[Can yam and beef be eaten together]_ practices _ precautions

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[Can yam and beef be eaten together]_ practices _ precautions

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[Can yam and beef be eaten together]_ practices _ precautions

Yam, as its name implies, is a plant of great medicinal and edible value.

People with poor physical fitness often eat yam to strengthen their body. For women, yam can beautify the skin and can also delay aging, which has a very good health effect.

And there are many ways to eat yam. You can use it to make blueberry yam with jam, to drink soup, or to stir-fry with black fungus.

But for those who love beef, can yam be consumed with beef to achieve a good effect?

Yam can be eaten with beef.

Beef warms up and yam nourishes yin. These two ingredients are very good. You can use ordinary stew for seasoning. You can use aniseed and cinnamon for your own preparation.

Usually, the yam crisp mouth is better, depending on personal taste, usually after the beef is stewed, then add the yam and seasoning and cook it again.

The practice of beef yam stew: Ingredients: beef (fat and lean) (500 grams).

Excipients: yam (250 g) and celery (25 g).

Seasoning: shallot (8g) ginger (5g) cooking wine (3g) salt (3g) MSG (3g) pepper (3g) pepper powder (3g).

Functions: Tonic Detoxification Conditioning, Spleen Appetizer Conditioning Conditioning, Kidney Conditioning Conditioning Conditioning, Diabetes Conditioning Conditioning, Qi and Blood Double Tonic Conditioning Conditioning.

1. Wash the yellow beef, cut into 2 cm square pieces, put in a boiling water pot, simmer for about 5 minutes, remove, wash, and drain.

2. Peel the yam, wash it, add it to a boiling water pot, remove it and drain.

3. Wash the casserole, add water, beef, spring onion, ginger cubes, cooking wine, celery, boil over medium heat, skim off the froth, add peppercorns, and simmer over low heat until it is mature.Hours until the beef is rancid, remove the onions, ginger, celery, add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, and serve.

Beef (fat and lean): Beef is rich in protein, and its amino acid composition is closer to human needs than pork. It can improve the body’s resistance to disease. It is especially suitable for people who have lost their blood and repaired tissues.Beef in winter can warm the stomach, which is the best supplement for this season. Beef has the effect of nourishing the qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening the bones, relieving phlegm and relieving wind, quenching thirst and stopping mouth., People with sore muscles, prolonged anemia and yellowing and dizziness.

Yam: saponins, mucus, choline, starch, sugars, proteins and amino acids, vitamin C and other trace elements contained in yam, and a variety of trace elements, which are rich in content and have a tonic effect.

Yam can promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes in the body, enhance immune function, delay cell aging, and often take yam to prolong life.

The adhesion of polysaccharides and minerals in yam can form bone and make the spine have a certain elasticity.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, the content is relatively relative, almost no trace, so it has good weight loss and bodybuilding effects.

The yam contains mucin that can prevent trace deposition of the cardiovascular system and arteriosclerosis.

Eating yam can also increase human T lymphocytes, enhance immune function, and delay cell aging.