What to do if you lose your motivation at work

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What to do if you lose your motivation at work

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What to do if you lose your motivation at work

“I used to love this job, but now, alas, the more I do, the less I do!

“” The mission was not completed this time. I have been defeated many times recently. Is my ability to work down?

“. often I hear office workers so disappointed with their work.

Increasing competition and overloaded workloads have turned the workplace into a “battlefield”, and many people’s ambitions gradually disappeared when they first joined the work.

This phenomenon of physiological infiltration in the workplace is a chronic occupational disease, which psychologists call occupational exhaustion.

  There are two ways for office workers to recover from a state of occupational exhaustion: one is to find a new job, and the other is to change themselves and re-qualify for the original position.

Although the former has transformed the work, if you can’t solve the problem psychologically, you probably won’t be able to get around the state of occupational exhaustion, so changing yourself is the most important method of feasible occupational exhaustion.

So, how to reduce the sense of exhaustion and regain the joy of work?

  1.Deal with stress in the right way.

  Faced with the same pressure, some people are safe and sound, while others are seriously broken because they use different methods to deal with the stress.

For example, when the safe and sound person feels that the workload is too large, he or she manages time and reasonably allocates things to be done at each time.

Those who are physically deficient either negatively deny the existence of stress or work harder to cover up the problem. This self-deceiving practice will instead form a vicious circle and make the body more affected.

  2.Think of crisis as a wealth.

  Career consultants suggest that when you’re exhausted from your job, it’s time to rethink yourself.

At this time, you should take a moment to calm down and think about what you want?

Good at this field?

What type of work does your personality estimate?

Can this job excel?

Is it hard enough, or is it misplaced?

What expectations do you have for work?

What do you want from your work?

And in fact, can the job itself provide all that it needs?

  3.Seek social support.

  When you are threatened by stress, you may wish to discuss the current stress situation with your relatives, friends or colleagues.

At this time, caring relatives and friends will give you a sincere suggestion, and with their help to switch to more realistic goals, and at the same time re-examine the situation of stress.

In addition, if some actual help is really needed, it doesn’t prevent you from turning to the unit’s leaders and colleagues.

  4.Enjoy family and alone time.

  People in a depleted quagmire are usually those who devote almost all of their waking time to work.

When this group of people is threatened by stress, they can go to the family to listen to music, watch a movie, or play sports such as swimming and swimming, so that they can enjoy their family fun.

In addition to enjoying family time, it is also important to take time to enjoy personal time.

Therefore, after work, spend a little time introspection, contemplation, daze, and even daydreaming, you can enhance your role by relaxing, replacing and then.