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Partial wearing of beautiful hair bags[Photos]

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Partial wearing of beautiful hair bags[Photos]

At present, if the Baotou is popular, if you are not careful, it will become a joke, how do the girls in Baotou in Japanese magazines do it?

step1 1. Comb high and fragile, comb all the hair behind your head into a ponytail and tie it.

Step2 2. Rotate part of the horsetail and then split the horsetail into two halves. Let the half rotate in one direction, and it will naturally become a small bag.

step3 3, the clip is fixed with a clip.

step4 4. After applying the wax, fix it with hair wax and wrap the broken hair.

Step 5 5. Finally, the hair spray gel is wrapped with the other half of the pony tail, and the hair spray is neatly wrapped.

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Tips: Breakfast to open your appetite

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Tips: Breakfast to open your appetite

Foods such as sugar, protein, and traces can easily cause the baby’s blood to be acidic, making him unable to concentrate his mind throughout the morning; eating foods such as eggs and fried foods, which take a long time to digest, cause blood to accumulate in the digestive tract for too long, reducing the supply of blood to the brain and oxygen; Foods such as steamed buns, especially synthetic vitamins are very small, it is difficult to maintain the vitamin level of the baby before lunch.

  Therefore, it does not prevent adding a little vegetables to the baby’s breakfast, which can not only maintain the balance of blood pH, but also eliminate the pressure in the internal tract, and can provide the body with a certain amount of vitamins in time.

  So, what kind of breakfast should I give my baby?

Moms are worried.

Do n’t worry, the nutrition expert has designed several breakfasts for you: Set meal: green vegetable ham quiche + biscuit yogurt + apple composition: 1 green vegetable ham quiche, 1 cup of yogurt with biscuits, and half apple.

  Practice: 1.

Break up the eggs, add flour, chopped minced greens (greens are best with leaf parts, which will be softer) and minced ham, instead of salt, stir well.


Heat the pan, add a little oil, spread the above ingredients into pie, and fry until golden on both sides.


Cut diced biscuits and stir with yogurt.

  Analysis: In addition to vitamin C, eggs contain almost all nutrients, as food to maintain brainpower and physical vitality, it is very suitable for breakfast.

At the same time, the quiche is soft and delicious; the biscuit yogurt is sweet and sour and appetizing, which is naturally welcomed by babies.

  Set of two vegetables meat clams + egg fried bread + orange composition: 1 bowl of vegetable meat clams, 1 egg fried bread, half an orange.

  Practice: 1.

Shrimp meat, greens are ground into mud, and ginger and green onion are added, and salt and some water are mixed to make a filling.


The ravioli skin is flattened and the ravioli are stuffed.


Boil water in a pot, boil it in a wok, remove it into a bowl, add soup and add seaweed, ground coriander, salt, and sesame oil to taste, serve.


Beat one egg.


Heat the pan, add a small amount of oil, dip the bread slices into the egg and add to the pan, and fry until golden on both sides.

  Analysis: Shrimp is a high-protein food and is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, which is very effective for strengthening teeth, bones, and strengthening resistance.

Egg-fried bread is golden in color, sweet in taste, soft and delicious.

The set is delicious and easy to digest.

  Set of three nut kernel polenta + egg floss sandwich: 1 bowl of nut polenta, 1 egg sandwich, half tomato.

  Practice: 1.

Peanut rice, walnut kernels, and black and white sesame seeds are cooked and ground.


Add water to the pot, mix the fine cornmeal with warm water. After the water is boiled, put the prepared cornmeal in the pot and stir well. When the pan is reopened, the corn batter is formed, and then a small amount of sugar, raisins and crushed nuts prepared in advancePour in and stir well and serve a little.


Prepare 1 egg, 1/4 cucumber, 4 slices of bread, 2 slices of ham, and appropriate amount of meat floss.


Eggs are cooked (use less oil when frying); slice cucumber, add a small amount of salt, sugar, vinegar, marinate for 10 minutes, and drain.


Spread a layer of floss on the bread, cover a slice of bread, place the fried egg on top, place the cucumber slices, cover a slice of bread, place a slice of ham, cover another slice of bread, and cut diagonally.
  Solution: The nutritional value of peanut, walnut kernel and sesame is very high. The protein contained is far more than that of feed and meat, and it is an excellent protein containing lecithin and brain phospholipid, which can be easily absorbed by the human body.

Very good for baby’s brain development.

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9 ways to maintain a woman’s secret garden to stay young from the inside out

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9 ways to maintain a woman’s “secret garden” to stay young from the inside out

Women want to stay young without the health of the uterus and ovaries.
In TCM theory, all internal reproductive organs of a woman, including the uterus and ovaries, are called female cells.
Only the health of women’s cells can continuously secrete a variety of special substances, regulate metabolism, nourish the body, ensure the normal menstruation and ovulation, and ensure the normal “operation” of the kidney, heart, spleen, and liver, thereby ensuring your health from the inside out,young!
  Yanggong = Maintenance of “woman cells” In the Chinese medicine system, women cells are located in the middle of the lower abdomen, after the bladder and before the rectum, are the internal reproductive organs of women, including women’s ovaries and uterus. Its main function is to produce menstruation and pregnancyfetus.
Menstruation is caused by viscera, qi and blood on women’s cells, and whether women’s cells are normal or not directly affects menstruation.
At the same time, the physiological functions of women’s cells are closely related to the meridians, internal organs, and qi and blood.
  “女子胞”对女性身体的影响  中医认为,当女子胞运转不正常时,各种物质会分泌不足,轻则皮肤缺水、弹性降低、易产生皱纹,身体曲线变形、局部脂肪堆积;重则Menstrual disorders, ovarian dysfunction, difficulty in conception, cold sex, no orgasm.
Not only that, the unhealthy women’s cells can also affect the internal organs, meridians, and qi and blood, leading to adverse reactions such as loss of appetite, poor mental state, mood swings, and decreased sleep quality.
If this symptom appears, it means that the flowers in the women’s secret garden have begun to wither and need your careful maintenance!
  九招呵护“女子胞”  1、每周看次惊险片,脏器功能变好了  看惊险片时,一般的人都会感觉到紧张、心跳加速、呼吸急促、全身紧绷,通常人们都认为这It is harmful. In fact, this is also an effective method of replenishing Qi.
Breathing information is actually multi-frequency deep breathing.
Taking a deep breath can inhale more fresh air, provide the required oxygen for each organ, improve or improve its function, and increase the oxygen content of the blood, so that the blood is smooth.
So watching thrillers has the effect of strengthening kidney qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, and regulating ovarian function.
But everything is too late, we have to choose different levels of thrillers based on our own mental capacity, just once a week!
  2、种盆迷迭香,保你气血充足  中医上讲,女子胞与肝、肾和任脉、冲脉关系最密切,因为肝藏血、生殖机能都由肾所主,冲、任二The pulse starts from the female cell.
Women’s livers have blood and feet, and their kidney qi is strong, but the qi and blood in the second pulse are sufficient, and the women’s cell functions are normal.
Plant a rosemary in the office or at home. Its aroma can be used for any purpose.
  The blood gas is unobstructed, and the liver can be refreshed, strengthen liver function, and purify the air!
Potted rosemary is actually very easy to grow, and it is resistant to drought. Water it once a week.
Be careful not to plant rosemary in the bedroom, otherwise you may “can’t sleep at night”.
  3. Put cinnamon on the beef stew. The delicious and warm-filled yak meat enjoys the reputation of being “the arrogant in the meat”. Its protein and amino acid content is very rich and the fat content is low, so it tastes delicious and has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, and nourishing qi and blood.
Cinnamon is a kind of warm tonic medicine, which can disperse cold and warm blood, and promote blood circulation.
With it, still worried about dysmenorrhea?
  4, often according to the blood sea points, blood circulation is more smooth. Women’s cells are closely related to the spleen, because menstrual cramps and fetal care are dependent on blood.
The Xuehai acupoint is a place where the blood from the spleen meridian gathers. Frequent massage of the Xuehai acupoint can play the role of passing the meridians, promoting blood circulation, keeping warm, and so on, while alleviating the symptoms of soreness caused by dysmenorrhea and various gynecological diseases.Can also achieve freckle beauty effects.
  Where is the Blood Sea Point?
  Sitting on a stool, the thighs and calves are 90 °, and a depression appears on the inside of the knee. There is a raised muscle above the depression, and the blood sea point is at the top of the raised muscle.
You can press the Xuehai Point with your thumb, index finger, middle finger, or ring finger. It is best to press at 9 to 11 o’clock every day when the spleen and menstrual qi is the strongest. Press each side for 3 minutes, soreness is appropriate.
  5、稳定激素,就要先稳定你的体重  有些美眉追求骨感美,体重过低,肝、脾、心等脏腑功能受损,导致气血不足,从而影响卵子的产生,容易引发慢性不排卵And infertility; some women like to eat snacks, do not like sports, digestion of the spleen and stomach is obstructed, and the waist and abdomen are like “Michelin tires”. This not only affects the figure, but also leads to increased male hormones, ovarian abnormalities, and ovulation.The consequences of infertility.
Therefore, the weight of a woman must remain at a normal index in order to ensure the health of women.
  6、和谐的性爱,让你一直年轻快乐  在中医上,房事乃是养生精髓所在,不可纵欲、禁欲,而是要节欲,即适度与和谐的性生活,能够使人精神愉快、充满信心,It can relieve stress and eliminate loneliness, and can also improve immunity and delay the degradation of ovarian function.
Contraception is also an important part of a harmonious sex life. Medical research shows that for every abortion, the quality of eggs will drop by 6%, which will thin the inner wall of the ovaries, damage the uterus, and reduce egg activity.
It is best to use condoms to prevent contraception, to avoid hormonal disorders in the body caused by the use of contraceptives, resulting in decreased egg quality.
  7、少吃食用油,排卵期更正常  民以食为天,在中国“多油更营养”的观念根深蒂固,大城市中有的人饮食习惯西化后,对高油脂食物的摄入量更多.
Excessive consumption of edible oil will destroy estrogen, increase the intake of non-physiological hormones, reduce the quality of eggs, and affect the ovulation cycle.
Therefore, the three-meal diet should be based on the principle of low oil.
How to control “low oil”?
The most scientific solution is to consume about 25 grams of edible oil per day. The amount of oil in two and a half spoons of white porcelain spoon is just about 25 grams.We have to adjust and choose more foods with water, stir food with cooking oil to avoid high temperature oil cooking; we can also choose oil pots with scales to accurately control the dosage!

  8. Aerobic exercise “three-three” system, improve the vitality of eggs. Women have been sitting in the office for a long time, blocked blood circulation, insufficient metabolism, qi and blood stasis, which are extremely harmful to the health of women’s cells-ovulation cycle disorder, eggsReduced vitality.

Can’t insist on exercising every day?

Then we must at least adhere to the “three three” system of aerobic exercise.

  ”Three three” system aerobic exercise is to exercise at least 3 days a week, exercise time can not be separated every 30 minutes, the heartbeat during exercise should be maintained at about 130 times / minute.

Aerobic exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, etc. can accelerate the body’s metabolism, promote blood circulation, ventilate and bleed, the body’s metabolism is good, the endocrine system can operate normally, and the female cells can get the best care!

  9, also wear cotton socks at home, the cold quickly dissipated!

  Women’s cells are most afraid of cold and cold, because the cold will lead to the disorder of women’s cells.

According to Chinese medicine, “cold coming from the feet” says that when the soles of the feet are cold, the blood vessels in the feet contract, blood entry is blocked, and blood circulation in the whole body is not smooth, and the body will feel cold.

Therefore, keeping your feet warm is paramount.

In summer, you can choose thinner cotton socks to resist the cold from the air conditioner and electric fan. In winter, do n’t wear cotton slippers even if there is heating in the room, because the space in the cotton slippers is too large to reach the feet.Effectively keep warm.

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Can you seize a job opportunity?

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Can you seize a job opportunity?

Playing poker, the four families compete for the upper and lower kings, each with 13 cards, (three can’t bring cards, there are no sister pairs, and four can blow other cards) The card after you start is 5666678999What card do you play first when you play first?

  Analysis When you first play is -99 — prudent planners at work, you are used to taking a moderate step back, but you will never give up the opportunity, but quietly wait for others to finish the hole cards, and then youThen make a plan, make the best decision according to expectations.

You belong to the faction that hasn’t made a name for three years and has become a blockbuster.

  5 ——Prudent Conservator In your work, you like to handle all kinds of things in the most secure way. You do n’t ask for merit but you do nothing. You believe that if you do your job well, you will have good luck.

Generally speaking, you will quietly wait for the leader’s appreciation and promotion. Before you can’t stop it, changing jobs is so far away for you.

  7 ——Confident adventurer You are good at large-scale planning, and you will not change your goals. Although you plan for some adventures, you are confident in your plan and believe you can succeed.

There are often ups and downs in your work. Fortunately, you can use your strength and luck to get through the risks.

  56789 ——The proficient calculator seems to have no courage, and even the reversible hole cards are quietly let go. In fact, everything is already in your calculation.

Others envy you for your easy success. Do n’t you know that for this heavy lifting, you have no choice whatsoever. Unless there is a very special situation, your work can be said to be leak-free.

  666 ——It is said that in the work of the player, you will impulsively undertake some things beyond your ability, and hope that good luck can come to yourself, but in fact, often impulses will be bad, and some opportunities can actually be graspedIt has also been wasted, and thinking twice before you go will definitely benefit you.

  999 ——Waiting for Opportunities Many times, at work, things that could have been done well, but you always put the initiative into the hands of others, risk waiting for the opponent’s failure, and then you can get the opportunity.

Although I don’t know if it is good or bad, it is a strategy.

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Deal fairly with collective loyalty

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Deal fairly with collective loyalty

Suspicion is the sharp sword that disintegrates enterprises. Nowadays, more and more young people start their own businesses. Many entrepreneurial teams started with passion and sincere cooperation, but after a little success, there was intrigue, leading to a small career.

  The reason is mainly that at the beginning of entrepreneurship, there was no deep trust built between team members.

This crisis of trust was highlighted during the distribution of benefits, with a series of destructive consequences.

The annual failure rate of enterprises in Zhongguancun is about 25%. One of the most important reasons is the lack of unity within the entrepreneurial team.

The investigation found that after the business collapsed, the original entrepreneurial partners basically parted ways and continued to work with relatively few.

  The development of trust has specific rules. Why is it difficult to build trust in entrepreneurial teams?

This starts with the psychological mechanism of trust.

Trust is a state of mind. This state of mind is not a continuum from trust to distrust, that is, it is not simply a question of the degree of trust, but a two-dimensional structure: trust and distrust can coexist or not.

For example, there is no trust relationship between two strangers, but it does not mean that they do not trust each other, that is, there is no mistrust between them; and two very good friends must have trust between each other, but it may alsoThere is distrust. If one party wants to do something that is not good at it, the other party must not trust his ability.

This relationship can be used to explain the initial state of trust of the startup team.

At the initial stage of many entrepreneurial teams, since team members are not very familiar with each other’s behavior style and ability level, the degree of trust and distrust are very low, which can be said to be a vague psychological state, which increases the interaction between each other andThe deepening of the understanding between them leads to the gradual clearness of the vague mental state, which leads to clear trust or distrust.

So after the beginning, or deep friendships and feelings are formed between each other, which creates conflicts and estrangements, this is very natural.

  After the trust is broken, it is difficult to recover and understand the trust development process in the entrepreneurial team, and you can find some targeted measures to establish and maintain the trust in the entrepreneurial team.

Simply put, one is to strengthen trust, and the other is to prevent mistrust and prevent trust from turning into mistrust.

Trust is a very fragile state of mind. Once cracks occur, it is difficult to reduce. It is often costly to eliminate distrust and its effects. Therefore, preventing distrust is more important than enhancing trust.

  In fact, entrepreneurs mainly look at each other’s character and ability when choosing an entrepreneurial partner, so the means to enhance trust must also start from these two aspects.

Compared with ability, character is more important. It is the basis of people’s interaction and cooperation, and it is also a substitute for determining whether a person is trustworthy.

In the entrepreneurial team, people attach great importance to the character: whether the members are honest, whether the members’ behaviors and motivations have a strong selfishness.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the trust in the entrepreneurial team, team members are required to be loyal to the collective, treat each other with sincerity, get along fairly, establish guarantees in the system, and establish a sound management system and benefit distribution system in the early stages of entrepreneurship.

  Misunderstanding and suspicion are caused by poor communication between team members, and mutual distrust caused by boots is a very common phenomenon.

In the process, entrepreneurial partners should meet frankly and create various forms of communication opportunities.

When misunderstandings and suspicions arise, they should be eliminated in time to solve the problem with open mind.

When discovering the weaknesses of the other party, you should adopt an inclusive attitude and put yourself in the position of the other party instead of complaining to each other.

  Since the entrepreneurial team can work hard to achieve common goals, it must also solve the problem of trust.

As long as you have the rules of trust and the right methods, you can help entrepreneurial partners to share their hardships and ensure that entrepreneurship starts and ends.

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6 steps, baby is also tender in autumn

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6 steps, baby is also tender in autumn

Guide: Baby’s skin is thinner than adults. The skin has less elastic fibers and lacks elasticity. It is easy to be penetrated and damaged by foreign objects. If you use a rough towel to scrub the baby, it will easily hurt the skin and make the skin changeGet rough and aging.

  Baby skin care six steps 1, facial care 1, symptoms: baby often drools and spit milk.

  2. Nursing: A soft and moist towel should be prepared to clean the cheeks for the baby. In autumn and winter, apply a moisturizer in time to prevent skin cracking.

  Second, eye care 1. Symptoms: The corners of the eyes are red, and there is a lot of discharge from the eyes.

  2. Nursing: Wash the corners of your baby’s eyes once a day with wet cotton wool.

  Third, nasal cavity care 1, symptoms: nasal secretions plug the nostrils and affect breathing.

  2. Care: Use a wet cotton swab to gently roll out the secretions.

  Fourth, umbilical care 1, symptoms: the baby’s umbilical cord has changed, sometimes the umbilical hole is slightly wet or a small amount of bleeding.

  2. Nursing: Regardless of whether the umbilical cord can be replaced, clean the umbilical cord every day after taking a bath, that is, use a sterile cotton swab dipped in 75% medical alcohol, slowly extend it gently clockwise from the center of the umbilical cord, repeat three times, and replace three cottonStick, wipe away dirt and blood, and keep the umbilical dry and clean.

When the umbilicus is swollen or has purulent discharge, go to the hospital immediately.

  V. Chest Care 1. Symptoms: The baby’s chest is very delicate, and diapers should be changed in time.

  2. Nursing: Wash and change the diapers frequently. When changing the diapers, use Johnson’s baby supple paper towel to clean and clean the remaining urine stains and fecal stains, and then apply baby diaper cream.

  6. Body and limbs 1. Symptoms: If the baby sweats frequently.

  2. Nursing: A soft towel should be provided for him to dry his body in case he catches cold, and cotton underwear should be changed frequently, and the baby should be bathed every day.

  3. Symptoms: If in the dry season or changing clothes, a thin and soft white piece of dandruff comes off.

  4. Nursing: keep the skin clean. After bathing, it can be changed according to the season, autumn and winter: apply emollient oil or lotion to prevent skin cracking and damage.

Summer: Apply talcum powder. Babies who have rashes should keep the room ventilated and cool. Apply hot glutinous powder after bath to reduce friction.

  5. Symptoms: scratches, etc.

  6, Nursing: Cut your baby’s fingernails short, don’t wear him too thick and too warm.

  One of the three tips to keep your baby’s skin tender and delicate is to cover the baby’s tender skin with a “protective film”.

  Baby-specific moisturizers usually have lotions (moisturizers), moisturizers and moisturizers. For reference, they contain natural moisturizers (moisturizers). Moisturizers are rich in moisturizing factors, Can effectively moisturize the baby’s skin; emollient oil contains natural mineral oil, can prevent chapped, moisturize the skin effect is stronger.

In my wheat pocket, I just used Johnson’s lotion. I don’t hesitate to myself, and even to my baby!

I sometimes pour out a lot and apply lotion to his whole body. I have been very persistent in summer!

So my baby ‘s skin is super nice and super white!

  Second, take care of your baby’s young and tender lips so as not to crack.

  Baby’s small lips are more delicate than adults’, and in the fall, they are especially prone to peeling and cracking.

When your baby’s lips are cracking, first apply a damp hot towel on the lips to allow the lips to fully absorb moisture, then apply lip balm, and pay attention to let your baby drink more water.

  Third, do not use rough towels to scrub your baby.

  The baby’s skin is thinner than adults. It has less collagen fibers in the skin and lacks elasticity. It is easily penetrated and damaged by foreign objects. If you use a rough towel to scrub the baby hard, it will easily damage the skin and make the skin changeGet rough and aging.

  Diet adjustment should let your baby drink plenty of water and add water in time.

Make sure your baby drinks 5-8 glasses of water every day. You can also give some honey water appropriately. Honey has a good moisturizing effect, but you should not give too much, because too many sweets are not good for your baby.

  Autumn is the season for fruit maturation. A large number of fruits are listed one after another. To make full use of this favorable natural resource, let your baby eat more water-converted fruits, such as pears, oranges, and oranges.Eat fresh fruits, you can also make fruit salad, or squeeze fruit juice, so as to increase your baby’s freshness and promote his appetite.

  It is also necessary to add an appropriate amount of vitamin A, because vitamin A has the original function of maintaining the mucosal layer of the skin.

When the human body lacks vitamin A, the initial manifestations are dry skin tissue and desquamation.

Vitamin A is rich in animal foods such as pork liver, chicken liver, eggs, and milk.

The main advantage of plant sources is carotene.

Carotene is higher in dark vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, amaranth, lettuce, rape, peas, etc. Fruits are rich in mango, orange, and coriander.

  The diet should be light, too much salt will take away the baby’s water.You can also boil some moisturizing sugar water, such as Sydney rock sugar water, Tremella fuciformis, etc.

  Choice of skin care products Because their skin is not fully developed, the protective effect against dehydration of the epidermis is not great.

In addition, their skin has low mechanical strength, thin stratum corneum, high pH and less sebum, so the skin is mostly dry and also affected by external influences.

Children’s cream is mainly added with appropriate amounts of bactericides, vitamins and pearl powder, protein and other nutritional and health additives, and the products are mostly neutral or slightly acidic, which is consistent with the PH value of infants and young children.

Infants and young children often use it to protect the skin, prevent excessive diffusion or replacement of water, avoid dry and cracked skin and irritation caused by fecal, urine, acid, alkali or microbial growth.

  Baby-specific moisturizers are generally divided into three types: moisturizer, moisturizer, and moisturizer. The latter is more oily than the former.

Under the classification, moisturizers and moisturizers with natural moisturizing ingredients generally contain moisturizing factors, which can effectively moisturize the baby’s skin; moisturizing oils generally contain natural mineral oils, which can prevent dry cracks and moisturize the skin.

In addition, the skin care products on the market are divided according to the age of one year. Babies under the age of one year are specialized in special baby care products, and those over the age of one year can choose child care products.

  When buying children’s skincare products, you must first choose professional products, not professional. Products from children’s skincare manufacturers are likely to contain adult products. It is best not to buy them.

Even if it is a manufacturer that specializes in producing children’s cosmetics, do not buy new products. It is best to choose some mature old products, other people’s introductions and opinions, and the brand of baby skin care products should not be changed often, so that the baby’s skin need not be right.Different skin care products are repeatedly adjusted.

In addition, look at the ingredients of the product, try to choose some ingredients that are relatively simple, do not contain fragrance, alcohol, non-irritating, can protect the skin moisture balance well to reduce the irritation of the baby’s skin.

It should be noted that if the baby has an allergic reaction to the skin after using skin care products, such as skin redness, rash, etc., it should be stopped immediately.

In addition, because you and your baby are in constant contact, using a similar type of moisturizer is a good choice.

  Daily care for the lack of moisture in the autumn air, so a humidifier should be installed in the room where the baby is to be kept continuously to humidify the air.

There should also be more green plants in the room.

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Why are the elderly susceptible to psychological depression?

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Why are the elderly susceptible to psychological depression?

Core Tip: The survey shows that 5% of the elderly suffering from depression can live independently and live healthily. About 15% of the elderly tend to be chronic, and more than 20% of the elderly often think of death.Among the elderly with cancer, heart disease and stroke, depression is more common and easily overlooked.

  Many people think that when people are old, there will be some depression. The elderly have experienced vicissitudes of life. It seems that depression is a part of aging. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Nowadays, the elderly are suffering from depression, which has become a major problem in the elderly.

However, the psychological depression of the elderly is very easy to be ignored, usually for the following reasons: 1.

Interfered with its disease, with the increase of age, the elderly suffer from the increase of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, old chronic support, gastric ulcer, arthritis, diabetes, etc. These diseases are often prolonged, therapeutic effectsIn general, these will make people feel powerless, unable to help, depressed, helpless depression.

In addition, some diseases themselves have symptoms of depression, such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease and the like.

These diseases can cause symptoms similar to depression, such as fatigue, sleep disorders, concerns, pessimism, loss of appetite, and so on.

Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between a depression manifestation of a disease or a depression accompanied by a disease, so that an elderly person tends to ignore the existence of a psychological problem when paying attention to a physical illness.

It suggests that the onset of symptoms of depression is: the withdrawal of social function, the feeling of failure to hope or be punished, the lack of meaning for life, and often suicide.

Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease are closely related to depression. One study found that 50% of the former and 35% of others suffer from depression.


Many elderly people who are prescribed by drugs need to take a variety of drugs regularly to treat their own physical diseases.

Some drugs can aggravate or cause symptoms similar to depression, such as cardiovascular drugs (heart, reserpine), hormones (adrenalin, glucocorticoids), methyldopa, levodopa and so on.

However, the individual differences in the anion of each drug are very large, so the degree of depression caused by the drug may also have a difference in fracture.


Being depressed by typical depression has deep persistent depression and negative grief.

The depression of the elderly is not very typical. I don’t see the seriousness of my mind, and I don’t want to commit suicide. But instead of continuous fatigue, weightlessness, sleep rhythm disorder, poor appetite, and often five.More diarrhea, attention memory loss, etc., so elderly depression is easily ignored by family and general practitioners.

Many older people also pay attention and focus on them just to feel tired, thin, poor sleep and so on to deny that they have caused depression.


The widowed neglected in the stressful social life incident, the widowed person has the greatest psychological trauma.

After widowhood, the family structure, family relationship, economic situation, and living environment will change greatly.

Adapting to the new environment and situation is a test of mind and body. It takes another 1-2 years to get through this adaptive life stage.

It is therefore necessary to understand that there is a risk of depression during this period.

Do not think that the mood of being widowed is a matter of course. It should be clearly realized that the depressed state that enters is a mental health problem that is easily overlooked.

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Pick fruits to see your recent love luck

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Pick fruits to see your recent love luck

One day you quarreled with your lover and you fell out the door.

Who knows that there was heavy rain halfway, the lightning flashed and thundered, and you, without an umbrella and penniless, ran to a streetside shelter from the rain.

Waited a long time and the rain didn’t stop.

At this time, you are already thirsty and cold and don’t know what to do. A fruit vendor who is sheltering from the rain under the eaves is kind and wants to give you some fruits.

At this moment, you see that the lover is looking for you anxiously in the street with an umbrella.

You immediately picked one and ran towards the lover.

You will pick . A, pitaya B, grapefruit C, pomegranate D, watermelon E, lemon. Analysis of results: choose A: pitaya is expensive.

But it has an outstanding appearance, it is very stylish, and it is very high-grade.

So you have some kind of vanity about love. You look good, have a good family, and have a successful lover.

Even if the two get along in private, whether the lover really suits you is not the most important thing in your opinion, everyone can accommodate and run in with each other.

But is this substandard taste of pitaya really suitable for you?

  Option B: Eating grapefruit is very troublesome. It is very difficult to peel a thick layer of skin, then remove the white inner layer, and then peel another layer of transparent skin to eat.

But this is exactly what you want?

This feeling of giving.

In other words, a slight tendency to masochistic.

Feelings that are too smooth and too stable always make you want to run away and don’t know to cherish them.

It takes a lot of hard work and torture to get it, then it feels good.

  Choice C: The pomegranate commented that other fruit mutations were so special that they seemed to consist of N small cells.

In fact, love is also the same, composed of many trivial things.

So don’t imagine that love is too perfect, it will make the other person very hard.

Romance is important, but pursuing only perfect appearances will bring very unreal feelings to each other, and you will be disappointed when you really live together.

  Choice D: Sometimes I buy a watermelon and cut it back, it is red and sweet, and sometimes the cut watermelon is not red or sweet.

Watermelon is a fruit that tests the eye of a person who chooses melon.

So love is not necessarily a good-looking person, and there are many elements of luck.

But don’t doubt the luck to treat love.

You who prefer to bet, don’t bet on your marriage.

  Choice E: Lemons mostly come in the form of supporting characters, a seasoning for cooking, a taste of wine mixing, but without it, it will be overshadowed.

So you have to be careful about the role, protagonist, or supporting role that you have always replaced in other people’s love.

The fate of the supporting role is to become the protagonist; the second is to leave, of course, if you can continue to endure the pain of becoming a supporting role; the third is to continue to be good.

It may not be the opposite sex that competes with you, it may be the cause of the other person, or a hobby.

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Avoid three risk factors

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Avoid three risk factors

The summer weather is sultry, and many people like to sleep in the air at night, so good.

Unexpectedly, when I woke up, many people found their own stiff neck – careful pain, unable to turn the head.

Duan Junfeng, chief physician of the hospital rehabilitation medicine department, pointed out that many white-collar workers now suffer from cervical spondylosis. If there are risk factors such as bad sleeping posture, it is particularly easy to fall off.


hzh {display: none; }  危险因素一:吹空调  周小姐在外企工作,压力较大。Recently, the weather is hot, she has to turn on the air conditioner every night to sleep.

One night, she worked overtime until 12 o’clock in the evening before going to rest. She slept very well. When she woke up in the morning, she suddenly felt the tingling on the left side. I thought that the activity would be better, but the more the activity, the more painful the neck.

  Duan Junfeng said that many people think that young people will not rest on the pillow. In fact, if the young work is overworked during the day, the air conditioner or electric fan will be used to sleep at night, the cervical vertebrae will be stagnant, the meridians will be blocked, and the cervical spine will be stiff and painful.It is very easy to have a stiff neck.

  Suggestion: Air conditioner, electric fan should not be blowing against the human body. When sleeping, the cover should not only cover the whole body, but also cover it.

  Risk factor 2: Pillows Mr. Gao Liang often has a stiff neck since he was in his 20s.

Not long ago, he went to the hospital for treatment. He often knew his own pillows because he liked to sleep high pillows. He often put two pillows together and slept together. As a result, the cervical curvature was straightened.

  In fact, many of the initial and repeated cervical spondylosis are associated with improper use of the pillow.

Pillows are good, most of them affect the health of the cervical spine.

Pillows should not be too hard or too soft. The most important thing is to have a certain supporting force.

  Suggestion: For most people, the height of the pillow when lying on the back should be one’s own punch height (when the thumb is outside the fist, the fist is placed horizontally and vertically), and the side should be one punch plus two horizontal heights.The softness of the pillow is easy to deform, which is beneficial to the full relaxation and rest of the neck and hip muscles during sleep.

  Risk factor three: lying on the sleeping pillow in addition to blowing air conditioning, choosing a pillow is not appropriate, prefer to sleep on the side, lying down and sleeping, etc. will also lead to stiff neck.

When people are asleep, they need to twist their heads to breathe, and prolong the twisting of the head. It is easy to cause the cervical spine to be over-twisted and misplaced, resulting in a stiff neck.

  Recommendation: When lying on the back, the torsion angle of the head and neck should not be too large (the steering angle is safer within 30 degrees), and the lower head position is easier to sleep when lying on the side. Resting at the office at noon does not prevent the preparation of a U-shaped neck pillow.

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Why the longer a woman is in love, the more dangerous

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Why the longer a woman is in love, the more dangerous

Too many women feel that anyway, both parties are in love now, and no one can do without others, so they are relieved.

But I do n’t know, the longer you fall in love, the more men do n’t want to marry you. Why is this?

Lets come look.


Fear of Marriage For a long time, a man is still unwilling to marry you, not because he doesn’t love you enough, it may be that he has a fear of marriage and is not ready for marriage.

  In modern society, divorce rates have soared, and people no longer trust marriage.

I used to think that marriage can last long and be able to stay with each other, but now all kinds of temptations are scattered, both men and women can’t resist the temptation to derail.

Sometimes men see their friends get married and leave, and they start to fear marriage.


Don’t think that if you suddenly say that you are getting married, you will be very excited.

You say so suddenly, it’s like a sudden attack on a man.

Love is not the same as marriage. If a man is going to get married, you must give him enough mental preparation, and you cannot think of giving him a surprise.

Otherwise men are easily scared away by you.

  Before you propose to marry him, you may wish to give him more time to prepare for thoughts, such as often mentioning some of his happiness after marriage, etc., to give him a hint, by the way, check if he is marriedready.

Don’t be afraid to promise that men are brave enough, in fact men are also weak.

Many men are afraid of commitment, because they are responsible for their commitment.

The cells that do not want to be responsible are basically the same as male hormones. They are rooted in male genes, separated by some men, and only by some men.

  Marriage means commitment, which means you have to be nice to this person, treat her well, and be with her forever.

This promise is too long-term, like a shackle that tied him up. A man doesn’t want to catch his life so fast.


People are afraid of changing their own life style. People are unwilling to change their used life style. If you don’t understand, look at colleagues who complain about their work every day but have not yet changed jobs.

Because I have been used to it for many years, if I change suddenly, it will take a certain amount of time to re-adapt, and many people don’t want to change their lifestyles in this way.

  Marriage means that two individuals have to live together more than one family may live together.

Problems such as mother-in-law and private life followed.

You have to adapt to the bad habits of the other person. The other person in love seems to be all right, but not necessarily after marriage.

If a man has decided to change his lifestyle, then he is ready to get married.


A lot of men don’t want to give up the whole forest. He can have many girlfriends and many sexual partners, but his wife can only have one.

Many men were reluctant to let him abandon the forest and enter the grave of marriage.

Although not many men like three wives and four wives, it is an indisputable fact that marriage equals to giving up the right to choose.

If it were you, there would be many boutiques all over the street. Would you like to enter only one of them in your life?

  So a man would rather bear you than a whole forest.


Too much pressure and love are two people’s affairs. You can go out for dinner every day, you can go out crazy every night, you can be a moonlight clan . marriage is a matter for two families.

When you are in love, you don’t look at your family, you don’t look at the deposit, you only focus on feeling, and you feel right together.

But marriage is not the same, you may pay more attention to the door to door when the two sides are right, then it is suitable to be your wife.

  When in love, you don’t have to bear too much, but it is different after marriage. After marriage, you have to shoulder the responsibility of the whole family.
Most of the post-80s generations are only children. Your husband and wife must shoulder the burden of supporting the four elderly people. This is a heavy burden, and the pressure is too great.

Don’t love you. If none of the above are reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you, then there is only one, that is, he doesn’t love you at all.

  People’s sense of responsibility is getting lower and lower. The previous one is now like a laughingstock. Whoever says that means old-fashioned.

If a man loves you enough, then he will never run away. He will be more nervous than you, hoping to bring you in to the palace of marriage and make you unique.

If he loves you enough, he will bear all the responsibilities and love you forever.

  Please don’t avoid this topic. Many men now have a playful attitude towards feelings and have no intention of getting married at all.

If you find that your man is such a mixed-world demon king, advise you to break up early and find your own happiness.

Although such selective merit is painful, it is more reliable than wasting your youth.