[Can I drink coffee with a thin face injection?

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[Can I drink coffee with a thin face injection?

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】 _Injection to lose face_Can you drink

[Can I drink coffee with a thin face injection?
】 _Injection to lose face_Can you drink

Nowadays women are very fond of beauty. Drinking some coffee properly has a beauty effect. Women can drink a cup of coffee after a meal, which can make the skin more white and tender. In addition, drinking coffee properly can promote blood circulation.In good times, the skin will also become better. Those women who have more excess meat will choose to lose weight with a thin face. Can you drink coffee after thin face injection?

Can I drink coffee with a thin face injection?
In order not to affect the recovery, it is recommended not to drink irritating beverages, especially coffee, and to return to the clinic after 2 weeks to see the recovery.

Pay attention to diet conditioning after injecting thin face needles. For a week, fast food, spicy food, seafood, avoid alcohol and tobacco. After the thin face needle injection, there may be chewing weakness and soreness in the first few days. There will still be a slight asymmetry after injection, so pay attentionChew food evenly on both sides.

The thin face needle is a type of botulinum toxin injection, which mainly acts on muscle tissue. It is commonly called thin face needle because it is commonly used to solve masseter hypertrophy.

The professional name of thin face needle is botulinum toxin, which is a biological product that can be produced on a large scale by genetic engineering methods.

You can drink coffee after having a thin face injection. The precautions after the thin face injection: 1. It is necessary to predict that the skin at the injection site is slightly red and swollen, and it usually subsides after a few hours. A few people will have a little blood clot at the injection site, but it will soon disappear.

For 2 to 4 hours, it is best not to lie down to avoid the spread of botulinum (botulinum).

For 3 or 6 hours, it is not advisable to wash your face, do not apply makeup, do n’t be curious or touch the injection site, it is not advisable to exercise.

4, professional doctors will review after a week.

5. Do not massage the area after injection, the vaccine toxin spreads.

6. It is forbidden to do facial massage, hot compress and rubbing within one month after injection.

7, avoid hard shell foods after injection; fast food spicy, seafood, avoid alcohol and tobacco within a week.

8, early chewing weakness, soreness.

9, because of chewing habits, there will still be slight asymmetry on both sides after injection.

10. A small number of people may not be sensitive to the drug and the effect is not obvious, so they should return to the clinic after 2 weeks.

11. Botox is recoverable after a thin face (thin face needle), so after six months, theoretically it needs to be injected again to maintain the effect.

(Some people can continue to maintain after 2-3 injections. If you want to delay the recovery of masseter muscles, you need to eat less hard and tough food.) But it was clinically found that some people took two or three injections andNo re-injection is needed to maintain the effect, so BOTOX has a long-term effect on the Chinese character face.

The reason is that during the curative effect of botox, the human body cannot overuse the chewing muscles. If the habit of overusing chewing muscles can be changed, after the efficacy of botox, the chewing muscles after weight loss will not be hypertrophic again.

12. Don’t stay up for a week after an injection, and reduce the effect of the drug after getting angry.