Eat these 5 kinds of food to completely repel dark circles_1

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Eat these 5 kinds of food to completely repel dark circles_1

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Eat these 5 kinds of food to completely fight off dark circles

For female white-collar workers who often stay up late, dark circles strike, which is a common worry of many people!

How can I remove dark circles?

Not afraid!

As long as you obediently eat these five kinds of food, you will lose your dark circles!

  Eggs: Due to the effective protein in eggs, which can promote cell regeneration, regular consumption of eggs and increased protein intake are effective for alleviating the formation of dark circles.

However, because the human body can only absorb the nutrients contained in two eggs a day, it is not advisable to consume more than two eggs.

  Some people are accustomed to eating raw eggs. In fact, raw eggs are not easy to digest and contain bacteria, so it is recommended that everyone eat white boiled eggs as the best.

In addition, lean meat, poultry eggs, and aquatic products are also suitable proteins. Frequent consumption of such foods can also help reduce the formation of dark circles, but because the protein composition of eggs is closest to the human body, the absorption effect is the best.

  Sesame: The effect of sesame black hair is well known, but its effectiveness in eliminating dark circles may be little known.

  Sesame is aimed at vitamin E, which nourishes the eyeballs and the muscles of the eyes, thereby reducing the formation of dark circles.

Not only can you make your hair black and beautiful, but you can also eliminate dark circles. It’s no wonder that someone thinks of sesame as a magical “magic food”.

  In addition to sesame, vitamin D also has peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds and so on.

  Carrot: In addition to vitamin E can nourish the eyeballs and eye muscles, vitamin A also has such effects.

  Carrot is the only choice to increase the absorption of vitamin A. It can maintain the normal function of epithelial tissue and improve dark circles.

In addition, the vitamin A contained in carrots also helps to improve vision, especially in the dark.

  Other foods containing vitamin A include animal liver, butter, poultry eggs, alfalfa, apricots, etc.

  Kelp: Because iron is the core component of hemoglobin.

Therefore, supplementing with an appropriate amount of iron can promote the increase of hemoglobin, thereby enhancing its ability to transport oxygen and nutrients.

Kelp is toxic iron, so taking kelp often can also relieve the leakage of dark circles.

  Other iron-rich foods include animal liver and lean meat.

  Green tea: People who often use computers can replace green tea, supplement pre-phytonutrients, and eliminate dark circles caused by computer radiation.

  Concentrated polyphenols contained in green tea can inhibit free radicals from damaging skin support fibers, and are today recognized as the most effective anti-free radical factor.

Drinking more low-caffeinated green tea can eliminate dark circles, and the catechins it contains can help the body slightly metabolize and also help sleep. It can sleep well and make people less tired.

  In addition, topical green tea bags can also withstand the effects of dark circles.

Just put the subsequent green tea bag in the refrigerator for a while, take it out and apply it on the eyes for 20 minutes, and the dark circles can be relieved.