Women sweat most in these areas

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Women sweat most in these areas

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Women sweat most in these areas

People are going to sweat. Sweating is a type of detox. There are two ways to detox: one is to urinate and the other is to sweat.

Sweating is the most effective detox method. Only summer can sweat naturally throughout the year, which will help the body’s metabolism, and help the meridian balance and the health of the immune system.

If you do n’t sweat for a long time, your skin will not breathe for a long time, and in the end it will cause a lot of disorders of the human metabolic system, and the detoxification function of this skin will become kidney and liver.

But not all parts of sweating are good. Now it is most dangerous for you to take a look at some parts of a woman?

  There is a distinction between “moving sweat” and “static sweat” in Chinese medicine.

Sweating due to weather conditions is still sweating, which is equivalent to passive sweating.

Excessive abnormal sweating needs attention, some spontaneous sweating, night sweats, etc.

Some people are not hot, sweating from the front and back when not exercising, and easily fatigued, colds, flustered, especially afraid of wind and cold. This is called spontaneous sweating, which is a manifestation of Qi deficiency.

Sweating as soon as I fall asleep at night, called night sweats, is a manifestation of yin deficiency.

Different sweating areas can reflect a person’s physical condition.


Sweating forehead-diagnosis of hyperactivity of liver yang: If the forehead often sweats a lot, Chinese medicine thinks it may be caused by hyperactivity of liver yang.

  Suggestion: Usually try to keep your mood peaceful and less angry, and ensure a long sleep, otherwise it will easily lead to yin deficiency and hyperactivity of liver and yang.

Brewing Chinese wolfberry tea every day has the effect of calming the liver.


Nose Sweating-Lung Insufficiency Diagnosis: If the nose always sweats, it means that the lungs are insufficient and need conditioning.

Western medicine believes that this is a manifestation of low immunity, and it is necessary to improve immunity.

  Recommendation: Lung deficiency is mainly caused by its weak constitution.

Beat your legs with your hands every day, and hold your left and right sides, because this is the part where the human lung meridian is distributed. By stimulating the tap, you can adjust the effect of regulating the lung meridian.


Diagnosis of sweat-endocrine disorders: Sweat glands are scarcely distributed, so few people sweat when they are involved.

If your neck often sweats, it may be related to internal secretion disorders throughout your body.

  Recommendation: It is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive hormone test.

The usual endocrine regulation is mainly from diet and exercise, supplemented by medication when necessary; to develop good eating habits, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, high protein foods, drink plenty of water, and supplement the body’s required water; at the same time, moreParticipate in various sports and exercises to strengthen your physique; you must have a scientific lifestyle. Don’t stay up late so as not to disrupt the normal physiological laws, cause imbalance in hormone secretion or even insufficient, and cause other diseases; also pay attention to rest and adequate sleep,Avoid overwork and excitement, keep the spirit happy, so as to avoid bad emotions affecting the endocrine system; prevent infection; do not buy plastic daily necessities, and avoid the harm of environmental hormones.


Sweating under the arm-Excessive sweat glands or overdiagnosis: Because a large number of sweat glands are distributed under the arm, it is easier to sweat.

If the sweat secretion is too strong and the smell is very strong, it may indicate that the daily diet is too heavy and eat too many onions, garlic, onions and other foods.

  Recommendation: If the sweat glands are diagnosed as excessive, you can go to the hospital for an effective laser treatment instead.

In addition, eat a light diet and eat more fruits and vegetables.


Sweating in the chest-Spleen and stomach loss and diagnosis: If the chest often sweats, Chinese medicine believes that this is a manifestation of spleen and stomach loss, indicating that blood circulation in the body is very slow and oxygen transport is not smooth.

  Suggestion: Don’t worry too much, eat less greasy, cold food, usually drink astragalus and jujube soaked in water, can alleviate symptoms.


Sweating palms and feet-Blood deficiency diagnosis: If the emotions are tense, agitated or scared, the palms or feet will sweat easily. TCM believes that this is a symptom of spleen loss of life, spleen and stomach, and blood deficiency.

  Recommendation: Press and rub the abdomen every day after meals, first rub 30 times clockwise and then 30 times counterclockwise.

In addition, you should control your appetite and avoid cold foods.