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Silkworm pupae with excellent medicine and food (picture)

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Silkworm pupae with excellent medicine and food (picture)

Silkworm pupae are pupae of the house moths of the family Mothidae.

Silkworm pupa has a long history of medicine.

The silkworm chrysanthemum is flat and sweet, and Tang Sisun’s “Preparing for a Thousand Gold Recipes” stated that it is “refining qi, strengthening the man’s yang road . to relieve sperm”; in Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded:Pediatrics are emaciated, with long muscles, antipyretic, and pinworm removal; decoction drink to quench thirst.

“The Compendium of Medical Forestry” states that it “cooperates with the spleen and stomach, dispels rheumatism, and yang.”

It shows that the silkworm pupae has the effects of expelling wind, strengthening the spleen, quenching thirst, calming the nerves, and replenishing yang.

  Silkworm pupae is also an excellent nutritional fitness food.

Biochemical analysis showed that silkworm pupae contained molting pine, cynosterol, acetol, various unsaturated fatty acids, phenolic compounds, folic acid, vitamin B2 and amino acids, and the crude protein content was as high as 50%.

Silkworm pupae has the characteristics of high protein and low feces, which can enhance the function of the human body and have anti-aging and nourishing effects.

  According to historical data, silkworm pupae have been cooking and feasting for more than 1,400 years.

In recent years, it has been used as a new food additive in the United States, Japan and other places.

In civilians, there are also many dietary treatments that use silkworm pupae as medicine. The selection is as follows: 20 jujube stewed silkworm pupae and red dates, and 100 grams of silkworm pupae.

Peel the red dates, wash the silkworm pupae, add them to the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, cover the stew pot, and replace with water and stew.
Season for 2 hours.

If you add rock sugar and stew, you can make a sweet soup.

It is suitable for weak spleen and qi, malnutrition, weight loss, dry mouth, etc .; or for pediatric fever or hot flashes of tuberculosis, night sweats, or upset of heart and heart, and insomnia.

People with cold and fever should not use this soup.

  Silkworm pupae fried chives 50 grams, chives 200 grams, appropriate amount of condiments.

First fry the silkworm pupae slightly, then add the leek section, add ground ginger, refined salt, MSG and stir-fry evenly before serving.

Suitable for hyperlipidemia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, impotence and nocturnal emission, constipation, etc.

  Double silkworm drinking silkworm pupae 15?
30 grams, 5 cocoons, add decoction to take juice.

It can eliminate annoyance and thirst, and is suitable for pediatric fever and thirst, as well as heat in the heart meridian, upset of heart, night crying and so on.

  150 grams of walnut stew with silkworm pupa, walnut kernel, 80 grams of silkworm pupa, 5 grams of cinnamon.

First wash the cinnamon and grind it into a fine powder.

Wash the silkworm pupae a little, stir-fry them, add them to the large bowl with walnut kernels, add an appropriate amount of water, mix in the ground cinnamon, stir well, and simmer in water.

1 dose daily.

It is suitable for those with weak blood and knees with weak blood, frequent nocturia, impotence, nocturnal emission, early whitening and tuberculosis.

  Twenty silkworm pupae and black pupa soup are fried with 5 grams of black pomegranate, and the sugar can be eaten by adjusting the sugar to drink soup, which has a good effect in treating enuresis in children.

  Silkworm pupae wine Silkworm pupae 100 grams, rice wine 500 grams.

The silkworm pupae are washed and dried, put into rice wine, and can be replaced after soaking for 1 month.

15 ml once daily.

You and the spleen and stomach, in addition to fatigue, liver and kidney power, suitable for impotence nocturnal emission, weak spleen and stomach.

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You must bear more hardships at the beginning of the year, and you must bring an umbrella at noon.

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You must bear more hardships at the beginning of the year, and you must bring an umbrella at noon.

You must bear more hardships at the beginning of the year and go out at noon. You should bring an umbrella. As the saying goes: summer training three volts, winter training three nine.

Three-volt days are the seasons with the highest temperature and the highest humidity in a year, and they are divided into first, middle, and last.

Just entering the initial stage today, some people cannot adapt to the heat and humidity of the weather, which causes heatstroke and humidity. Therefore, pay special attention to your diet.

Emotional irritability The bitter gourd in the summer brings us more physical discomfort, and it also easily causes more and more people to be in a bad mood, appear irritable, irritable, and insomnia.

Bitter melon, bitter vegetables and other fruits and vegetables that clear the fire in summer are the first choice. The bitter foods are clear of heat, but also relieve heat and relieve heat, relieve fatigue, strengthen the spleen and appetite, increase appetite, and prevent heat stroke.

For ladies who love beauty, bitter foods can also lose weight.

After replenishing the water, you must have a strong physique. The weather is very hot and the sweat is split. In addition to replenishing the water in time, you should also eat some light food to enhance your physique.

Such as yam, jujube, sea cucumber, eggs, milk, honey, lotus root, fungus, soybean milk, lily porridge, chrysanthemum porridge and so on.

In addition, the temperature is higher, the body’s metabolism is increasing, and energy consumption is large, so the supply of protein must be increased as appropriate.

The protein is divided into vegetable protein and animal protein. The former can be obtained from soy products. In addition to dairy products, animal proteins also have a variety of meats, such as chicken, duck, lean pork, pigeon meat, etc.Meat products.

When eating duck, it is best to stew. You can also add lotus root, winter melon and other vegetables to make soup, so that the combination of meat and vegetables brings complementary nutritional effects.

When you feel the loss of appetite, it does not prevent you from eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and it can even effectively supplement the body’s necessary energy and moisture, and the refreshing characteristics and mouthfeel will make people eat for a long time.

Carrots, lemons, and amaranth are the first choices. Seasonal wild vegetables and fruits are more beneficial.

Experts reminded to go out at noon with umbrellas. In the three volt days, people should arrange working hours reasonably and at the same time do a good job of preventing heat and cooling. Such frequent bathing, maintaining indoor ventilation, and making good use of mild summer food.

At noon when the sun is the strongest or the temperature is the highest, you should pay attention to rest. It is best to bring a parasol when you go out. Daily life and routine should be regular, avoid staying up late, quit smoking and drinking.

Carry the heatstroke prevention drug Rendan, ten drops of water, Huoxiangzhengqi water, and refreshing oil to prevent heat stroke to a certain extent. It is not necessary to carry it when working in summer.

In diet conditioning, everyone should pay attention to less greasy, more light, drink more refreshing drinks, light flour, mung bean soup and so on.

In addition, hot and hot, cold drinks have become the favorite of modern people, but carbonated drinks are not good for the human body, a lot of sugar is also easy to make people obese.

Cold drinks can also easily stimulate the digestive tract and make people lose their appetite.

Therefore, if you want to quench your thirst, you should eat more fruits, such as pineapple and watermelon.

But frozen watermelon can not eat more, prone to abdominal distension, diarrhea, decreased appetite and other symptoms.


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Women sweat most in these areas

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Women sweat most in these areas

People are going to sweat. Sweating is a type of detox. There are two ways to detox: one is to urinate and the other is to sweat.

Sweating is the most effective detox method. Only summer can sweat naturally throughout the year, which will help the body’s metabolism, and help the meridian balance and the health of the immune system.

If you do n’t sweat for a long time, your skin will not breathe for a long time, and in the end it will cause a lot of disorders of the human metabolic system, and the detoxification function of this skin will become kidney and liver.

But not all parts of sweating are good. Now it is most dangerous for you to take a look at some parts of a woman?

  There is a distinction between “moving sweat” and “static sweat” in Chinese medicine.

Sweating due to weather conditions is still sweating, which is equivalent to passive sweating.

Excessive abnormal sweating needs attention, some spontaneous sweating, night sweats, etc.

Some people are not hot, sweating from the front and back when not exercising, and easily fatigued, colds, flustered, especially afraid of wind and cold. This is called spontaneous sweating, which is a manifestation of Qi deficiency.

Sweating as soon as I fall asleep at night, called night sweats, is a manifestation of yin deficiency.

Different sweating areas can reflect a person’s physical condition.


Sweating forehead-diagnosis of hyperactivity of liver yang: If the forehead often sweats a lot, Chinese medicine thinks it may be caused by hyperactivity of liver yang.

  Suggestion: Usually try to keep your mood peaceful and less angry, and ensure a long sleep, otherwise it will easily lead to yin deficiency and hyperactivity of liver and yang.

Brewing Chinese wolfberry tea every day has the effect of calming the liver.


Nose Sweating-Lung Insufficiency Diagnosis: If the nose always sweats, it means that the lungs are insufficient and need conditioning.

Western medicine believes that this is a manifestation of low immunity, and it is necessary to improve immunity.

  Recommendation: Lung deficiency is mainly caused by its weak constitution.

Beat your legs with your hands every day, and hold your left and right sides, because this is the part where the human lung meridian is distributed. By stimulating the tap, you can adjust the effect of regulating the lung meridian.


Diagnosis of sweat-endocrine disorders: Sweat glands are scarcely distributed, so few people sweat when they are involved.

If your neck often sweats, it may be related to internal secretion disorders throughout your body.

  Recommendation: It is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive hormone test.

The usual endocrine regulation is mainly from diet and exercise, supplemented by medication when necessary; to develop good eating habits, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, high protein foods, drink plenty of water, and supplement the body’s required water; at the same time, moreParticipate in various sports and exercises to strengthen your physique; you must have a scientific lifestyle. Don’t stay up late so as not to disrupt the normal physiological laws, cause imbalance in hormone secretion or even insufficient, and cause other diseases; also pay attention to rest and adequate sleep,Avoid overwork and excitement, keep the spirit happy, so as to avoid bad emotions affecting the endocrine system; prevent infection; do not buy plastic daily necessities, and avoid the harm of environmental hormones.


Sweating under the arm-Excessive sweat glands or overdiagnosis: Because a large number of sweat glands are distributed under the arm, it is easier to sweat.

If the sweat secretion is too strong and the smell is very strong, it may indicate that the daily diet is too heavy and eat too many onions, garlic, onions and other foods.

  Recommendation: If the sweat glands are diagnosed as excessive, you can go to the hospital for an effective laser treatment instead.

In addition, eat a light diet and eat more fruits and vegetables.


Sweating in the chest-Spleen and stomach loss and diagnosis: If the chest often sweats, Chinese medicine believes that this is a manifestation of spleen and stomach loss, indicating that blood circulation in the body is very slow and oxygen transport is not smooth.

  Suggestion: Don’t worry too much, eat less greasy, cold food, usually drink astragalus and jujube soaked in water, can alleviate symptoms.


Sweating palms and feet-Blood deficiency diagnosis: If the emotions are tense, agitated or scared, the palms or feet will sweat easily. TCM believes that this is a symptom of spleen loss of life, spleen and stomach, and blood deficiency.

  Recommendation: Press and rub the abdomen every day after meals, first rub 30 times clockwise and then 30 times counterclockwise.

In addition, you should control your appetite and avoid cold foods.

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Physiological Yoga

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Physiological Yoga

The yoga teacher divides a woman’s physiological cycle into four parts. Do different actions at different times to help you improve your physical condition. You only need to do four or five actions per cycle to make you feel obvious changes.

  One Tuesday before the physiological period: Condition the ovarian hormones and recharge the body.

  During this time, women’s estrogen secretion is weakened, and their emotions are particularly irritable. The action of fractures should be mainly used to clear the breath of the skin, promote the pelvic blood circulation, and change the bad emotional period.

You can add some exercises to the abdomen to prevent the waist and abdomen from hoarding a large number of uncles.

  Tip: Do n’t turn your “temper” into appetite arbitrarily during this time, eat a lot of high-calorie foods, these accumulations greatly increase the risk of unfortunate hoarding.

  One Tuesday during the physiological period: Soothes the breath of the chest and shoulders and relaxes the lumbosacral region.

  During this period, women’s constitution is the weakest. It is not recommended to do some actions to stimulate the reproductive system. The upper body is mainly stretched.

First learn to adjust your breath to let your physiology enter a quiet and relaxed state; then open your shoulders, rotate the shoulder joint clockwise and counterclockwise, comb your body’s left and right veins, and stretch forward to expand your chest.

  The first Wednesday after the menstrual period: Unblocking the bones and muscles, strengthening the body and reducing fat.

  During this period, women’s estrogen secretion is the strongest, physical fitness gradually returns to the best state, and metabolism is fast. It is the first golden week of fitness and weight loss, so seize the opportunity, don’t be lazy, just control diet and do targetedExercise can have weight loss.

  Tip: Have you walk fast every day?
20 minutes, do a full exercise after returning home.

Avoid large intake of high feces and high conversion food.

Every day, we need to strengthen local strength training to achieve the purpose of shaping.

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Tips for Healthy Holidays

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Tips for Healthy Holidays

Health Holiday Tips.

hzh{display:none;}  留点时间给自己,虽然节日常常是陪伴家人与朋友的时候,但你自己也需要些时间来放松一下。  Do n’t set up unrealistic sports. Many people choose to go on vacation during the holidays, but you do n’t need to force yourself to exercise for 1 hour a day. Is n’t it easier to complete 20 minutes?

  Find a friend or family member to accompany you to exercise and run and talk, the effect is better.

  Create new, more vibrant programs. Don’t be either a holiday party or a dinner at home. It’s also good to go out.

  Don’t try to lose weight or diet this holiday season, and have food every day. Don’t try too hard.

  Drink plenty of water.

  It doesn’t have to be perfect, and the holiday season doesn’t have to be perfect. Relaxing can reduce disappointment.

  Laughing can burn adults, reduce stress, and show that you enjoy it. Why not?

  Stress and Aunt For most of us, stress is part of life.

Unfortunately, research has found that stress is also a factor that triggers abnormal growth.

You may find that you may have a healthy diet and strong arms, but under long-term stress, it is difficult for you to lose weight; even worse, stress can also increase weight.

Because stress produces hormones like epinephrine, cortisol, and eventually a slight increase.

  Here are a few suggestions to help you cope with stress and allow you to control your weight and stay healthy at the same time.


Stay away from coffee: Stress meets caffeine, which will increase leather alcohol; 2.

Eat slower: People under pressure eat faster, but this will only cause more fat and big belly; 3.

Stop strict dieting: Ironically, strict dieting will only produce more leather alcohol; 4.

Regain your interest: don’t sip cola as soon as you feel the pressure, listen to music, chat with friends, or even make a new hairstyle; 5.

Exercise: Even if you just take a walk after dinner; 6.

Sleep; 7.

What is good cholesterol for breakfast? “Good cholesterol”, that is, high-density lipoprotein plasma (HDL-C), the biggest function is to transport cholesterol in the blood to insulin metabolism.

Good plasma is like a broom and a brush, which can eliminate excess gangrene transplantation and liver metabolism.

Not only has the function of protecting cardiovascular, but also the ability of anti-oxidation is very helpful to prevent arteriosclerosis.

According to research, every 1 milliliter / deciliter of good cholesterol reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 1%.

  But looking at the level of plasma hypertension, we can not clearly determine the risk of cardiovascular disease.

To be a bit better, there are two indicators for general healthy people: 1.

Good plasma is above 45 mg / dL, which is good for cardiovascular.


The number of total cholesterol divided by the value of good cholesterol is preferably 3.

5 or less, more than 4.

5 belong to moderate dyslipidemia, start to control the diet; if it is as high as 5.

5 or more, get medical attention.

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Super full on sun protection Q & A_1

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Super full on sun protection Q & A

Why is my skin sunscreen or dark?
What is the right sunscreen?
How to choose the right sunscreen?
Many beauty-loving people always have a “love-hate” relationship with the sun. Some people like the sexy complexion brought by sunbathing, while others try their best to avoid the “gift” of the sun on the skin.
But no matter what, it is a season that needs sun protection. People who love their skin always want to know more sun protection methods. Xiaobian collected netizens’ Q & A for sun protection for everyone.
  Netizens’ Q & A Q: Do I need to apply sunscreen after applying a cream?
  A: Not necessarily.
This must first understand the difference between the two.
The definition of a barrier cream is relatively broad. Only makeup base products that modify the skin tone, smooth skin, and cover pores can also be classified as a barrier cream. The most important use of sunscreen is to isolate ultraviolet rays, which are called UVA and UVA.UVB (Not only these two types of ultraviolet rays, but others do not cause much damage to the skin).
However, in order to improve product effectiveness and simplify skin care procedures, manufacturers now sometimes introduce products with two functions.
  Q: The thicker the sunscreen product, the better the sunscreen effect?
  A: Not necessarily.
Although sunscreen products do need to be applied in a sufficient amount to fully achieve the sun protection effect on the label, if they are applied too thickly, the skin will not be breathable and acne and acne problems may occur.
The most moderate amount to apply sunscreen products is to reach 0 on the surface of the skin.
The thickness of 1MM, especially for outdoor activities and long-term exposure to the sun, in addition to the amount should be sufficient, remember to reapply every 40-80 minutes, so as not to reduce the sun protection effect.
  Q: Can sun and face products be used interchangeably?
  A: No.
Because the skin on the face is not the same as the skin on the body, in general, the sunscreen that can be used on the face can also be used on the body, but the converse is not recommended.
The ingredients of body sunscreen products are not as delicate as those for facial products. Applying it on the face can easily cause sensitivity and irritation of the facial skin, so it should be avoided.
  Q: Eyes and lips do not need sun protection?
  A: Wrong.
The skin on the eyes and lips is more delicate than the skin on the face and is more vulnerable to UV rays. Therefore, these two parts should be more protected.
Eye sunscreen products, it is best to choose moisturizing texture without greasy, easily absorbed by the skin, and can provide eye skin soothing, moisturizing and repairing products.
  Q: The larger the SPF / PA value, the better?
  A: Not necessarily.
Although the higher the sun protection factor, the higher the protection of the skin, but you still have to choose the sun protection factor according to your environment and activities.
Choose a sunscreen with a proper coefficient to keep the skin fresh and free of burden so that it can be completely absorbed by the skin.
For daily protection and maintenance, you only need to choose around SPF15, which can already block 93% of UVB, while SPF30 products can block 97% of UVB, the difference is not too big.
However, if the sun protection factor is too high, it will cause a burden on the skin. Instead of emphasizing the coefficient, it is better to apply sunscreen regularly, and the effect is more guaranteed.
  Q: Sunscreen products that have not been used up this year will continue to be used next year?
  A: Never.
It is best to use the sunscreen within 3 months to half a year from the date of opening, because each time you open and close, the external air and humidity will affect the quality change, so it is recommended to use it as quickly as possible.
In addition, the ingredients in sunscreen products originally absorb ultraviolet rays. After being left for one year, the sunscreen ingredients in them have almost absorbed, and they can no longer absorb ultraviolet rays.
  Q: Sunscreen products are not makeup, don’t you need special makeup?
  A: Wrong.
Sunscreen is the same as adding a protective layer to the surface of the skin, which is the same as the foundation’s covering principle. Of course, it needs to be removed.
And many sunscreen products are waterproof and oil-proof, and often cannot be thoroughly cleaned with a general cleanser, so after applying sunscreen, remember to help your skin remove makeup.
  Q: How do I know if sunscreen products are waterproof and sweat-proof?  A: If the product has the WATER-RESIS 鄄 TANT mark on it, it means that the product can face the sunscreen effect in water for about 40 minutes; if it has the VERYWATER-RESISTANT mark on it, it means that the product can last for 80 minutes in waterLeft and right protection.

In addition, you can also use a cup of clear water for testing. The sunscreen is dripped into the clear water. The less easily it blends with water, the more water-resistant and sweat-proof it is.

  Q: Asians are less prone to getting spots?

  A: Wrong.

Because of Asia ‘s topography and climate, UVA ‘s damage to the skin is much greater than in other regions. In addition, Asians ‘skin texture is a dominant constitution of congenital melanin production, and the amount of melanocytes can also be generated.People in other areas are fast, and the metabolism of melanin in the epidermis is relatively slow. It is easy to cause uneven distribution of melanin, pigments precipitate, and spots are formed.

  Q: Can sun protection also fight aging?

  A: It should be said that sun protection alone cannot completely prevent aging, but anti-aging must be done with sun protection.

An investigation report pointed out that the ultraviolet rays exposed to the sun before the age of 18 accounted for 80% of a person’s life. Applying sunscreen SPF15 or more to 18-year-old infants every day until the age of 18 can reduce the risk of skin cancer by 78%.

Experts suggest that lightly mature men and women who have passed the age of 25 must even reflect sun protection in their daily homework. It can be seen that sun protection is important for the appearance of beauty, and more importantly to maintain skin health.

Only by maintaining the normal immune mechanism of the cells, can the skin’s self-defense be restored, and the chance of skin aging can be fundamentally reduced.

  Q: Is there a light-sensitive substance in a certain food?

  A: Many foods have this phenomenon, and some medicines have similar conditions, such as gray enzymes.

There are mainly more wild vegetables in the plant, as well as chemical materials such as animal food and chlorine and hydrogen, which will also produce this reaction after exposure to sunlight.

  Q: Is it better to go out to bask in the spring and summer?

  Answer: Exposure to the sun can also cause some trouble, because after the transition of the sun is excessive, the skin is damaged by sunlight.

Sometimes when we swim in free radicals, the skin will appear red and swollen in the exposed area. Even at night, there will be blisters and dry mouth and uncomfortable feeling. This is called sunburn, and it is medically called solar dermatitis.

This situation is a photometric reaction. Almost all people experience this kind of reaction after a winter, when they are suddenly exposed to strong sunlight in summer.

  Q: What new problems will occur after sun exposure?

  A: Redness and swelling of the skin caused by sun exposure, followed by bleeding and pigmentation. This is a normal physiological process and a self-protection ability of the body against sunlight.

For example, after sieving this time, the skin pigmentation will be reduced, and the next time it will be resistant to sunlight, it is also a sign of health.

There is another situation that requires special attention. We call it plant solar dermatitis, which is to eat certain plant foods. It just means that many people like to eat some wild vegetables in the summer in the north. After eating, there are some light-sensitive components that are absorbed through high temperature channels.It is distributed into the skin. If you eat this food at the right time, it is called mustard dumplings and the like. After the change, it will be exposed to the sun, but it is only said that there is a small amount of easy sunlight reaction on the forearm of the face.Red, swollen, blisters and even necrosis, leaving scars after healing.

  Question: Isn’t the person often exposed to the sun, the skin will have a self-resistance?

  Answer: Sunburn is a protective effect, but long-term long-term sun exposure, or eating long-term armed outdoor activities, there is a lot of sunlight, this situation will produce a type of chronic sun damage.

  Q: What kind of performance does chronic sunlight damage show?

  A: Light aging will actually increase skin wrinkles, gully vertical and horizontal type performance, very old.

The person in this picture is a very obvious manifestation of skin aging. Maybe this person is actually not so old, because he is exposed to more sunlight. Of course, the aging of the skin is physiological and has to be wasted, exogenous.The main cause of skin aging is sunlight, so sunlight can be avoided through protection. Avoiding the sun can delay the skin aging process.

  Question: Is there a big difference between the eastern and western aesthetics of skin color?

  A: Yes.

We Chinese people like fairer skin, Europeans and Americans like wheat-colored skin. There are two ways to appreciate it, so Asians like to take a measure of covering.

Let me show you a photo. This photo shows that our Asian gay men are still holding umbrellas. In several European and American countries, lesbians also wear very few clothes in the sun, and enjoy the sunHowever, this can cause a problem of photoaging.

  Q: What does UVA and UVB mean?

  A: Ultraviolet light is a kind of wavelength light, we artificially separated him into several segments.

The shortest wavelength of ultraviolet rays is called UVC. This ultraviolet rays are fully absorbed by the atmosphere when sunlight passes through the earth’s surface, and will not hit the earth’s surface and cause no harm to people.

The other is medium-wave ultraviolet, which is UVB.

It ‘s very toxic in sunny places, so it ‘s easy to cause sunburn. The other is called long-wave ultraviolet, called UVA, which has a longer wavelength and stronger penetrating power.Even thin clouds can penetrate and even be reflected and refracted by light, which can cause skin damage, but the toxicity is relatively weak.

Among the ultraviolet rays we receive, there is more UVA and less UVB, but UVB is more toxic to the human body.

  Q: Is sun protection the UV protection?

  A: Sunscreens are mainly UV-resistant, especially UV-B. In fact, polymorphous solar rash is also caused by UVB, but sunscreens have better UVB-proofing effects, and UVA-proofing effects are worse.Black, aging will play more of a role.

Sunscreen cannot completely block the darkening and aging of the skin.

  Question: On cloudy and rainy days, if there is no sun, is there no UV?  A: At this time, the ultraviolet rays are very weak, but if it is only a thin cloud layer, UVA long-wave ultraviolet rays can penetrate, and many sunscreens are basically anti-UV rays.

  Q: Why is a thin layer of sunscreen resistant to blocking UV rays?

  A: There are two main types of sunscreens: a large number are physical covering materials, sometimes called titanium dioxide; another type is zinc oxide, which is a small particle that is mixed into a cream and applied to the skin to become whiteA piece of it can form a protective film, reflecting the ultraviolet light.

If the SPF value just mentioned is very high, it will require a lot of covering material, and it will be greasy to apply.

The other ingredient is a chemical sunscreen that can absorb or heal skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. A general sunscreen is a mixture of two ingredients.

  Q: Today’s sunscreen products are outstanding and refreshing, so what’s the difference between a refreshing sunscreen and a greasy sunscreen?

  A: If it is particularly refreshing, the sunscreen effect is definitely not as good as a greasy sunscreen.

Because physical shielding plays an important role in the effect of sunscreen, the sun protection index must be relatively oily. If it is refreshing, unless there are many chemical additives, even this is not as good as the oily effect.

  Q: Some sunscreens have a lot of plus signs behind PA. What does this mean?

  A: PA ++ refers to the strength of a protective effect against UVA. The more plus signs, the better the protection.

  Q: What do the most common SPF values mean?

  A: The SPF value is a professional term called an abbreviation for sun protection index, which refers to a certain sunscreen, which can increase the skin’s protective ability against sunlight several times. As mentioned earlier, the sun will cause skin rednessIf you apply this thing, the time of redness and swelling will be a little longer. The two comparisons will give a value.

  Q: Is the SPF value higher, and the longer the sun protection, the better the effect?

  A: It may be better if it is large, but it is not a multiple. For example, it is SPF55. It can actually block more than 90% of the sunlight, and it can be increased to 30%.Since you add things, the more chemical things, the more physical things, the feeling is not good, so there is no need to blindly choose a sunscreen with a high SPF value.

  Q: Generally speaking, how much SPF value is enough?

  A: 10-15 is enough. Q: How to choose sunscreen correctly?

  Answer: 1. For people with normal skin, the SPF value is 8-12.

2. For people who are sensitive to light, the SPF value is 12-20.

3, office workers, SPF value is below 15.

4, outdoor swimming beach, SPF value of 30 or more.

  Special Note: Be careful when choosing sunscreen for sensitive skin!

  Q: How to deal with friends who have been sunburned?

  A: If it is a little bit red, you can use some ice water at home, put the normal saline in the refrigerator, and apply the ice water directly, so it can be cooler.

If you go to the hospital, we will use some dry cleaning agents in the hospital, such as menthol and a cool coat.

  Q: Is sunscreen harmful to children’s skin?

  A: Children’s skin development is not complete, it belongs to allergic skin.

For example, when you have eczema, don’t use these sunscreen products.

If you must use it, you can experiment before using it to see if you have an allergic reaction. If you are allergic, do not use it.

  Q: How to protect our eyes in summer?

  A: The best way to protect your eyes is to wear colored glasses.

The colored glasses have the function of blocking ultraviolet rays, mainly not in the color itself, but in the material of the lens.

Glass lenses and resin lenses can block more than 90% of the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when wearing glasses, the anti-ultraviolet function lives on the glass lenses, not on the color depth.

  Q: Should hair be protected from sun?

  A: The hair should also be sunscreen, because the hair is also part of the skin, so the sun can still cause his injury, the skin is dry, dry, broken, especially the color of the hair, it is easy to fade.

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Job hunting Don’t forget the psychological charge_1

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Don’t forget the “psychological” charging

The competition is fierce, and a psychological counseling teacher at a university revealed that there are more than a hundred graduate students who come to consult each semester.
There are several main aspects of the psychological confusion they encounter in the employment process: First, they are insufficiently prepared for entering the society.
A journalism student said that when he was in a media internship, he felt very uncomfortable. He was afraid of facing instructors, reporting topics, going out to interview various people, and writing hard.The manuscripts were “gunned” . soon to graduate, he still felt that he was only adapting to campus life.
  Second, it is difficult to control themselves in the face of competition pressures, such as insomnia, nervousness, irritability, and depression.
Some students are very anxious because they can’t find the ideal job for a while.
Seeing that all the other students have signed one by one, they have not yet landed, and they are more and more anxious, they ca n’t eat well, and they ca n’t sleep at night.
  The third is loss of self-confidence when frustrated.
Such phenomena are more common.
A lot of personal materials are printed, and every job fair will go. If you see a little bit of a post, you will send your resume, but it is often sinking into the sea.
A graduate said downcast, “I don’t know what to do in the future, I don’t know what I can do, and sometimes I don’t have any confidence in myself.
“Wu Weiyu’s early positioning, work, postgraduate study, and studying abroad are three choices that many college graduates face.
What choices you make, you must plan ahead, or you will be in a hurry.
Xiao Chen, who graduated from a college last year, bumped into a wall at several job fairs and felt that he would continue to study and prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination.
Hastily reviewed for a while, but ultimately failed to pass.
Watching some students prepare to study abroad, he was tempted again, but he did not take some exams necessary for studying abroad.
Instead, he wanted to find a job, but found that many job opportunities had been lost at this time.
  The person in charge of student management at Shenzhen University believes that since the junior year, students should begin to plan their career development direction, and at the same time carry out the necessary “psychological charging” to participate in the employment competition with a good attitude.
Through the psychological teacher’s one-by-one analysis and psychological counseling, I am more clear about my ideals and pursuits, and at the same time have a more accurate positioning of my career.
  The mentality needs timely counselling. What are some ways to recharge?
An important content of professional psychological counseling is professional psychological positioning.
At present, many college psychological counseling centers have designed interest, personality, and vocational ability tendencies and other test forms, in order to provide students with professional psychological positioning services.
Passing this type of test allows students to understand the career that suits them so that they can fill in the gaps in their studies.
The biggest benefit of “psychological charging” is that college students can understand themselves as early as possible and can calmly cope when looking for a job.
  Experts point out that “psychological charging” should also include adjustments to the job hunting mentality and teaching of job selection skills.
This requires the college’s psychological counseling department to cooperate with the school’s employment guidance center to set up employment counselling courses, and invite relevant parties in the enterprise to hold lectures to help students solve their doubts.
“Psychological recharging” should be different from person to person, and different types of students should be classified and counseled.
Such as liberal arts students and science students, popular and unpopular students, undergraduates and graduate students, their employment expectations, employment directions, and employment problems may all have large differences and should be targeted.

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Sports injuries cannot be plastered immediately

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Sports injuries cannot be plastered immediately

Most of the acute sprains and strains are accompanied by painful pain. If the pain is unbearable, you can use topical analgesics instead of futalin latex instead of patience.

Sun Zhongshi said that in order to relieve pain, many of us prefer to take painkillers.

In fact, in terms of efficacy, topical analgesics are comparable to oral analgesics.

Topical analgesics work directly on the area, and when applied directly to the painful area, they can penetrate quickly through the skin and quickly and effectively relieve pain.

At the same time, the stimulation of nitric acid is avoided, and the safety is also convenient.

  Internationally, topical analgesics have been used at a high rate, with 70% being replaced in Korea, 60% in the UK and Japan, and 50% in the United States. The rate of painkillers used abroad is less than ideal, at less than 10%.
Relatively speaking, the proportion of Chinese medicine plasters we use is very high.

He believes that although there are many types of traditional Chinese medicine plasters, most of them do not exceed the function of anti-inflammatory.

Sprains and strains on weekdays cannot even be plastered immediately. The plaster has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis, and may accelerate swelling.

According to Sun Zhong, if the sprain is locally swollen, the skin is bruised or the pain cannot be relieved, you should go to the hospital immediately.

  In general, sports injuries are often associated with insufficient warm-up exercise.

In the early spring season, everyone just returned to outdoor sports. At that time, the body was not fully squeezed, and the strength was not enough. The joints were generally inflexible, the body was poorly coordinated, and prone to strain and sprain. Sometimes it may be due to sportsExcessive movements during the procedure, injury to foot replacement, implantation or waist.

Therefore, sports experts recommend that to avoid sports injuries, we must be prepared for activities, and do some auxiliary warm-up activities for the parts that are easy to be injured, such as playing basketball and playing targeted joints before playing football., Press the legs.

  It is also necessary to strengthen self-protection during sports, choose the appropriate sports field, wear good sports equipment and understand some self-protection actions during sports.

For example, when the body is out of balance, you should immediately take a big step forward or backward, step on and fall down, and when you are about to fall, immediately lower your head, bend your elbows, and body to step on the ground and do the rolling movements along the way.Straight arm support to avoid fracture.

In addition, it is important to maintain a good attitude and not to be too greedy each time.

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Rheumatoid diet

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Rheumatoid diet

It has been thought that rheumatoid surgery is only suitable for advanced malformations.

Currently only 1?
Two joints were severely damaged, and those who failed salicylate treatment could try early synovectomy.

In the later stage of quiescence, osteotomy can be performed for cases with obvious deformities of the joint. Arthroplasty and artificial joint replacement can be used for joint ankylosis or destruction.

Weight-bearing joints can be used for joint fusion.

  In general, early rheumatoid arthritis is treated with aggressive comprehensive treatment, and recovery is mostly better.

Acute onset of complications, men are better than women, only a few joints with mild systemic symptoms, or those with asymmetric distribution of joints, often short duration, about 10%?
20% of patients have a disability due to delay in treatment.

The disease does not directly cause death, but severe advanced cases can die from secondary infections.

  Those foods can bring rheumatoid arthritis to the same source of healing medicine, so there have been methods of using food infectious diseases since ancient times, referred to as “food therapy”.

Food therapy is convenient and can be taken for a long time without replacement (of course, symptomatic food selection is required), which is especially suitable for chronic deformation.

For patients with rheumatoid arthritis, dietary therapy plays an important role as an adjuvant therapy for drug therapy.

The following briefly introduces the effects of different foods on the different symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis: ① Bitter melon, bitter vegetables, purslane, loofah and other foods have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and can reduce local fever and pain.

  ② Coix kernel, tofu, celery, yam, lentils and other foods have the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and can be used to relieve the symptoms of swelling.

  ③ Snakes, insects, and other foods that can promote blood circulation, relieve collaterals, and relieve pain can be used as a dish or as a substitute for alcohol. It can replace the local symptoms of redness, swelling, and pain, and can avoid channeling to other joints.Expected food.

  ④ The rooster just opened, with 150 grams of ginger (cut into slices), stewed in a pot, without oil and salt, you can put a small amount of white wine, eat it in 1 second.

Take it once every other week.

The rooster has the effect of tonifying the kidney, warming the stomach and removing cold, and can relieve local pain and weakness of joint muscles.

  ⑤ Boy sturgeon 0.

5 dry grams, dry in the shade, soak in 1 piece of white wine and replace it after 1 month.

Drink 50 ml twice a day.

Tongzi catfish is warm and good at channeling, has functions such as relieving muscles and rejuvenating, removing wind and dehumidification, can alleviate local redness, swelling and pain, prevent channeling to other joints, and is effective in displacing shoulder and elbow joint movement disorders.

  ⑥ A variety of vegetables and fruits can meet the human body’s needs for vitamins, trace elements and cellulose, and at the same time have the function of improving metabolism, which can be transformed into clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and analgesia, thereby reducing local swelling and hot pain symptoms.

  Foods such as shiitake mushrooms and black fungus have the effect of improving the body’s immunity, and can alleviate local redness, swelling and pain.

  ⑧ 200 grams of lean pork, 150 grams of chili root, a total of soup, seasoning, take twice daily.

Can alleviate the symptoms of high blood pressure pain.

  In general, many foods can relieve the symptoms of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, but we must be symptomatic when we replace foods, otherwise it will affect the effect.

The symptom here is mainly based on the classification of rheumatoid arthritis in Chinese medicine according to traditional Chinese medicine, and it is divided into four types of wind, cold, wet, and heat.

Select different foods according to different types.

In general, ginger, spring onions, etc. should be used for Fengbi; foods such as pepper, dried ginger, etc. should be used for Hanbi; coix seed, yam, etc. should be used for Wetbi; winter melon, loofah, and mung bean sprouts should be used for Hotbi.

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Yoga Cooling and Suction Method to Relax Your Whole Body

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Yoga Cooling and Suction Method to Relax Your Whole Body

Yoga practice attaches great importance to the practice of breathing. At present, the commonly used yoga breathing exercises are divided into three types of chest breathing, abdominal breathing, and complete breathing. Through the development of yoga for thousands of years, yoga instructors have countless correctly practiced yoga from friends.In this way, your breath is changed and your life is changed.

Today, Tianyue Yoga recommends a good breathing method for cooling and suction adjustment.

  The so-called cooling method: This is a method that can calm the whole body. The main feature is to slowly inhale through the mouth, and then exhale slowly through the two nostrils.

This gradually calms the whole body while relaxing the nervous system posture: meditate in a comfortable posture, put your hands on your knees, and your upper spine.


It is best to keep straight, eyes closed, and your body relaxed.

  Steps: The tongue is extended forward to touch the teeth, the lips are slightly opened, and there is a gap between the upper and lower teeth, and air can enter the mouth through the gap.

Inhale through your mouth and feel the air through your tongue.

Reset the inhaled air without exerting too much force.

Next, exhale slowly with both nostrils until you have exhaled all the inhaled air.

This is a complete process effect: this method leads to muscle relaxation, blood purification, and has a calming and relaxing effect on the entire human body and nervous system.

Quickly promote the smooth running of vitality throughout the body, and suppress depression and nervousness.

  Note: It is practiced after practicing yoga postures and other aspiration methods.

You can then enter meditation and feel from your mouth.


The spinal nerves and other parts are cold, so you become quiet and peaceful, and let this feeling pass through your whole body.

The meditation process should take less than 3 minutes. Note: When doing this breathing method, make sure that you do not have a cold. When the weather is very cold, you should not do this exercise before going to bed at night.

Patients with hypertension should not do suspending at the same time. It is limited to 10 rounds per exercise.

People with heart disease should not practice this method