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Summer yellow and red fruits and vegetables

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Summer yellow and red fruits and vegetables

In summer, the sun is hot.

Protected the skin that had turned white in the winter, and looked back to its original shape.

This makes the love of beauty endless.

In fact, in addition to applying sunscreen, many foods also contain “sunshine” ingredients, which does not prevent you from eating more in summer.

  The first recommendation is red and yellow fruits and vegetables.

Its color comes from lycopene, carotenoids and anthocyanins.

Tomatoes, carrots, papaya, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, etc. are all representative.

Types of fruits and vegetables can also supplement vitamin C.

This is the “permanent beauty of the skin”, with strong antioxidant capacity, can improve skin resistance.

  A study by the University of Manchester in the UK found that supplementing 16 mg of lycopene daily reduced the risk of sunburn by 40%, while carotenoids effectively blocked UV rays.

Researchers were given the crown of “best sunscreen food” and awarded tomatoes.

  Yang Shuxia, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of Peking University First Hospital, pointed out that eating more red and yellow fruits and vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables can also reduce and repair tissue damage after sun exposure.

Proper supplementation of some antioxidants, such as 1 g of vitamin C, 400 IU of vitamin E and 15 mg of beta-carotene, can also effectively repair sunburn.

  In addition, yellow red fruits and vegetables also have the effects of delaying aging and preventing cancer.

Take tomatoes, for example. In a University of Manchester study, skin was exposed to the sun, damaged by UV rays, and prematurely aged.

The toxic lycopene in tomatoes can effectively fight free radicals.

  Consistently, multiple studies have also demonstrated the anti-cancer effects of lycopene, carotenoids.

A survey of 1,899 middle-aged men by the University of Chicago School of Medicine in the United States for nearly 30 years shows that prostate disease is closely related to the concentration of lycopene in the body.

The lower the intake, the higher the risk of prostate disease.

The American Society for Cancer Research points out that lycopene can also reduce women’s risk of diabetes.

In addition, Deng Chunhua, deputy director of the Andrology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and director of urology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, also said that men should eat more tomatoes and supplement vitamin E to help prostate health.

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Simple 8 strokes to break the culprit

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Simple 8 strokes to break the culprit

1. Eat some food that requires you to work.

If you have to do some work when eating the same food, people often don’t eat too much.

For example, if you have peeled peanuts and unhulled peanuts, which one would you choose?

   2, lean fiber protein.

Protein helps speed up metabolism.

Make sure to take some lean fiber protein every meal. Optional foods include: chicken breast, canned tuna, shrimp, low-fat milk, tofu, lean meat, etc.

   3, juicy food.

Water-rich fruits and vegetables can easily make you full, try watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, grapefruit and cantaloupe.

   4, fiber.

Both soluble and unconventional fibers contribute to weight loss.

Unconventional fibers contain lower calories.

Foods that do not contain non-dietary fiber include high-fiber cereals, whole-grain bread, wheat bran, and fruits and vegetables; soluble fiber helps make the body more prone to fullness.

Foods that are clearly soluble in fiber include strawberries, apples, pears, cereals, and beans.

   5, sugar-free chewing gum.

Unlike what people think, sugar-free chewing gum does not irritate your appetite.

In fact, chewing sugar-free chewing gum can effectively prevent you from putting high-purity food into your mouth.

Therefore, people who lose weight should remember to put a packet of sugar-free chewing gum on hand.

   6, spicy food.

The experience and research of private clients have found that if the food is hot and spicy, you will eat less.

Moreover, you will automatically eat slowly and drink a lot of water.

Losing weight does not prevent you from trying to add some red peppers and hot seasonings to your food.

   7, hot drinks.

When you want to eat, you can take a small, hot, low-calorie drink, which can effectively prevent the replacement of excess calories, because it takes a lot of time to drink this hot drink.

Green tea with less than 100 calories, sugar-free hot cocoa, skim latte or cappuccino.

   8, divide the food into small portions.

If you have only a small serving of food in front of you, you will never have a chance to eat more.

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Washing your face is not good enough to seriously affect your face_1

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Washing your face is not good enough to seriously affect your face

The skin has a lot of self-regulating functions, but only cleansing cannot be performed by itself.

So if we think that the cleansing of the skin is just a trivial matter rather than a recognized one, then you are wrong.

  Incompletely cleaned skin is not only prone to keratinous hypertrophy and crack sores, etc., it will affect the absorption of skin care products and become dirt and remain on your skin.

Therefore, the first step in doing basic maintenance is often more effective.

  4 Common Misunderstandings in Washing Your Face ● Misunderstanding 1: Foam cleansing is cleaner and richer. Foam is light and comfortable. It not only soothes the skin and regulates fatigue, but also relaxes mood and improves mood. It is indeed a good cleansing choice.

However, foam cleansing products usually contain surfactants, and alkaline ingredients, and the cleaning ability is changed. It is suitable for oily skin, or special local cleansing for the “triangular area” of mixed skin.

For dry or normal skin, excessive use of foam cleansing products in dry weather will often make the skin drier and tighter, sometimes accompanied by mild itching and peeling.

  Some people think that the richer the foam, the better the effect when choosing a foam cleansing product, but it is not necessarily true.

Rough and loose foam is often the soap-based precipitation in the product, the nutritional content is reduced, and the cleansing and moisturizing effects are not very good. Therefore, the quality of skin care products cannot be judged by the amount of foam alone. The key is to look at the foam quality.

High-quality foam products should be delicate and textured, and the foam will not burst in a short time, so that it can nourish the skin and maintain moisture at the same time.

  ● Misunderstanding 2: Reuse makeup remover The main ingredients of makeup remover are oil and emulsifier.

After using something like foundation, removing makeup with a cleansing oil becomes easy and thorough.

Although the cleansing oil has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, the rest of the people will have acne, inflammation and other unsuitable manifestations. This is mainly related to the more complex oily components of the cleansing oil. The oily components of the cleansing oil usually have the following types:Synthetic esters and vegetable oils.

  Makeup remover must be used every time you remove makeup. It may seem like a clean and thorough habit, but it is not.

In order to reduce the expected irritation to the skin, makeup remover oil should only be used when the makeup is thicker.

If you must use it every day, then you must choose a cleansing oil that suits your skin to reward the delicate young skin, and then it is best to clean it again with a cleansing product.

  ● Misunderstanding 3: Toner can be used. Toner can be used in the traditional sense. The role of toner is secondary cleansing. The skin of freshly washed face is affected by the cleansing products in contact with the skin, which is generally alkaline. The role of toner is to restore the surface of the skin.PH value, and conditioning cuticles, prepare skin for better absorption of skin care products.

With the continuous progress of beauty technology, toner is no longer just a secondary product of secondary cleansing, but a skin care product that integrates multiple functions into one side.

A toner containing fruit acid and pure vitamin C to make skin fair and smooth without knowing it.

In addition, it should be noted that many of the toners are currently divided into different types according to the skin type. Products suitable for normal to oily skin usually contain ingredients such as anti-oil and shrink pores. This ingredient is used for sensitive and dry skin.Consultation on standardization should be clear.

  ● Misunderstanding 4: Asian women are keen on light skin care products, especially soft skin care products, which can be quickly and thoroughly absorbed by the skin after application.

However, while the skin is not burdened, for those skins in urgent need of nutritional supplements and extra environmental protection, the intensity of nutrition and protection is obviously insufficient.

Using only light skin care products for a long time can easily cause skin malnutrition, or dry skin due to lack of water.

What’s more, the seemingly refreshing gel products also use the same reorganization. If the tandem quality is not good enough, it will still cause skin replacement and sensitivity issues.

  The following is a list of some commonly used ingredients in the cleansing agent. The brake is used as a reference in the purchase of cleansing products: salicylic acid salicylic acid is very effective in preventing and treating acne.

The content is 0.

It is limited to 5% to 2% and can be used as a gel-like product.

However, salicylic acid-based products do not have significant effects after everyone uses them, and it usually takes about one month to see results.

  Benzene peroxide Benzene peroxide can dissolve keratin and wash hair follicles, and has a significant inhibitory effect on sebaceous hair follicle bacteria.

And relieve the symptoms of acne.

Used as a creamy or foamy product.

For sensitive skin, use Contains 2.

The 5% portion of benzene peroxide will feel drier than the same portion of salicylic acid.

  Glycolic acid The main role of glycolic acid is to remove dead skin cells and prevent double pores.

However, please note (especially for sensitive skin) that the use of glycolic acid may cause skin thinning and inflammation.

When using it for the first time, try not to use it in the evening, and then use the general cleansing agent the next morning until the skin adapts to glycolic acid.

  Medicinal Scrubs Medicinal scrubs mainly contain small particles of salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which can effectively help remove dead skin when cleaning.

Medicinal scrubs can be used once a week (twice for oily skin).  Non-medical cleansing agents Non-medical cleansing agents If you are using doctor-prescribed acne treatment products, it is recommended to use non-medical cleaning products.

Or if you have dry skin, non-medical cleaning products will be more suitable for you.

  Choose a cleanser and start cleaning your face.

Have you done your skin cleansing?

  1Temperature of the water The temperature of the cleansing water should be about 30 ℃. Do not use too hot water, because the skin is drier, destroying the original elasticity and gloss, and it is easier to grow wrinkles.

Of course, too cold water should not be used, because cold water cannot clean the dirt and excess oil in the pores.

Washing your face with warm water will allow your pores to open, allowing you to clean more thoroughly without harming your skin.

  The cleaning sequence usually starts with thick makeup parts, partial eye shadow and lip makeup, etc. It should be noted that if these two parts are cleaned at the end, most other cleaned parts are stained with cosmetics, which is equivalent toWashed in white.

  2Cleaning intensity Do not apply too much force to prevent damage to the skin.

Especially the area under the eyes, because it is longer and faster, it is best to step down gently through the skin.

In addition, when cleaning, do not use your fingertips, but also make full use of the power of your fingers to gently massage.

  The cleaned skin feels particularly smooth, but if it feels very dry after washing, it means that the sebum film has been damaged, and the skin’s moisture and moisturizing ingredients have been quietly lost in the cleansing of the skin.

  3 granule cleansers are also very safe to use. Massage granules with granules need to be carefully selected. Some massage granules are jagged, and re-use will cause skin damage. If the massage granules are round, it will basically not cause skin.Harm, for example, the massage particles of Olay Revitalizing Cleansing Milk are very small and soft, which will not only harm the skin, but also gently cleanse the skin.

  4 The concept of no need to use cleaning products without makeup is wrong. The normal secretion of oil from sebum membranes will absorb dust, and at the same time the metabolism of the skin itself will cause aging keratinocytes to accumulate on the surface of the skin.The exhaust gas is dusty, the dust on the construction site is overwhelming, and your elbow is constantly “oily”, and the oil stains and dirt are contaminated together, and it is more difficult to be cleaned.

If not washed off in time, these substances will clog pores and cause problem skin, so cleaning the skin is the most critical and important step in caring for the skin.

  5 Makeup must be removed for makeup. Some people do not remove makeup after makeup, and want to replace their makeup by washing their faces several times. This is actually wrong.

Because the face is washed too many times, although it can wash away the oily dirt on the face, it will also wash away the oil and moisture that protect the skin, which makes the face dry or very sensitive.

If you use oily makeup or waterproof mascara, the face wash will not work.

Because the facial cleanser can only clean and make-up products, but cannot remove the oil, you must use makeup remover to clean the makeup.

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There are skills to cooperate with Chinese medicine smelling diagnosis

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There are skills to cooperate with Chinese medicine “smelling diagnosis”

Smell: Don’t eat chewing gum. Don’t suppress cough. “Smelling diagnosis” is the doctor’s judgment of the disease based on the smell and sound of the patient. Perfume or gum will mask the patient’s odor.
In addition, the strength of the patient’s voice is also very useful for the diagnosis of the disease. Do not deliberately render or suppress your own voice. For example, when you see a cough, don’t be afraid that the doctor can cough aloud when you don’t hear it.Tears rippled.
  Patients should note that despite doctors’ professional ethics requiring them to treat all patients equally, the unpleasant body odor is unwilling to be smelled by anyone.
In addition, it also includes the smell of alcohol, chewing garlic and so on.

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Chinese medicine makes my retina flow

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Chinese medicine makes my retina flow

Now, when combing my thick black hair, I ca n’t help but be filled with emotion. It ‘s my traditional Chinese medicine that cured my head sores and allowed me to grow back again . When I was only ten months old, my headThe ascension was full of malignant sores, and the pus was bleeding continuously, and it eventually developed into a peeling pomegranate on the entire head, and the original hair was completely replaced, which looked like an unbearable disgrace.

  In order to treat me, my parents had a young me, and involved in transfers to hospitals of all sizes.

However, I went to many hospitals, took a lot of western medicine, and gave a lot of injections, but my condition did not improve in the slightest.

I really responded to the old saying, “If you have a disorder, you should go to the doctor.” At that time, as soon as I heard that there was a good doctor, my parents could go to me for treatment.

However, the effect of each treatment was very small. My head was still bleeding and pus, and I could not grow hair at all.

My parents are very worried that when I grow up, I will not grow hair to become bald.

  Repeated medical visits and repeated failures not only exhausted all the savings in the family, but also owed the debt to the next buttock. This made parents even more frustrated, and almost did not have any hope and was left to fate.

  Just then, a relative from my distant house came to visit the house and said that there was an old Chinese medicine practitioner who was particularly good at treating skin diseases such as malignant sores.

The parents have the last hope to find the old Chinese medicine practitioner.

After looking at my head, the old Chinese medical practitioner opposed my parents: “Go back and use the pods on the lime tree (Ailanthus altissima) and the pine cones on the pine. After burning to ashes, put them in a bowl and mix them with warm waterShape, then smear it on the head, and heal soon!

“Parents who didn’t spend a penny returned to the house doubtlessly and followed the methods of old Chinese medicine.

But to my parents’ surprise, a miracle turned out. The sore on my head gradually disappeared, atrophied, and scarred. It was completely healed in half a month, and my hair gradually grew.

  It is now that when elderly parents often look at my thick black hair, they thinly sigh with emotion: “Thanks to that old Chinese medicine doctor, I made you grow hair .” After editing: You are in the process of watching Chinese medicine,There are some unforgettable experiences, touching stories, profound experiences. Let us write to you and let us experience the unique charm of Chinese medicine together.

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Listen: Broccoli is the best vegetable

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Listen: Broccoli is the best vegetable

Among the various vegetables, some have the highest nutritional value?

You may find it difficult to compare.

However, a recent study in Japan showed that the average nutritional value and disease prevention of broccoli far exceed other vegetables, ranking first.

  Vitamin C content is higher than the nutritional content of broccoli, which is higher than peppers. Besides being high in content, it is very comprehensive, mainly including protein, impurities, traces, minerals, vitamin C and carotene.

According to analysis, each 100 grams of fresh broccoli flower ball contains protein 3.

5 grams-4.

5 grams is 3 times that of cauliflower and 4 times that of tomato.

In addition, broccoli is more comprehensive in minerals than other vegetables. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, and manganese, which is much higher than the cabbage flowers of the same Brassicaceae family.

  Many people think that tomatoes and peppers are the most vitamin C-rich vegetables. In fact, broccoli has higher vitamin C content than them, and is significantly higher than other ordinary vegetables.

Moreover, the vitamins in broccoli are very complete, especially the content of folic acid is rich, which is also an important reason why its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary vegetables.

  Anti-cancer effect The anti-cancer effect of broccoli is recognized worldwide as an important part of research by Western and Japanese scientists in recent years.

Broccoli tops the list of anti-cancer vegetables published by Japan’s National Cancer Research Center.

The United States “Nutrition” magazine also published research results on broccoli can effectively prevent prostate cancer.

The anti-cancer effect of broccoli is mainly due to the replacement of sulfur glucose contained in it, which is called long-term consumption can reduce the incidence of cancers such as diabetes, prostate cancer and gastric cancer.

  In addition to anti-cancer, broccoli is also rich in ascorbic acid, which can enhance the detoxification ability of the liver and improve the body’s immunity.

Some of these flavonoids can regulate and prevent hypertension.

At the same time, broccoli is a high-fiber vegetable, which can effectively reduce the absorption of glucose from the stomach, reduce slender blood sugar, and effectively control the condition of diabetes.

  Cold salad is good for preserving nutrition. For most Chinese people, broccoli has only appeared in large numbers on our table in recent years.

The way of eating is currently monotonous, and most of them are stir-fried or garlic fried.

In fact, an important characteristic of broccoli is that the color will remain green after boiling or simmering, and the taste will be more crispy.

Therefore, cold or soup is also a good choice.

  In foreign countries, broccoli is mainly eaten with salad or cooked as a side dish of western food. This avoids the loss of nutrition during high temperature heating and is more beneficial to health.

People who are accustomed to hot dishes can also sauté it with meat, eggs or shrimp.

  In addition, when picking broccoli, the heavier the feel, the better the quality.

However, it is also necessary to avoid the flower ball from being too hard, such broccoli is relatively old.

After buying back, it is best to eat it in 4 short-term, otherwise it is not fresh.

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Whitening + wrinkle coffee beauty DIY

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Whitening + wrinkle coffee beauty DIY

There are more and more people who love coffee. In addition to its bitter taste and fascinating aroma, as well as its refreshing effect, the charm of coffee can also be beautiful!

For example: using the brewed coffee grounds massage alternately transforms the skin to be smooth, firming and cosmetic.

Let’s “tasting” a cup of coffee with endless aftertastes. In this romantic moment, we are full of mouthfeel and beautiful.

  Why can coffee be beauty?

  Caffeine is the core component of coffee. Although it is controversial in the field of nutrition, it is the main functional component of popular slimming skin care products.

The caffeine extract is added to skin care formulas, and the active ingredients penetrating deep into the skin can stimulate the digestion and excretion of fecal cells and restore the bloated body.

  (1) Homemade coffee wrinkle-removing mask material: 1 egg yolk, 1 spoon of honey, 1 spoon and a half of flour, coffee powder 2 money Method: Efficacy: make the skin more elastic, smoother, remove wrinkles and prevent wrinkles.

  Coffee Whitening Mask (2) Coffee Whitening Mask Material: Almond amount, coffee powder amount, 1 protein.

  Method: Efficacy: moisturize and remove wrinkles, make loose skin tight, lighten dark spots, and make skin fair and bright.

  (3) DIY methods for other coffee skin beauty: 1.

Coffee fumigation refreshing: 2.

Coffee thin face massage: Method: Put a suitable amount of coffee powder into the massage cream and massage it with a light hand. The area from the jaw to the cheeks is maintained for 15-20 minutes a day, which is very effective for tightening the cheeks and double chins.

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Two diet therapies to prevent heartbreak

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Two diet therapies to prevent “heartbreak”

If the “fire” in the human body loses its restraint and regulation, it will cause the disturbance of physiological functions.
Taking “heart fire” as an example, Chinese medicine believes that the mind is the master of the human body, the heart is the sun, and its nature is fire.
The fiery evil invades the human body and hurts the heart first.
Hot heart attack can easily lead to a series of pathological changes such as hyperactivity, insufficiency of qi and blood, restlessness, etc., symptoms such as upset, insomnia, forgetfulness, sore tongue and so on.
Especially the “yin deficiency and fire” crowd is more susceptible to hot feelings, showing symptoms of “hot and angry” such as upset, irritability and even faint slang.
People who are often prone to anger should eat a light diet, eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, and eat more cold foods, such as watermelon, pear, grapefruit, coconut, hard persimmon, mangosteen,Tomato, bitter gourd, loofah, cucumber, strawberry, lettuce, purple cabbage, lotus seed and mung bean soup, lotus seed tincture, green tea, etc.
  Avoid spicy food, quit smoking and alcohol, and eat less “hot” food such as beef and mutton.
You should also pay attention to eating fruits. Some fruits are hot fruits, such as lychee, orange, pineapple, longan, etc., onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, pepper, fumigant food, hot spicy, etc. are easy to get angry.
  Two methods of dietary treatment are recommended: 1, lotus seed soup, lotus seed 30 grams (without lotus heart), mast 15 grams (wrapped with gauze), moderate sugar, water decoction, eat lotus seeds and soup.
It has the effect of clearing heart and purging fire.
  2. Yali tofu egg soup with 2 to 5 duck pears, 1 tofu, 2 eggs, and salt.
Yali peeled, heartless, and cut into small pieces or slices.
Cut the tofu into small pieces, and the eggs are broken into egg liquid.
Add duck pear and tofu into a suitable amount of water and cook for 10 minutes, then add egg liquid and roll.
Can nourish yin and clear the heart.

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Some strange tricks for bodybuilding

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Some strange tricks for bodybuilding

There are thousands of ways to keep fit. The creative thinking and alternative ways of thinking of modern people have created a lot of strange and novel things. Below are some strange ways to keep fit. It is very challenging. MMs who like to stimulate can try.
  Inverted fitness method Inverted has always been the method of fitness and mind-building for monks of all ages.
Medical scientists believe that those who often stand are susceptible to splanchnic organs, hemorrhoids, insufficient blood supply to the brain, lumbar disease, and swollen feet.
Proper exercise can prevent various diseases caused by standing.
At the same time, it can improve blood circulation, make the brain awake, enhance visceral function, and play a relaxing body fitness effect.
  倒走健身法  倒走从现代体育科学观点看,有诸多益处,一是可以预防驼背,尤其是对正在长身体的青少年来说,倘若常做倒走锻炼,就可让腰肌肉保持节律的收Tighten and relax, thereby obtaining the effect of improving blood circulation in the waist, tissue metabolism, and preventing functional low back pain.
The second is to increase the bearing capacity of the knee joint and exercise the muscles and ligaments of the knee.
The third is to exercise direction when walking backwards, master the balance, exercise the balance of the cerebellum, increase and improve physical flexibility and coordination.
  Barefoot fitness method Ancient times, the physical therapy of barefoot walking has been recorded, and today there is the so-called “foot reflex” theory.
Because the sole of the foot has a sensory area associated with internal organs, walking barefoot can make the plantar muscle fascia, ligaments, acupoints and nerve endings as close as possible to the sand, grass, and uneven pebbles on the ground, so that the sensitive area is stimulated.The signal is transmitted to the corresponding internal organs and related cerebral cortex, and then to the effector organs, so as to regulate the functions of all parts of the human body, and finally achieve the magical effects of health care, rehabilitation, disease prevention and auxiliary treatment.
  爬行健身法  实践证明,爬行可使血液循环流畅,身体重量分散到四肢,从而大大减轻腰椎的负担,若每天有一定时间进行爬行锻炼,则对心血管疾病及各种脊椎、腰部病变显著的症状For healing and fitness.
  Walking in the rain is better than walking on a sunny day. Walking in the rain has special fitness effects.
The basis is that it can produce a lot of negative oxygen ions when it rains, it can make people feel refreshed, help to regulate nerves and eliminate depression.
In addition, the gentle massage of the face and skin by the drizzle can enhance the body’s strain on the external environment.
  倒吊健身法  美国矫形学家马丁,让病人用双脚勾在单、双杠或其它固定的架子上,成倒吊状态,以此治疗腰酸腿痛、坐骨神经痛、关节炎等,将取得满意疗效.
When the human body is upright, the lumbar spine and lower joints are under pressure due to the gravity of the earth, which will cause back pain and leg pain in a long time.
Hanging upside down will fully relax the waist, legs and joints, and the body pressure will disappear, so it can cure diseases and fitness.
  Water running fitness method: The resistance in the water is 12-14 times greater than the resistance of the ground air. The amount of running in the water is not too intense. If you can continue running in the water for a long time, it can greatly promote metabolism, accelerate glycogen decomposition in the body, and prevent excessive accumulation of fat.
It can also play a role in enhancing appetite, promoting the normal progress of digestion and absorption system, and moderately increasing weight.
  Alternating fitness method This is a new fitness concept and method: that is, you usually work with your right hand, it is recommended to exercise with your left hand often, so as not to “desolate” the right cerebral cortex.
“Alternating up and down”, that is, in addition to insisting on upper limb activities, especially toe toes often, let the toes do some delicate movements such as pinching and picking things, as well as cardiopulmonary exercise, cold and hot exercise, and logical and image thinking alternateExercise and more.
  The howling fitness method The howling is a unique body massage spread by the ancients.

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Say child incompetent = strangle child

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Say child “incompetent” = strangle child

A high school student at a school in Shanghai convinced the teachers about his “lack of liberal arts cells” when he was in junior high school. He had three consecutive exams after high school, and his political score did not exceed 30.
A teacher gave him a “leak” 30-point simulation question, said it was a test question, and asked him to fight for another 30 points.
When the student was excited, he didn’t experience drowsiness, upset and headache when he reviewed the content of the political class.
Liberal arts scores kept up.
  In the United States, most chief executives, company owners, and teachers understand the technique of attribution analysis in social psychology, a technique that helps subordinates or students analyze the cause of failure.
When subordinates fail to work or students have poor test scores, the principles and methods of this strategy are used to help them analyze the reasons for failure.
In the analysis, we must adhere to the following principles: First, we must convince the loser that the reason for his failure is not caused by insufficient ability.
Because capacity is a stability factor, it cannot be changed in the short term.
If you think you have failed because of incompetence, you will want to make a comeback.
The second is to convince the loser that insufficient effort is the main reason for failure.
  Effort is an unstable and controllable internal factor, and it is not difficult to make more effort next time.
In the vast majority of cases, when a person works hard to a certain degree, his ability will be better exerted, showing a stronger ability.
If this person is confident that he is a more capable person, he will often try his own skills with the expectation of success. Over time, he really becomes a person with this ability.
This psychological effect is not the same as supplementing the clumsiness with diligence.
Third, we must make the children feel that their efforts are effective, and continue to provide him with successful feedback information so that his efforts will continue.
For example, if a child writes a composition with great effort, what you tell him after reading it is not written correctly, and next time he may not work so hard.
  Those who know the attribution strategy tell him how much better the hard-working part of the composition is than before, and the shortcomings are always presented as new tasks for the next effort.
Fourth, praise for the effort itself is also a motivation.
To say irresponsibly that your child does not work hard can also make the child feel that their efforts are ineffective.
If you do n’t work hard or are working hard, provide your child with reinforcement information, saying, “You do work harder than before”, or “Work harder and you will make clear progress”, “You have been working hard, this is good, lookSee if there are any problems with the learning method “and so on.
The child thinks that the effort itself may also be praised and will continue to work hard.