How to do five coups to relieve back pain

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How to do five coups to relieve back pain

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How to do five coups to relieve back pain

The “sitting” family in the office stared at the screen all day long, and they were sitting still for a long time, and it was inevitable that they would suffer from low back pain.

Ask the boss to improve the working environment?


Medical research has shown that changing the workplace to cause back pain is basically ineffective.

This is because the factors that cause back pain vary from person to person.

So how do you prevent or relieve low back pain?

Let’s take a look at the five recommendations from the Huffington Post.

What about back pain?


The best intervention to strengthen your workout is to strengthen your regular exercise, which can change your sitting posture and strengthen your workout on the weak buttocks muscles.


Fitness enthusiasts who want to practice muscles with too many kettlebells will choose to use dumbbells because they are small and light, and they can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

But in fact, kettlebells have the same benefits, and can be used to muscle tissue that is usually not used.

When exercising with a kettlebell, you can do various exercises such as pushing, lifting, lifting, throwing and jumping. Through exercise, you can effectively strengthen the muscles of the upper limbs, trunk and lower limbs.


Optimizing the working environment The height of the computer and small changes in the chair type may improve your comfort.


Do not sit for a long time. A lot of evidence has shown that sedentary is not good for the back and human health.

Czech neurologist Vladimir Yanda said that weak hip muscles and tight iliopsoas muscles can cause a lower cross syndrome.

This is usually caused by sedentary and can cause recurrent episodes of low back pain.


Getting into the habit of standing up often once every 15 minutes helps to relieve low back pain.

  In addition to top intensive training, there is a way to reduce hip pain.

Satisfactory work is a powerful antidote to pain relief at work.

If you want to avoid chronic or recurrent low back pain, find a way to enjoy your work or find a job you like.