Ten times base trader releases new products for three years

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Ten times base trader releases new products for three years

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“Ten times base” trader releases new products for three years

Source: Beiguo.net Original title: “Ten times base” trader has released a new product for three years to set the time to witness the time value In the stock market, many investors are committed to finding “ten times the shares”.

The term was coined by investment guru Peter Lynch, meaning a stock that can grow tenfold.

  In the fund market, there are similar “ten-fold bases”. They have outstanding long-distance running capabilities and earn excess returns for holders.

  16 years ago, Huaxia’s return came out, and its incremental return to power has now exceeded 1,100%.

  Thirteen years ago, Huaxia Return No. 2 came out, and its incremental return to power has now exceeded 520%.

  On August 22, Huaxia Changyang will officially launch a hybrid fund (code: 007207) for three years.

  Literally, Huaxia Changyang has nothing to do with the Huaxia Return Series. In fact, their core is the same: managed by Cai Xiangyang, the star fund manager of the Huaxia Return series. The product follows the same investment philosophy, investment scope, and investment as the Huaxia Return.aims.

  The Chinese product of the Xia Return Group, which is ranked in the “ten-fold base” club, is the most popular. So, what will China Xia Changyang set to open this new product for three years for investors?

  Hard data: Continued efforts to create the “ten-fold base” miracle. Huaxia, which was established in 2003 and successively established a series of products, have now become the benchmark product in the domestic public fund industry, creating a very brilliant investment performance.

  For investors, if he chose Huaxia Return in 2003, he would get: 17% annualized return on investment: Huaxia returns are based on absolute returns. Since its establishment in 2003, the investment has been annualized for nearly 16 years.The yield is 17%.

  Over 11 times of returns: Hua Xia Returns is the second fund of Hua Xia Funds to increase its net value by more than 10 times. At present, there are 12 mixed funds with a total market income of over 10 times.

  83 Dividends: Since the establishment of Huaxia Return, there have been 83 dividends, with an average of 3 dividends per unit.

0 yuan, total dividends over 12.2 billion, is the most active equity fund with the largest number of previous dividends.

  Since then, Huaxia Return No. 2 has been established, and Huaxia Wensheng has also performed well.

Since the establishment of Huaxia No. 2, the cumulative income has exceeded 520%; the income since the year reached 17.


Since the establishment of Huaxia Wensheng, the incremental income has been 10.

04%; gradually gaining 29 in one year.

76%, outperforming the Shanghai Composite Index of 25.

37 averages.

(Data source: wind, as of 20190816) What are the reasons for the investment miracles of Huaxia Return Series products?

Over time, why is the investment strategy of Huaxia Return Series products more powerful?

  The value investment philosophy and strict stock selection standards pursued by fund manager Cai Xiangyang are key.

  Killer: Value investment guarantees the absolute return of investment across bulls and bears. It’s like long-distance running, testing strength and testing endurance.

What matters is not the speed of the moment, but the long-lasting results achieved after crossing the bull and bear.

  Cai Xiangyang’s absolute investment ability is very outstanding.

  As of July 25, all products managed by Cai Xiangyang had achieved positive returns at the beginning of their tenure.

  Since 2011, every combination managed by Cai Xiangyang has also achieved positive returns.

  As the saying goes, “Possibility and risk coexist.

“A fund manager’s excellent investment ability depends not only on how well he performs, but also on his risk control methods.

When the market performed poorly, Huaxia’s returns also maintained earlier levels of retracement and turnover.

According to statistics, since 2008, the broader market index has continued to decline more than 15% on eight occasions, of which six times the decline in China’s returns over the same period has fallen by less than half the index.

  (Data source: Wind, data range 20080103-20190104) The absolute return obtained through bulls and bears comes from strict investment discipline.

  Cai Xiangyang pursues a value investment philosophy and strict stock selection standards, values performance stability and the long-term growth of the industry in which he works, and uses fundamental factors as the best criteria for selecting individual stocks. He does not participate in short-term market speculation.

His expected long-term earnings, dilute the short-term fluctuations, concentrate on mining long-term bull stocks, and reduce the costs brought by continuous stock adjustments.

Based on full confidence in the company’s future profits and estimates, once bought, it must be held for a long time and strive to obtain excess returns.

  New weapons: The three-year holders’ selection of the leading Nuggets future potential levels of the Huaxia return series are all open-end funds, and Huaxia Changyang uses a three-year fixed operation model.

Cai Xiangyang explained that this reflects the product’s goal of pursuing steady returns, taking into account the independence of the investment strategy and the holder’s investment discipline.  Specifically, the closed operation for three years avoids the liquidity management pressure caused by product purchases under market fluctuations, which is more conducive for fund managers to focus on investment in a good environment with stable product scale.

  At the same time, holders can establish good investment discipline and more fully share the long-term 武汉夜网论坛 benefits of the A-share market.

Overall, the long-term returns of the A-share market have significant advantages in major global markets, but due to short-term conversions, alternative purchases and redemptions of fund products often bring poorer experience to holders, while closed operations canExtend the cycle, accumulate patience, tap the potential, and wait for the flowers to bloom.

  According to relevant data, in the history of A-shares, the purchase of partial stock funds at any time for more than 15 years has a high average holding yield of 3 years and above: (Data source: Wind, data range 20040101-20190501)In terms of three-year rolling income, the advantages of Huaxia’s return series products are even more prominent.

  Compared with the same type of partial stocks in the whole market, the balanced hybrid fund index observes rolling fixed-term yields, that is, from May 28, 2014 to July 30, 2019, the three-year holding income of buying Huaxia income at any point in time, Both in terms of winning rate and average return rate, significantly surpass the similar partial stock mix, balanced mixed funds: buy and hold Huaxia at any point in time for 3 years, can achieve 100% positive return (zero return), exceeding partial stock over the same periodMixed, balanced mixed funds (expected proportions are 29% and 23% respectively); buying and holding Huaxia at any point in time for 3 years can achieve an average yield of 38%, and the highest can approach 70%.

  (Data source: Wind, data range 20140528-20190730) In addition to adopting a three-year fixed-open operation model to pursue more stable value-added for its holders, this product also uses the “leading investment strategy”.

Leading companies in the industry can obtain the double premiums of profit and estimates through cost advantages and industrial chain integration advantages under the transition of stable economics and smooth supply-side reforms or spontaneous adjustments.

Cai Xiangyang said that after the 2018 MSCI division of A shares into global indexes, the A share market will usher in an era of global institutional allocation.

Industry leading stocks, due to their significant resource integration advantages, brand advantages, and market share advantages, can gain more market share in the context of economic growth. Compared with other companies, their competitive advantages will be more significant.The strong is stronger, and the stronger is stronger. In the future, it will become the core allocation target of internal institutional investors.

  At this point in time, the release of products can be described as an attack against the market. What specific investment opportunities does Cai Xiangyang target?

  According to reports, from the perspective of estimation and profit matching, the outstanding blue-chip sectors such as liquor, home appliances, and non-bank finance are still expected to receive incremental funding favors to achieve performance growth that will drive up valuations.

From the perspective of the industry’s prosperity, the advanced manufacturing industry using core technology advantages has relatively weak modern medical elasticity, but the certainty of the long-term growth of leading stocks is still continuing. It is expected to usher in opportunities for growth and show growth and upward flexibility.
  His outstanding current A-share market is estimated to be at a historically low level. Structural opportunities are bred in the short term, and the long-term investment value of the entire market will become more significant.