White Collar Emerging New Retirement

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White Collar Emerging New Retirement

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White Collar Emerging “New Retirement”

During the Spring Festival holiday, people temporarily said goodbye to their busy work, and woke up every day until they naturally woke up.
“How nice it would be to have such a relaxed life every day!
“This kind of” retirement “life that white-collar workers in the workplace can’t wait for is now emerging quietly, and there are many practitioners who are called” neo-retirementists “.
  I want to take a long vacation for myself. One week before the Spring Festival holiday, Ms. Huang and her colleagues seem to have smelled the Spring Festival.
  ”I am willing to let me retire now.
“Ms. Huang said firmly.
The voice had not yet faded, and there was an echo next to it: “I also wanted to retire long ago, and I was so tired that I became dizzy every day. I wanted to let the tired heart take a break for a while.
“I want to temporarily withdraw from the workplace, let myself relax for a year, adjust my state, and then continue my struggle.
During the holidays, Ms. Huang and her colleagues did not have the pressure of daily work and enjoyed life easily and comfortably.
In a blink of an eye, the 7-day holiday was over, but everyone was still immersed in this state of life, and the call to retire as soon as possible became stronger.
  The professional elite loosened themselves. “On the day of ‘Retirement’, I felt the sun was particularly bright.
“Mr. Zhang said” retiring “in advance.
Mr. Zhang is engaged in the financial industry that everyone admires. Although the salary is considerable, the pressure is not affordable.
He said: “Sometimes I feel like a machine with a hinge, and I can’t stop it at all.
“A month ago, Mr. Zhang finally left the company that had worked for many years.
  Ms. Su has the same experience as Mr. Zhang. She works for a Taiwan-funded company. The company enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad for integrated circuit components, and it is fiercely competitive and under great pressure.
This kind of pressure, such as Ms. Su, can be felt really every day.
So on the eve of the Spring Festival, Ms. Su chose to “retire.”
  Faced with a high-intensity and stressful working environment, many white-collar workers have the urge to retire early. Investigation shows: 82.
0% of white-collar workers are envious and have the idea of early retirement.
  ”If I have the conditions, I also choose to retire. Health and happiness are more important than making money.
“In the past, we were all used to working for decades before we retired at some point.
Actually, life is your own, and you have many choices.
If you feel it is necessary, you can stop and rest in the middle.
“Mr. Zhang said.
  Retirement means “active unemployment” Mr. Jiang, who chose to retire early a year ago, now lives a rest life in a resort in Hainan.
There, Mr. Jiang enjoyed life comfortably, doing what he liked and wanted to do: writing, swimming, climbing mountains, watching the sea, life was colorful and interesting.
Of course, all of this is based on “not bad money”.
  After retiring, Mr. Zhang, the focus of his daily life today is on primary school children and his own health, and he is doing a “overhaul” on himself.
Seeing Mr. Zhang living such a leisurely life, his friends expressed envy, but because of the pressure of life, he had to persist in fighting.
  In fact, for those who want to rest but can’t rest, it is not that they don’t want to rest. The biggest obstacle is “forced by life, needed by life”.
“People around the age of 40 mostly have major themes of life, from old to young, and young. At this time, if they ‘retire’ temporarily, unless they have a solid material foundation.
Because retiring means you will lose your income and you will have to live on your own.
“Mr. Jiang advised.
  Retirement in the workplace does not necessarily require retirement For the phenomenon of “early retirement”, Ms. Wang believes that retirement in the workplace does not necessarily require retirement, especially in today’s fierce employment competition, “early retirement” is even more unwise.
Leaving means unemployed. If you want to find your current job in the future, it will be much more difficult. Performance, seniority, and prestige should start from scratch.
If economic conditions are not sufficient, “early leave” is even more undesirable, and it will burden the family.
When you are tired, you can rest and adjust by taking annual leave, National Day, Spring Festival holiday, etc. You don’t have to choose the so-called retirement.   ”Retirement life is not necessarily so good. If I let myself be free from the busyness and enrichment of everyday life, I will not adapt to it. After all, when people are middle-aged, when they can start a business, they will be idle at home, without goals and destinationsAs soon as the fresh energy passes, it must not be empty, lonely, and bored to death.

By that time, where did you find a job that is still satisfactory now?

Li believes working in the media.

  Choosing “to leave early” requires calm career planner Ms. Xun Yang believes that most of the “new retirees” do not really stay away from the workplace, but regard it as a “workplace suspension.”

Then, when choosing “early leave”, we must first calmly and comprehensively consider whether the future will really become a condition for becoming a retired family.

“Some individuals have sufficient personal property and sufficient financial knowledge to ensure the continued stable appreciation of personal property.

“Secondly, unless you choose to” leave early “, you must also plan and plan for improving your life, instead of aimless and idle, at least you must consider your preferences and fun, and reserve more happiness and future for the future.vitality.

  Professor Zhang Wei of Zhengzhou University pointed out that “New Retirementism” is a complete departure from the workplace, in a short period of time, to adjust personal status through travel, rest, training and charging.

After returning to the workplace, under normal circumstances, personal career conflicts will occur, and career changes and transfers will occur more often.

  People who have the idea of retirement are mainly due to the high pressure in the workplace. It is mid-aged and has achieved certain achievements. At this time, whether to “rest your feet” must make a full assessment of the benefits and losses after retirement.

For those who are overwhelmed by occupational stress and are physically unbearable, take a break.

At the same time to find out where the pressure source is, adjust it by reducing pressure.

For general burnout caused by careless career choices, it is best to adjust job positions from within, and it is not recommended to retire.

Around the age of 40, at the age of being young and prosperous, trade retires, and you will lose your sense of self-worth and surround yourself in a worse state.