Woman beware of three misunderstandings after marriage

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Woman beware of three misunderstandings after marriage

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Woman beware of three misunderstandings after marriage

Misunderstanding 1: Marrying him, not marrying his family. Many women have encountered such a problem: when they were in love, they even knew some of his family’s situation, but did not cause awareness, thinking that he was married to him, but not his family, soI had the idea that his family had nothing to do with me.

  This point of view may seem quite reasonable, but we must know that a person’s life always carries traces of his growth, and family habits are the habits of a person’s subconscious life.

The habits he formed from an early age are difficult to change throughout his life.

  Therefore, marrying a person is not marrying him, or marrying his growth trajectory and all of him.

  Misunderstanding 2: He loves me so much and spoils me. After marriage, he will definitely accept my transformation. Two people with different growth environments, different thinking, and different living habits will live together, and there will be conflicts because of many details.

Although these contradictions are trivial matters, they tend to consume the most marriage tolerance.

At the same time, his insistence on details reflects his stubbornness in ideas.

  Some female friends do not understand this, or use a variety of methods to transform her husband. As a result, men and women start to confront each other, and the home becomes a battlefield without smoke. In the end, women often lose helplessly.

  At this time, women only knew that if they wanted to transform a man, it would be difficult for them to go to heaven!

Faced with futile reform, a woman understands that whether men accept or reject reforms has nothing to do with love or love, and is related to his life trajectory and habits.

Therefore, to marry him, we must know where he comes from.

It is necessary to extend the eyes of appreciation from his body to his origin, that is, his family background.

From there, you can see his present and future tenses in the marriage.

  Misunderstanding 3: Now that you are married, your husband should belong to our little family. Be clear. Your property is not your private property. He belongs to your little family and belongs to his parents, relatives, and friends.

Therefore, his heart must be shared with them.

Even so, your love must also extend to them through him.

  Therefore, when you fall in love with a man and want to marry him, you must be mentally prepared. You are not just marrying him, you are marrying his lifestyle and family background and social background.

Be clear, the man you are facing is not an individual, or the group of people behind his family environment and social interaction.