The elderly must do six things every year to prolong life.

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The elderly must do six things every year to prolong life.

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The elderly must do six things every year to prolong life.

There are six things that must be done before going to bed. These six things seem to be cumbersome and can make your whole body healthy and completely relaxed. At the same time, they can improve your sleep quality and make you work energetically.What exactly are these six things?


Take a walk for 10-20 minutes with a calm, proper blood circulation to the body surface, and the skin can be “live” after falling asleep.

After lying down, don’t read the newspaper, do not consider the problem, reduce the activity of the brain, and go to sleep faster.


Brushing your face and brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than morning. It not only removes the accumulated teeth, but also helps protect your teeth. It also helps to calm down and sleep. After watching TV, wash your face and wipe your body to protect your skin and make your sleep clean.Comfortable and relaxing.


The ancient doctors of the comb head can find the gap between the acupuncture points on the head. Through combing, they can massage and stimulate, and can calm the liver, extinguish the wind, open the sputum, and relieve the pain and eyesight.

In the morning and evening, use two fingers to comb the scalp redness and fever, which can clear the blood flow to the head, improve brain thinking and memory, promote hair root nutrition, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, and fall asleep.


Open the window to keep the air in the bedroom fresh. When the wind is big or cold, you can drive it for a while, then turn it off before going to bed, which makes you sleep sweet.

But be careful not to use the hood when sleeping.


Wash (揉) foot folks: “hot feet before going to bed, win the sleeping pills”, “wash your feet before going to bed, win the tonic”, “racken the roots, raise the feet” and so on.

Foreign medical scientists call their feet “the second heart of the human body” and “the pump of the heart”, which highly praises the health effects of the feet.

The motherland medicine believes that more than 60 acupoints on the feet are closely related to the internal organs.

If you can raise your feet with warm water (40-50 °C) before going to bed every day, massage your feet and toes, you can gradually promote the operation of blood and blood, relax the muscles, and restore the balance of yin and yang.

For the elderly, it is more effective for rickets and fitness.


Drinking a cup of honey and milk in ancient times, such a saying: “Chaochao salt soup, girlfriends.

“It means drinking salt water and drinking honey sugar in the evening.”

According to research by foreign medical experts, milk contains l-tryptophan which promotes sleep. Drinking milk with honey for 1 hour before going to bed can help sleep.

Honey helps maintain blood sugar balance throughout the night, thus avoiding early waking, especially for older people who are often insomnia.