancient times.
Here I have lived in Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Spaniards, etc. Their culture has been confirmed here.

  The beauty of Sicily is unquestionable. The Italian director Giseppe Tona Dore has created the “Sicilian Beauty” in the background of his hometown of Sicily. “Paradise Cinema” has won many international awards.Sicily has brought more people into the field of vision.

Many tourists come here to feel the warm sun and the blue sea.

  From the map, Sicily is the Italian football that stretches out to the Mediterranean. It is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It is vast and rich, with a warm and beautiful climate. It is rich in citrus, lemon and olive oil, whether it is the East Coast or the West Coast.There are fruitful orange groves, lemon groves and large olive groves.

Due to its good natural environment for the development of agroforestry, it has historically been called the “Golden Basin”.

  The climate here is always like spring, and the scenery is beautiful. The mountain city has both ancient Greece and Roman monuments, as well as modern tourist facilities.

The city’s 15,000 population, all sustainable tourism for a living.

There are 100 hotels and tens of thousands of beds in a small town.

The restaurants, coffee shops, and various shops that serve tourists are full of streets and streets, and the business is booming.

Walking down the street, I can often see such a scene: the citizens gather in the square bathed in the golden sunlight; the teenagers sneaked from the street to the other side, and then from the fish like the returning fishThe head slid to this head; the old people over the age of 60 sat together in groups of three and five, wearing ironed shirts instead of woolen hats.

  Like the Chinese, Sicilian people attach great importance to the concept of “root”.

Their roots are deeply rooted in the passion and love of their hometowns: when the gloomy storm clouds are looming, there are fascinating mountains; the blooming lemons and orange groves are fragrant; such as the grassy slopes, the slices are scattered.Snowy tiny wildflowers.

They stubbornly maintain the religious traditions of the transformation, and the core of all Sicilian traditions is the family concept.

Young people go far away from home and do not alienate their families.

They believe that family members should be intimate, even if they don’t live together.

The style of acting alone is strange and unbelievable to the Sicilian.