Woman closes the moon to shame the flower to rely on a bowl of porridge

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Woman closes the moon to shame the flower to rely on a bowl of porridge

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Woman closes the moon to shame the flower to rely on a bowl of porridge

In spring, in April, the beautiful blooming flowers naturally make you feel good, but if you look at your face that has been tortured by the dry and cold winter, I may be in a bad mood.

In fact, if you make good use of them, those beautiful flowers can also achieve your “flower appearance.”

Therefore, we recommend the following six kinds of “flower porridge” for you to enjoy the floral fragrance while removing the boring winter.

  Rose porridge has long-term consumption of roses, which is enough to make people have a fresh body fragrance, but also to promote blood circulation and make the complexion rosy and beautiful.

For boiled porridge, it is best to use dehydrated small rose buds that have not yet been opened, and all nutrients are “budded” in the buds that have not yet been opened.

Porridge is made from fresh previous rice. After cooking, add an appropriate amount of rose buds. When the porridge is pink, you can eat it.

The regular consumption of rose porridge can make people feel more beautiful, make the skin more delicate, and can also treat stomach pain caused by liver qi stagnation. It has sedative, soothing and antidepressant effects on the emotional side.

  Jasmine porridge Jasmine contains a variety of organic substances and vitamins, as well as nutrients such as sugar and starch, which are beneficial to the human body. It is an ideal beauty product.

After the jasmine is collected, it is dehydrated to make dried jasmine, which can be used for making tea and porridge.

Cook porridge with 100 grams of fresh initial rice. When the porridge is ready, add dried jasmine 3?
5 grams, cook for another 5-10 minutes.

Jasmine porridge tastes sweet and fresh, very refreshing. The aroma of jasmine can be “through the head, go down the abdomen”, relieve all the staleness in the chest, not only refreshing, but also can filter dry skin, with beautiful skin, fitnessRefreshing, anti-aging and anti-aging effect.

  The ancient patriotic poet Qu Yuan in the upper reaches of the chrysanthemum porridge has the poem “The drink of the magnolia is falling and the autumn meal is falling.”

Chrysanthemum contains essential oils, chrysanthemum, adenine, amino acids, and vitamins, which can inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin, activate epidermal cells, and have a good skin care effect. It is also known as “the flower that prolongs life”.

Boil porridge with 100 grams of fresh initial rice, put 5-10 grams of chrysanthemums when the porridge is cooked, and cook for about 5 minutes with low heat.

The porridge color is bright and yellowish, the smell is fragrant, and the chrysanthemum also has the effects of dispersing wind and heat, clearing the liver and eyesight, and detoxifying. It is often taken to correct the diseases associated with wind and cold, sudden dizziness, red eyes, and swelling and pain.The role of pressure.

  The ancient people of peach blossom porridge have the saying of “human face peach blossom contrasting red”. Modern research proves that peach blossom contains coumarin, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc., which can expand blood vessels, clear the veins, moisturize the skin, and promote lipofuscin to promote aging of the human body.Excretion can prevent and eliminate freckles, melasma and age spots.

When the porridge is ripe, put it in peach blossom, and watch the beautiful flowers tumble in the white rice porridge. There is really a feeling that “flowers are not intoxicating.”

Regular use of this porridge can treat women’s dull complexion due to liver qi sparseness and poor blood gas, dry and gloomy skin.

You can also mash the fresh peach blossoms and apply it to your face. Over time, it can make the skin moist, smooth, and elastic, and make your cheeks as white as jade.

  Apricot flower porridge Apricot flower has the functions of replenishing qi and nourishing qi, expelling wind and clearing collaterals, and beauty.

Taking apricot porridge, you can use Migu to help its medicinal power, so that the stomach and the stomach can fully absorb the active ingredients that inhibit the tyrosinase activity of skin cells to prevent acne and dark spots.

  The lotus porridge lotus contains ingredients such as wildflower peptidin and humulin. It has a fragrance and phlegm, and has the effect of clearing the heat and calming the soul.

Cook with 100 grams of rice until cooked. Put the cleaned lotus leaves and lotus flowers and cook for about 10 minutes.

The porridge is greenish and slightly bright, which makes the appetite widen.

Standing lotus porridge can improve the skin’s strong oil secretion, reduce acne, make the complexion rosy and radiant.