Measure your style index is not high?

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Measure your style index is not high?

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Measure your style index is not high?

On weekends, you wear casual T-shirts, jeans, and rush to the place to meet your boyfriend.

On the way, you suddenly want to go to the bathroom.

Fortunately, there is a bathroom in the fast food restaurant on the roadside. You hurried into the women’s toilet, but it was full, and there were many people waiting in line!

It’s time to go on a date. You decide to try your luck at the men’s bathroom.

After entering, I found that there were just a few men in them who were all startled by you who broke in suddenly.

Faced with such a situation, what words would you say to get through the difficulties?

  A, “No!

Is this a men’s room?

B, “Hmm, I’m sorry, the ladies’ toilet is out of order . Can you borrow it?”

C, “Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m a man like you!”

D, “Ah, oh, me, a toilet cleaner!”

E, “Unfortunately, my puppy was lost while walking . didn’t it come here?”

“The person who chose A is a multifaceted Eve who only exudes infinite charm for the opposite sex!

  You can express your own charming language. Once you are in the sight of the opposite sex, you pay great attention to maintaining the designed image: set beautiful, charming, and intelligent.

However, when you are among the female friends who are familiar with each other, those deliberately created temperament, confusing elegance will disappear without a trace!

The emotions will utter some nonsense that will surprise the people present.

They don’t know which one is the real you. The instincts are aversion, stench, jealousy, and disgusting emotions. But the person who chooses B is super attractive to the opposite sex, and is a fashion girl with zero distance from charm!

  Although it was a lie, he still directly expressed his request. If it is a man, who can refuse it?

Your external temperament, costume is always like a bright light, attracting the sight of the opposite sex.

Charm and elegance are an integral part of you. As a matter of course, you have always maintained a considerable attraction for the opposite sex!

In social occasions, the well-integrated “beautiful and refined, elegant and intelligent, virtuous and generous” often impresses the opposite sex.

  The person who chose C is an “alternative” woman who knows the opposite sex but is not attracted!

  Your lies are bold enough!

In the eyes of the opposite sex, you are not attractive enough, and naturally you cannot talk about attraction.

In the workplace and daily interpersonal communication, you are more willing to put yourself in a neutral position.

Especially in the work, the colleagues of the opposite sex feel more that you are a savvy, magnificent, one-sided manager and dedicated work partner.

However, in the same sex, you have an extremely popular charm index, simple, kind, and indifferent personality that does not stick to small things, so that you have many friends.

  The person who chose D is an oriental woman with traditional connotation!

  Your beauty does not leave a stunning impression in the eyes of the opposite sex. It takes a few more contacts to slowly discover it.

In the process of dealing with the opposite sex, you are restrained, quiet, and even a little mundane, but if you have the opportunity to show your outstanding cooking talents, exquisite cutting skills . will surprise everyone around you.

In the eyes of the opposite sex, you have the typical charm of oriental women.

  The person who chooses E is the weak girl in the eyes of the opposite sex, the passionate woman behind the self-control mask!

  Your lies are indeed lovely, but unfortunately you have failed to express your thoughts.

In the face of the familiar opposite sex, you are willing to show your delicate and delicate part of temperament.

However, in the social activities of strangers, you will “sanely” keep your unique silence and deeply control your inner emotions. It is difficult for people to tell whether you are happy or helpless from your expression.

All Huacai may disappear in this control, because it is difficult for the opposite sex to stay by your side .