14 Easy Food Therapies Easily Cure Baby’s Cold and Other Common Diseases

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14 Easy Food Therapies Easily Cure Baby’s Cold and Other Common Diseases

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14 Easy Food Therapies Easily Cure Baby’s Cold and Other Common Diseases

Introduction: What should I do if my baby has a cold, diarrhea, anorexia, etc.?

Injection or medicine?

In fact, only a few simple ingredients are needed to make delicious medicated meals, so that babies can not only enjoy the food, but also easily cure minor illnesses.

  Cold onion and vinegar porridge: Take 20 green onion roots, wash and cut into small pieces.

Take 50 grams of rice, put it into the pot after washing, add water to the boil, put in the onion section, and cook into porridge.

Add 5 ml of balsamic vinegar and stir slightly to serve.

This porridge has the effect of relieving sweat.

Suitable for babies who have fever, runny nose, nasal congestion and other cold after cold.

  Pueraria congee: take 15 grams of kudzu root, 10 grams of silver flower, 5 grams of ginger, boil for 20 minutes, remove the residue to get juice.

Add 50 grams of rice, cook porridge, add any sugar when serving.

Have clearing heat and expelling wind.

It is suitable for fever, headache, vomiting, redness and swelling in the throat and other colds.

  Diarrhea plantain porridge: Take 30 grams of fresh plantain or 15 grams of dry plantain for sale in the pharmacy, wash, chop, cook for 20 minutes, remove the residue and add juice, add 50 grams of rice, take porridge.

Have clearing heat and dampness and diuretic effect.

For babies with acute diarrhea and little urination.

  Chinese yam and barley porridge: Take 30 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of yam, and 15 grams of barley kernels, and cook a total of porridge. The porridge will be seasoned with sugar when cooked and ready to take.

Spleen and dampness effect.

Suitable for babies with persistent diarrhea.

  Anorexia yam millet porridge: Take 80 grams of yam and cut into small pieces.

Millet 50 grams, boiled with yam after washing, add a small amount of sugar to take.

It has a tonic effect on the spleen and stomach.

Suitable for babies with thin yellow muscles and loss of appetite.

  White radish porridge: Take one white radish, slice, 50 grams of rice, and wash.

Cook the white radish for 20 minutes and cook with rice.

After making porridge, add the right amount of brown sugar and take.

It has the effect of strengthening stomach and regulating qi.

Suitable for babies with indigestion and bloating.

  Inflatable grapefruit chicken: a small rooster, washed and chopped after slaughter.

One green grapefruit, cut open the top, and scoop.

Stuff the chicken pieces in grapefruit, add some wine and salt, cover the top cover, put water in the bowl and steam for about 3 hours, eat chicken and soup.

Have spleen anti-asthma effect.

It is suitable for babies with long asthma.

  Chuanbei honey melon: a watermelon, cover with Chetty, dig out some hoe.

Add 3 grams of Chuanbei powder, 50 grams of honey, 50 grams of rock sugar, cover, put in a large bowl and steam for about an hour across the water.

Eat the juice inside the melon.

Have clearing heat, reducing phlegm, and asthma.

Suitable for cough, thirst, constipation, thick sputum.

  Enuresis ginkgo kidney porridge: take pig kidney or sheep kidney pair, wash and shred, add wine and hydrochloride to reconcile, ginkgo 15 grams, rice 50 grams.Add it to the pot together and add water to make porridge.

It has kidney and astringent effect.

Suitable for babies over 3 years old with kidney deficiency, frailty.

  Stone Bushen Porridge: Take Cuscuta chinensis, Stone Calamus, 10 grams each of psoralen, fry for 20 minutes, remove residue and leave juice, add 50 grams of rice, take porridge.

It has the effect of nourishing kidney and resuscitating.

It is suitable for babies who have frequent enuresis and cannot easily wake up after falling asleep.

  Mumps daylily porridge: Take 50 grams of fresh daylily, add water and cook first, then add 50 grams of rice, season with salt, and boil into porridge.

Have clearing heat, swelling, diuretic effect.

Suitable for the initial stage of mumps.

  Banyin porridge: take 10 grams of isatis root, 12 grams of silver flower, boil for 20 minutes, remove hawthorn for juice, increase rice by 50 grams, and add proper sugar.

It has antipyretic and detoxifying effects.

For babies with mumps fever and obvious redness.

  Intestinal worm green plum juice: Take 30 grams of green plums, wash them and put them in a bowl, add 100 ml of rice wine, cover with a lid, and steam for 30 minutes.

Take 10 ml each morning for 7-10 days.

It has Shengjin to quench thirst and expelling pain and analgesic effect.

Suitable for tapeworm and hookworm.

  Vinegar and Ginger Juice: Take 100 grams of ginger, wash, shred, place in 250 ml of rice vinegar, seal in a jar and use after one week.

Take 10 ml daily for 3 days.

It has a driving effect.

Suitable for intestinal ascariasis.