The dangers of a baby eating too much

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The dangers of a baby eating too much

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The dangers of a baby eating too much

Parents must plan supplements so that children can always maintain a normal appetite.

  Excessive eating of children will cause brain damage in addition to obesity: (1) “Stupid eating” is prone to brain fatigue.

In order to digest too much food, the digestive tract will inevitably expand, limited blood and oxygen will be transferred from the head to the digestive tract, and the brain cells will temporarily temporarily expand, so the more you eat, the more blood you need, the less blood your brain supplies.Brain hazards.

  (2) “Stupid eating” will inhibit the physiological functions of the intelligent areas of the brain. Excessive excitement of the corresponding areas of the brain during digestion and digestion will inevitably cause the suppression of language, thinking, memory, imagination and other intelligent areas of the brain, and intelligence will increasedifference.

  (3) “Stupid eating” will promote premature brain failure.

Studies have found that premature aging substances can increase tens of thousands of times due to overeating after a meal.

Obesity can cause brain fatigue, cause premature brain failure, affect brain development, and have low intelligence.