Yoga Cooling and Suction Method to Relax Your Whole Body

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Yoga Cooling and Suction Method to Relax Your Whole Body

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Yoga Cooling and Suction Method to Relax Your Whole Body

Yoga practice attaches great importance to the practice of breathing. At present, the commonly used yoga breathing exercises are divided into three types of chest breathing, abdominal breathing, and complete breathing. Through the development of yoga for thousands of years, yoga instructors have countless correctly practiced yoga from friends.In this way, your breath is changed and your life is changed.

Today, Tianyue Yoga recommends a good breathing method for cooling and suction adjustment.

  The so-called cooling method: This is a method that can calm the whole body. The main feature is to slowly inhale through the mouth, and then exhale slowly through the two nostrils.

This gradually calms the whole body while relaxing the nervous system posture: meditate in a comfortable posture, put your hands on your knees, and your upper spine.


It is best to keep straight, eyes closed, and your body relaxed.

  Steps: The tongue is extended forward to touch the teeth, the lips are slightly opened, and there is a gap between the upper and lower teeth, and air can enter the mouth through the gap.

Inhale through your mouth and feel the air through your tongue.

Reset the inhaled air without exerting too much force.

Next, exhale slowly with both nostrils until you have exhaled all the inhaled air.

This is a complete process effect: this method leads to muscle relaxation, blood purification, and has a calming and relaxing effect on the entire human body and nervous system.

Quickly promote the smooth running of vitality throughout the body, and suppress depression and nervousness.

  Note: It is practiced after practicing yoga postures and other aspiration methods.

You can then enter meditation and feel from your mouth.


The spinal nerves and other parts are cold, so you become quiet and peaceful, and let this feeling pass through your whole body.

The meditation process should take less than 3 minutes. Note: When doing this breathing method, make sure that you do not have a cold. When the weather is very cold, you should not do this exercise before going to bed at night.

Patients with hypertension should not do suspending at the same time. It is limited to 10 rounds per exercise.

People with heart disease should not practice this method