[Grilled eggplant]_Grilled eggplant_Homely practices_Methods Daquan

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[Grilled eggplant]_Grilled eggplant_Homely practices_Methods Daquan

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[Grilled eggplant]_Grilled eggplant_Homely practices_Methods Daquan

Eggplant is not a very good vegetable. Sometimes it is also used as a traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases, but it can be seen that it is very good for your health. This kind of eggplant is rich in vitamin p. This nutrient can enhance the adhesion of human cells.Strength, can effectively prevent microvascular rupture and bleeding, so today I recommend this dish of dry pot eggplant.

First, the practice of dry pot eggplant half raw eggplant, 5-6 red peppers, bacon pieces, a spoonful of bean paste, a spoonful of tempeh, 5ml raw soy sauce, 7-8 cloves of garlic, half of green garlic.

Method 1: Wash the eggplant with a baking soda to remove the pesticides, simmer the small pieces 2, boil a pot of hot water, put a few drops of oil and a spoonful of salt, pour the eggplant after the water is boiling, remove it after 2 minutes, and immediately add iceIn the water, change the water twice until the water in which the eggplant is soaked is cold, then remove the drained water; 3, wash the peppers and cut the pepper rings for later use, garlic slices, small garlic cloves do not need to be cut off, and the garlic shall be washed.After cleaning, chop 4 and cook the bacon for half an hour with water, preferably the fat part. After cooking, cut into small pieces for use 5. Put a small amount of oil in the hot pot, add the sliced bacon, and slowly simmer into the low heatAfter the oil is burnt, add a spoonful of watercress, add a spoonful of beancurd slowly after a small fire, add a spoonful of beancurd, slowly scoop out the fragrance, pour in the garlic slices, and after the fragrance, add the pepper ring and stir fry., Pour eggplant, open the fire, pour a small amount of cooking wine, raw soy sauce, quickly stir fry, so that after the soup is received very little, add a small amount of salt, sprinkle the garlic and crush it out of the pot.

Second, the practice of eggplant in a dry pot Step 1, cut ginger, garlic, green onion 2, cut eggplant into about 3CM and wash 3, ginger, garlic, green onion in the bottom of the pot 4, add anise anise, 50ML olive oil +80ML water + 15ML soy sauce 5, pour the eggplant, cover the pot, and make it according to the function of the wok in about 6 or 15 minutes. Make the juice even and instantaneous. Tip 1. The eggplant should not be too long when it is simmered. Keep it crisp.The taste should be cooked to 8 minutes.

Change the water a little more often. Eggplants that have been stimulated with cold water will maintain a crispy texture.

Eggplant should be drained and drained to ensure less moisture.

2, the bacon is a bit more fat is to transfer the bacon stir-fried oil to this dish, the dish will be very fragrant, although you can not see the meat, occasionally see only a few meat residue.

Therefore, the wok eggplant is not a vegan vegetable. It has bacon oil in it and it must be fragrant. Therefore, when you put the wok oil, it must be half or usual. Although the wok vegetable oil is large, from a health point of view, it is not harmful.

3. The heat is very important. When stir-frying bacon, tempeh, and watercress sauce, be sure to simmer on low heat, otherwise it will paste and affect the taste. After putting the eggplant, simmer it on high heat, free of water, it is not a hot pot dish.

4. Douban, bacon, and tempeh are all salty, and raw soy sauce is also added. If the taste is light, you can consider not adding salt, and try it before leaving the pot.

5, if there is a small amount of soup, it does not matter, dry dishes are generally placed under a stove, the fire slowly burned.