[Fried beans with green beans]_Recommended diet

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[Fried beans with green beans]_Recommended diet

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[Fried beans with green beans]_Recommended diet

  String beans are more commonly called in the north. If they are in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, they are often called: “sword beans”, and this vegetable is more popular in the south. It has no other special flavors. It can be fried or stewed.It’s delicious even after being cooked.

  How to prepare fried beans with green beans Ingredients: Main ingredients: green beans (half a catty), pork tenderloin (5 to 2) accessories: salt (appropriate amount), chicken essence (appropriate amount), raw starch (appropriate amount), extremely fresh soy sauce (appropriate amount)Cooking oil (appropriate amount), cooking wine (appropriate amount) Specific methods: 1. The above materials are fully prepared.

  2. Wash the green beans with clean water, cut them diagonally with a knife, and place them on a plate.

  3. The pork tenderloin was washed with water, cut into 1 cm strips with a knife, and placed in a pot.

  4. Put a spoonful of raw starch, a spoonful of salt, a small spoonful of chicken essence, and a small spoonful of extremely fresh soy sauce into the basin. Pick and marinate for 15 minutes.

  5. Boil the water in the pot. Add the green beans to the water after the water is boiled. In this step, you can’t remove the water, because the beans are not easy to cook, and it is more difficult to cook. It is necessary to cook with water for 8 minutes.

  6. Remove the dried green beans and control the moisture for future use.

  7, hot pan with cold oil, stir-fry the tenderloin until it becomes discolored and fragrant, then add a small amount of salt and cooking wine to season, then stir-fry the green beans in the pan, add salt, and season the chicken essence.Plate for serving.

  Cooking tips: 1. Remove the tendon before making green beans, so that it will not affect the taste or cause indigestion.

  2. If any beans are eaten before they are cooked, there is a risk of poisoning. Therefore, when fried green beans need to be processed in advance or cooked with water or cooked with oil, it will be safe to eat.