Subhealth Overcoming Diet Formula

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Subhealth Overcoming Diet Formula

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Subhealth Overcoming Diet Formula

Sub-health is said to be sick but not sick. Since it is not sick, it cannot be treated with medication.

In addition to sleeping, you must pay attention to diet in addition to sleeping. Xiaobian introduces several dietary recipes that attack Keya’s health.


When the brain is tired: nuts, namely peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, etc., have a good effect on brain health and enhance memory.

Because of the high content of essential fatty acids and linoleic acid in the body and no cholesterol, people often call nut foods “brain-building” foods.

In addition, nuts also contain special brain-building substances such as lecithin and choline, so for the brain worker, its nutrition and nourishing effects are unmatched by other foods.


When stress is too high: Vitamin C has the effect of balancing psychological stress.

When under strong psychological stress, the body consumes 8 times more vitamin C than usual, so you must re-place foods that consume more vitamin C, such as stir-fried cauliflower, spinach, sesame, and fruits.

People with high work pressures will get better results when taking vitamin C tablets.


When you have a bad temper: Calcium has the effect of calming emotions. Dairy products such as milk, lactic acid, and cheese, as well as dried fish, are extremely rich in calcium, which helps eliminate fire and gas.

Radish stew smoothes the stomach and strengthens the stomach. It has the effect of clearing heat and phlegm for those who are stagnation and sputum. It is best to eat it raw, and it can also be used as radish soup.

Beer can be appetizing smoothly, change the anger, drink a moderate amount for a longer time.


When it is sensitive to nerves: People who are sensitive to nerves are suitable to eat steamed fish, but you should add green leafy vegetables because vegetables have a nerve-stabilizing effect.

Lie down and rest before eating, relax and tense, you can also drink some wine to help the stomach move.


Lost three pulls four: when doing things, lose three pulls four, tiger head and tail, when careless, you should add vitamin C and vitamin A, increase the number of fruits and vegetables in the diet, eat less acidic foods such as meat.

Foods rich in vitamins C and A include peppers, dried fish, dried bamboo shoots, carrots, milk, red dates, field snails, and cabbage.


Insomnia, irritability and forgetfulness: Eat more foods with added calcium and phosphorus.

More calcium-containing such as soybeans, milk, fresh orange, oysters; phosphorus-rich such as spinach, chestnuts, grapes, chicken, potatoes, eggs.


Weak body: Weak people are suitable for stewed fish.

It’s best to take a nap before eating.

People are used to sleeping after meals. This is an incorrect habit. You should change to sleep for a while before meals, because people will feel more and more uncomfortable after sleeping.


When you are exhausted: You can chew some dried fruits such as peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts in your mouth. It has a magical effect on restoring physical fitness, because they are rich in protein, B vitamins, calcium and iron, and are mildly plant-based, but without plasma.

In addition, clam soup, shredded green pepper, cold vegetables, sesame, strawberry and other foods are rich in protein and moderate transformation, which can protect and strengthen the liver without preventing eating more.


When your eyes are tired: When you are facing the computer all day in the office, your eyes are always tired. You can order an eel at lunch because the eel is rich in vitamin A, which is essential for the human body.

In addition, eating some leek fried pork liver also has this effect.

  It’s a three-drug poison. To deal with sub-health, you still have to start with your diet. When you pay attention to your body’s supplementation with vitamins, it’s not easy to get close.