The benefits of facial ribbing originally hide so many unknown secrets

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The benefits of facial ribbing originally hide so many unknown secrets

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The benefits of facial ribbing originally hide so many unknown secrets

The benefits of facial ribs Why do facial ribs?

Facial problems (spots, yellowish complexion, graying, darkening, acne, etc.) are often signs of changes in the body’s condition, and it is a mirror of the internal organs.

Its production is caused by the meridian of the human body, and the circulation of qi and blood is caused by the stagnation of the upper body.

The reason why the blood is blocked is mostly the weakness of the liver, spleen and kidney.

The liver and spleen meridians are blocked, and the facial surface is a skin and skin problem. In the body, a series of gynecological problems such as cysts and inflammation are formed.

Therefore, as long as you pay attention to evacuating the internal organs of the meridian health care, you can fundamentally carry out the beauty effect, and will maintain the natural beauty, the simple and natural color.

What is a meridian?

What are the meridians running on the face?

Meridians are the general term for meridians and collaterals.

It is criss-crossed and spreads throughout the body. It is the path of human blood and blood. It is internalized with internal organs and limbs. It also runs blood and blood, transports nutrients, assists the organs to complete physiological functions, resists disease and evil, and becomes virtual.

Simply put: meridians are the pathways for human blood to run, and the transport of nutrients and the excretion of toxins are all done through the meridians.

The health and disease of the human body are reflected by the meridian to the facial reflection area, while the face is a mirror of the human body, reflecting the falsehood.

The principle of five-line facial fascia is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine holographic meridian. By clearing the facial meridians, stimulating the facial reflection points of the organs, activating blood, dispersing phlegm, metabolizing endotoxin and waste, thereby reducing the true color of the skin.

I have done all kinds of beauty, but I still feel that my face has long spots and acne. Because our meridians are blocked, all the nutrients cannot be absorbed better. Just like we raise flowers at home, we often massage the hydration.It is equivalent to watering the flowers every day, but if you don’t loosen the soil, then the nutrition only stays on the surface and can’t reach the roots. Then the pot is still not strong enough, and our skin is the same.To the skin loose soil, only the meridian dredge, these nutrients can be completely absorbed, to achieve the desired effect.

The difference between facial fascia and facial scraping 1. Facial fascia is a two-way (meridian + qi) conditioning, while facial scraping is one-way (vascular) conditioning.

2, the facial ribs are adjusted by the human body to run the blood, is the adjustment of the entire body “face”.

The facial scraping is the conditioning of blood vessels, which is a kind of detoxification and is a “point” conditioning.

3, the ribs include scraping, and the ribs exclude the ribs.

The effect of facial ribbing 1 enhances resistance and prevents sensitivity.

Regulate liver detoxification and regulate liver function (anti-sensitive).

2, adjust the heart’s blood supply function, regulate the heart, improve the skin due to lack of moisture and dry.

(Supplement of water) 3, regulate the spleen, conditioning the face due to decreased spleen function caused by dark yellow, lack of nutrition symptoms.

(Rejuvenation and anti-aging) 4, conditioning the phenomenon of enlarged pores caused by lung function.

(balanced oil, anti-acne) 5, regulate the kidney, conditioning eye bags caused by decreased kidney function, dull face phenomenon.

(Whitening and moisturizing) 1) Sensitive skin: By stimulating the blood to change the speed, it can excrete endotoxin, reduce the burden on the skin and enhance the resistance.

2) Red blood skin: It can stimulate the contraction of capillary wall by dredging the facial meridian and improve the symptoms of red blood.

3) Dark and dull skin: By clearing facial meridians, activating blood, metabolizing toxins and improving skin.

4) Wrinkle-relaxed skin: the benefits of facial ribs that stimulate elastic fibers: accelerate our metabolism, dredge meridians, ventilate blood, deeply remove skin toxins, promote blood circulation, whiten spots, enhance contours, and make skin from inside to insideThe exterior is tight and rosy and shiny.

The face plucking is mainly to clear the seven meridians of the face. The face acne long spots are mainly caused by the lack of blood and blood stagnating.

The ribs are mainly pulled from the left side, because the blood flow to the left is the mother of the blood, and only the gas is smooth to promote the blood.

1, Renmai: (the beginning of the perineum, ending in the person) the main gynecology and menstruation.

If you do not work, it will cause too much or too little menstrual flow, easy to contract gynecological diseases, reflected in the face is dark yellow matte long spots.

2, Du Meridian: (the tail vertebrae penetrates the Baihui point, ending in the person) the main gas.

If the governor does not pass, it will cause shoulder and shoulder inflammation. The cervical spondylosis is sore and weak, and the reaction will lead to large pores and sallow.

Inelastic, 3, bladder: (from the sole of the foot to the ring to stop at the eye point of the eye) If there is no urinary frequency, urinary urgency, weakness, reaction to the face will have dark circles eye bags.

4, gallbladder: (the hottest one of the human body) is characterized by the exposure of the temple blue veins, easy to temper dry, liver qi stagnation, causing breast hyperplasia.

If the master’s thinking ability is unreasonable, it will affect our memory and cause migraine. The reaction to the face is the long tail of the eye, and the frontal angle is exposed.

5, stomach: (stop at the four white points of the fundus), four white points, also known as beauty points.If the stomach fails to pass, there will be indigestion, and the facial muscles will be loose and inelastic, yellow and dull, and it will be reflected in the eye.
6, large intestine: (main excretion) constipation, bad breath or sticky notes.
In the lungs and large intestines, the main fur of the lungs is reflected on the head and face. The hair is dry, the skin is rough, pale and bloodless.
7, small intestine: (main absorption) nowhere will cause palpitation, chest tightness, will make people too fat and thin, the face will make people eyebrows.
8, liver ribs: (main detoxification) liver can not cause the eyes to dry up, poor detoxification function, less menstrual flow, temper irritability, reflected to the face caused by long spots, complexion dark yellow.
The unique principle of facial fascia: facial fascia is based on the theory of Chinese holographic meridian, through the three-in-one combination of technology, products, and unique massage tools, breaking through the traditional way of hand massage, directly massage effectIt acts on the dermis layer, removes the skin and the internal metabolic deposits, and stimulates the facial meridians to stimulate the facial reflex points, activates the blood, disperses the phlegm, metabolizes endotoxin and waste, thereby reducing the true color of the skin.
Facial fascia is suitable for the crowd: dark skin, acne, plaque, yellow gas, wrinkles, dark circles, facial aging, facial expression, melanin precipitation, spots, fat drooping, tinnitus, hearing loss, lack of concentration, memory loss, etc.crowd.
Facial fascia therapy is carried out by the physical therapy of listening, asking, smelling and observing Chinese medicine health care. At the same time, it has a good cosmetic effect and solves the root cause of skin appearance.