[Can ordinary milk be creamed]_ Creamed _ How to make

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[Can ordinary milk be creamed]_ Creamed _ How to make

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[Can ordinary milk be creamed]_ Creamed _ How to make

Everyone is very familiar with cream. Generally, some cream is added when making cakes, and the cream ice cream, which is very popular in summer, is particularly delicious. When I eat it, I feel that the whole body is cold and refreshing.The taste is more delicate and smooth.

Under normal circumstances, the cream is made from whipped cream, and some sugar is added when it is whipped.

Can ordinary milk be creamed? Liquid whipped cream is generally used, which is a trace solid (semi-solid) extracted from milk and goat milk.

What needs to be outstanding is that animal cream is much healthier than vegetable cream.

The principle of passing is: during the whipping process, the liquid cream continuously wraps the air, and the volume expands accordingly.

The water content of milk is too thin, and it lacks enough traces to replenish air, protein, milk foam produced, very soft, for coffee.

You must use whipped cream for cream.

But be aware that whipping cream must be kept refrigerated.

How to make butter: Ingredients preparation: 250 grams of whipped cream, a box of pure milk, sugar.

Method steps: 1. Put the cream in a basin and beat it with an egg beater; 2. Then add milk and sugar in three portions; 3. It is best to use an ice-water bath when stirring, so it is easy to pass, it is best to use an electricWhisk.

How to make the cream on the cake: Quick method The cream on the cake can actually be bought directly in the supermarket. Generally, it is vegetable cream. This type is not passed. After you buy it, you only need to pass it directly.

And you can also easily choose how much it contains, and you can add an appropriate amount of sugar when you pass it, so that the cream on the cake can be more delicious.

The nutritional value of milk 1. Milk contains vitamin A, which can prevent dry and dull skin, make the skin fair and shiny; 2. Milk is rich in B2, which can promote skin metabolism; 3. Whey in milkIt can eliminate melanin and avoid spots caused by various pigmentation. 4. Milk can provide closed oil to the skin, forming a film to prevent skin moisture from evaporating, and can temporarily provide moisture to ensure smooth and moisturized skin. 5. MilkSome of the substances have a protective effect on middle-aged and elderly men. Men who drink milk are often slimmer, have more energy, and the prevalence of hypertension is also reduced. The incidence of cerebrovascular disease is also reduced. 6. Calcium in milk is the easiest.It is absorbed, and the combination of various minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium is also very reasonable. Pregnant women should drink more milk. Middle-aged women before and after menopause often drink milk to reduce bone loss.