9 ways to maintain a woman’s secret garden to stay young from the inside out

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9 ways to maintain a woman’s secret garden to stay young from the inside out

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9 ways to maintain a woman’s “secret garden” to stay young from the inside out

Women want to stay young without the health of the uterus and ovaries.
In TCM theory, all internal reproductive organs of a woman, including the uterus and ovaries, are called female cells.
Only the health of women’s cells can continuously secrete a variety of special substances, regulate metabolism, nourish the body, ensure the normal menstruation and ovulation, and ensure the normal “operation” of the kidney, heart, spleen, and liver, thereby ensuring your health from the inside out,young!
  Yanggong = Maintenance of “woman cells” In the Chinese medicine system, women cells are located in the middle of the lower abdomen, after the bladder and before the rectum, are the internal reproductive organs of women, including women’s ovaries and uterus. Its main function is to produce menstruation and pregnancyfetus.
Menstruation is caused by viscera, qi and blood on women’s cells, and whether women’s cells are normal or not directly affects menstruation.
At the same time, the physiological functions of women’s cells are closely related to the meridians, internal organs, and qi and blood.
  “女子胞”对女性身体的影响  中医认为,当女子胞运转不正常时,各种物质会分泌不足,轻则皮肤缺水、弹性降低、易产生皱纹,身体曲线变形、局部脂肪堆积;重则Menstrual disorders, ovarian dysfunction, difficulty in conception, cold sex, no orgasm.
Not only that, the unhealthy women’s cells can also affect the internal organs, meridians, and qi and blood, leading to adverse reactions such as loss of appetite, poor mental state, mood swings, and decreased sleep quality.
If this symptom appears, it means that the flowers in the women’s secret garden have begun to wither and need your careful maintenance!
  九招呵护“女子胞”  1、每周看次惊险片,脏器功能变好了  看惊险片时,一般的人都会感觉到紧张、心跳加速、呼吸急促、全身紧绷,通常人们都认为这It is harmful. In fact, this is also an effective method of replenishing Qi.
Breathing information is actually multi-frequency deep breathing.
Taking a deep breath can inhale more fresh air, provide the required oxygen for each organ, improve or improve its function, and increase the oxygen content of the blood, so that the blood is smooth.
So watching thrillers has the effect of strengthening kidney qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, and regulating ovarian function.
But everything is too late, we have to choose different levels of thrillers based on our own mental capacity, just once a week!
  2、种盆迷迭香,保你气血充足  中医上讲,女子胞与肝、肾和任脉、冲脉关系最密切,因为肝藏血、生殖机能都由肾所主,冲、任二The pulse starts from the female cell.
Women’s livers have blood and feet, and their kidney qi is strong, but the qi and blood in the second pulse are sufficient, and the women’s cell functions are normal.
Plant a rosemary in the office or at home. Its aroma can be used for any purpose.
  The blood gas is unobstructed, and the liver can be refreshed, strengthen liver function, and purify the air!
Potted rosemary is actually very easy to grow, and it is resistant to drought. Water it once a week.
Be careful not to plant rosemary in the bedroom, otherwise you may “can’t sleep at night”.
  3. Put cinnamon on the beef stew. The delicious and warm-filled yak meat enjoys the reputation of being “the arrogant in the meat”. Its protein and amino acid content is very rich and the fat content is low, so it tastes delicious and has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, and nourishing qi and blood.
Cinnamon is a kind of warm tonic medicine, which can disperse cold and warm blood, and promote blood circulation.
With it, still worried about dysmenorrhea?
  4, often according to the blood sea points, blood circulation is more smooth. Women’s cells are closely related to the spleen, because menstrual cramps and fetal care are dependent on blood.
The Xuehai acupoint is a place where the blood from the spleen meridian gathers. Frequent massage of the Xuehai acupoint can play the role of passing the meridians, promoting blood circulation, keeping warm, and so on, while alleviating the symptoms of soreness caused by dysmenorrhea and various gynecological diseases.Can also achieve freckle beauty effects.
  Where is the Blood Sea Point?
  Sitting on a stool, the thighs and calves are 90 °, and a depression appears on the inside of the knee. There is a raised muscle above the depression, and the blood sea point is at the top of the raised muscle.
You can press the Xuehai Point with your thumb, index finger, middle finger, or ring finger. It is best to press at 9 to 11 o’clock every day when the spleen and menstrual qi is the strongest. Press each side for 3 minutes, soreness is appropriate.
  5、稳定激素,就要先稳定你的体重  有些美眉追求骨感美,体重过低,肝、脾、心等脏腑功能受损,导致气血不足,从而影响卵子的产生,容易引发慢性不排卵And infertility; some women like to eat snacks, do not like sports, digestion of the spleen and stomach is obstructed, and the waist and abdomen are like “Michelin tires”. This not only affects the figure, but also leads to increased male hormones, ovarian abnormalities, and ovulation.The consequences of infertility.
Therefore, the weight of a woman must remain at a normal index in order to ensure the health of women.
  6、和谐的性爱,让你一直年轻快乐  在中医上,房事乃是养生精髓所在,不可纵欲、禁欲,而是要节欲,即适度与和谐的性生活,能够使人精神愉快、充满信心,It can relieve stress and eliminate loneliness, and can also improve immunity and delay the degradation of ovarian function.
Contraception is also an important part of a harmonious sex life. Medical research shows that for every abortion, the quality of eggs will drop by 6%, which will thin the inner wall of the ovaries, damage the uterus, and reduce egg activity.
It is best to use condoms to prevent contraception, to avoid hormonal disorders in the body caused by the use of contraceptives, resulting in decreased egg quality.
  7、少吃食用油,排卵期更正常  民以食为天,在中国“多油更营养”的观念根深蒂固,大城市中有的人饮食习惯西化后,对高油脂食物的摄入量更多.
Excessive consumption of edible oil will destroy estrogen, increase the intake of non-physiological hormones, reduce the quality of eggs, and affect the ovulation cycle.
Therefore, the three-meal diet should be based on the principle of low oil.
How to control “low oil”?
The most scientific solution is to consume about 25 grams of edible oil per day. The amount of oil in two and a half spoons of white porcelain spoon is just about 25 grams.We have to adjust and choose more foods with water, stir food with cooking oil to avoid high temperature oil cooking; we can also choose oil pots with scales to accurately control the dosage!

  8. Aerobic exercise “three-three” system, improve the vitality of eggs. Women have been sitting in the office for a long time, blocked blood circulation, insufficient metabolism, qi and blood stasis, which are extremely harmful to the health of women’s cells-ovulation cycle disorder, eggsReduced vitality.

Can’t insist on exercising every day?

Then we must at least adhere to the “three three” system of aerobic exercise.

  ”Three three” system aerobic exercise is to exercise at least 3 days a week, exercise time can not be separated every 30 minutes, the heartbeat during exercise should be maintained at about 130 times / minute.

Aerobic exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, etc. can accelerate the body’s metabolism, promote blood circulation, ventilate and bleed, the body’s metabolism is good, the endocrine system can operate normally, and the female cells can get the best care!

  9, also wear cotton socks at home, the cold quickly dissipated!

  Women’s cells are most afraid of cold and cold, because the cold will lead to the disorder of women’s cells.

According to Chinese medicine, “cold coming from the feet” says that when the soles of the feet are cold, the blood vessels in the feet contract, blood entry is blocked, and blood circulation in the whole body is not smooth, and the body will feel cold.

Therefore, keeping your feet warm is paramount.

In summer, you can choose thinner cotton socks to resist the cold from the air conditioner and electric fan. In winter, do n’t wear cotton slippers even if there is heating in the room, because the space in the cotton slippers is too large to reach the feet.Effectively keep warm.