Try some fresh fruits in late spring and early summer

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Try some fresh fruits in late spring and early summer

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Try some fresh fruits in late spring and early summer

What fruit to eat in late spring and early summer?

At the current time, there are too many fruits listed at this time, then do you know what fruit to eat in late spring and early summer?

The following small series recommend 9 kinds of seasonal fresh fruits that are most suitable for consumption at this time.

What fruit to eat in late spring and early summer?

1, cherry cherries are the freshest and most nutritious fruit in early summer.

The effect of cherries in blood, qi, and beauty is very obvious.

Traditional medicine has a wide record of the medicinal value of cherries: “Cherry is sweet, flat, can adjust the gas, eat more can be beautiful, beautiful”; “to cure human body deficiency, make up the vitality, moisturize the skin”efficacy.

Cherry is warm, hot sexually transmitted diseases and hot cough are not eaten; cherry kernels contain cyanide, resulting in the production of hydrocyanic acid, medicine should be carefully poisoned.

Those who have ulcer symptoms, those who get angry, eat with caution; those who have diabetes do not eat.

2, pineapple pineapple is a highlight of the early summer fruit market.

Pineapple is a tropical fruit. Its rich vitamins can dilute the facial spots, make the skin moist and transparent, and effectively exfoliate, promote skin metabolism, and the skin is healthy.

Pineapple contains almost all the vitamins the body needs, 16 kinds of natural minerals, and can effectively help digestion and absorption.

The secret of pineapple weight loss is its rich juice, which can effectively detoxify.

To peel off the peel, the scales must be hairy and fruity. After the slices are sliced, they must be soaked in salt for a few minutes before they can be eaten.

Consumers with periodontitis, gastric ulcer, and oral mucosal ulcers should be careful to eat pineapple. Because pineapple is an acidic fruit, it stimulates gums, mucous membranes, and patients with stomach problems will have acid reflux in the stomach.

3, mangoes are now the time when mangoes are on the market. The precursors of vitamin A contained in mangoes are particularly high in all fruits and are rare in all fruits.

The vitamin C content in the body is not low.

Minerals, proteins, strontiums, sugars, etc. are also the main nutrients.

The precipitated fiber contained in the mango helps to remove waste and poisons inside the digestive tract, which is beneficial to the growth of the inner beneficial bacteria and protect the digestive system.

In addition, there is no potassium in mango, and the lack of potassium can cause imbalance of body fluids and lead to constipation.

When the mango is unripe, there will be white juice leakage in the pedicle. It is estimated that this may be the cause of sensitization.

In any case, people with cold cough (throat itch white) should avoid eating, so as not to cause itchy throat.

Dialysis patients should also follow the doctor’s advice to quit eating.

After eating mangoes, you should be allergic. You should wash the mango juice left in the mouth with cold water for the first time, then apply the towel soaked in cold water to the allergic area, or you can go to the hospital or pharmacy to buy oral anti-allergic drugs.

4, summer orange summer orange mature from mid-February to early April, in fact, the body’s essential multi-vitamins, trace elements and other substances, thin and smooth skin, orange red, bright red meat, imported slag, sweet andIt is slightly acidic, with less multi-core juice, pleasant aroma, unique flavor and excellent taste.

It has the effects of thirst, thirst, lungs and cough, phlegm and blood stasis, digestion and stomach, blood pressure and beauty, brain hangover and fatigue.

Eating large amounts of oranges can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even bone disease.

Therefore, you can’t eat more than four oranges a day.

It should be noted that eating too much orange or other foods rich in carotene will make your skin yellow, and you don’t want to become a “yellow face”, you must resist the sweet and sour temptation!

5, 枇杷萌秋萌,冬花,春实,夏果, absorbing the dew of the four seasons, the aura of the heavens and the earth, matured in the season of the most lacking fruits in the late spring and early summer, the flesh is soft and juicy, moderately sweet and sour, and the flavor is good.It is rich in nutrients and has medical effects, and is very popular among people.

When you choose and eat, you have to pay attention to it. Choose the orange-yellow skin, the whole hair (the back of the fruit), and the large and well-balanced fruit. It tastes good.

In addition, the mature suede and head are easy to remove, but the tail has more hair and hydrophobe, and must be cleaned before eating.

Note that fresh cockroaches are not easy to store, don’t buy too much at a time.