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Tunnel Shares (600820) 2019 Interim Report Review: Decreased investment income and bad debt dragged down the performance of the rails significantly improved

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Tunnel Shares (600820) 2019 Interim Report Review: Decreased investment income and bad debt dragged down the performance of the rails significantly improved
2019H1 revenue +15.8%, net profit attributable to mother +4.8%, investment income decreased and accrued bad debt dragged down the growth of net profit; the new growth in 2019H1 is steadily increasing, and the rail transit has significantly improved.Taking into account the mild recovery of infrastructure and the preliminary implementation of regional rail transit plans and better sustainability, we maintain 2019 EPS forecast of 0.70/0.78/0.86 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. 2019H1 revenue +15.8%, net profit attributable to mother +4.8%. The decrease in investment income and the accrual of bad debts dragged down the growth rate of net profit, and the construction business income grew steadily.The company’s 2019H1 revenue was 163.1 ‰, +15 per year.8%; net profit attributable to mother 8.8 ‰, +4 for ten years.8%. The growth rate of net profit is lower than the growth rate of income, which is mainly due to the decrease in investment income and accrual of bad debt losses; corresponding to EPS 0.28 yuan, +3 a year.7%.In terms of business, construction / design / operation revenue was 151.2/6.8/2.8 ‰, +19 a year.8% /-5.7% / + 18.8%. Gross profit margin dropped slightly.5pct to 12.2%, period expense ratio -1.6 pieces to 7.4%.2019H1 company gross profit margin 12.2% per year -0.5pct, construction / design gross margin decreased by 0.6/3.7% to 10.0% / 26.8%, while operating business gross margin increased by 16.8% to 60.4%.Expense rate for half a year -1.6 pieces to 7.4%, sales / management / R & D / financial expenses 0.1% / 3.6% / 2.0% / 1.8% a year + 0 / -0.5 / -1.4 / + 0.4pcts, the R & D investment in the first half of the year decreased significantly (-33%).Company investment income 4.3 trillion, -22% a year; accrued bad debt loss of 52.68 million yuan (110,000 yuan in the same period last year).Net operating cash margin 8.20,000 yuan (net decrease of 20 in the same period last year.900 million); net reduction in investment cash by 30.0 million yuan (net decrease of 27 in the same period last year.9ppm), mainly due to increased investment in PPP projects; net cash inflow from financing.20,000 yuan (net inflow of 26 in the same period last year.900 million). The single-year growth rate in the new quarter of 2019H1 is slightly slower than that of early Q1. Local orders in Shanghai have increased rapidly, and the construction of housing has maintained a high growth. Rail transit has significantly recovered.The new millennium in 2019H1 is 25.7 billion (times +5).1%), the growth rate dropped 4 in 19Q1 earlier.One.Including construction / design order 236.8/20.60,000 yuan (ten years +3.8% / + 22.2%).From a regional perspective, Shanghai’s internal and external business is 132.0/99.2 ‰, +28 a year.6% /-17.4%; domestic / overseas business is 231.2/5.600 million, ten years +3.8% / + 7.3%; from the perspective of structure, rail transit / municipal / energy / road / house / other business is 41.5/68.6/19.4/39.9/66.9/0.500 million (+11% / + 14% /-40% /-38% / + 119% /-83%), of which the track transfer order Q2 was extended by +67 in a single quarter.6%, benefiting from the relevant regional rail transit planning landed one after another, the rail transit significantly improved at a low base.The company has ample orders in hand, major projects are making good progress, and the new progress in the first half of the year has increased steadily. The future performance is deterministic. The incentive mechanism is straightened out, and it is expected that the enthusiasm will be effectively mobilized; the successful issuance of 3-year corporate bonds provides strong support for business development.In December 2018, the company’s board of directors resolved to pass an incremental performance incentive plan, with constraints including a net profit of 19-20 in 2018-20.6/21.3/23.0 million yuan, a CAGR of 8 over the three years in 2017.3%.According to our calculations, the maximum incremental performance rewards for 2018 may reach 15.85 million 都市夜网 yuan. Considering the coverage of major executives, incentives are expected to effectively motivate the company.In addition, the company successfully issued 3-year 2.5 billion corporate bonds in May with an interest rate of 3.80%, long-term low-interest corporate bonds are expected to provide strong support for the company’s business expansion. Risk factors: The risk of rail transit construction exceeding expectations; PPP landing is less than expected. Investment suggestion: 2019H1 revenue +15.8%, net profit attributable to mother +4.8%, investment income decreased and accrued bad debt dragged down the growth of net profit; the new growth in 2019H1 is steadily increasing, and the rail transit has significantly improved.Taking into account the mild recovery of infrastructure and the gradual implementation of relevant regional 杭州桑拿 rail transit plans and better sustainability, we maintain the EPS forecast for 2019-21 to 0.70/0.78/0.86 yuan, corresponding to PE is 10.0x / 9.0x / 8.2x, maintain “Buy” rating.

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Penghua Fund: The RRR cut is intended to reduce the cost of physical financing

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Penghua Fund: The RRR cut is intended to reduce the cost of physical financing
Penghua Fund incident: The People’s Bank of China stated on September 6 that it decided to fully reduce the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions on September 6, 2019.5 shareholders (excluding finance companies, financial leasing companies and auto finance companies).In addition, in order to promote increased support for small and micro enterprises and private enterprises, an additional reduction of the deposit reserve ratio for urban commercial banks operating only in provincial administrative regions was made on October 15 and NovemberOn the 15th, it was implemented in two places, each time down by 0.5 averages.  Interpretation: The People’s Bank of China said that the long-term funds released by the RRR cut will be about 900 billion yuan, of which about 800 billion yuan will be released by the full-scale reduction, and about 100 billion yuan will be released by the targeted reduction.The RRR cut is in line with the September 4th National Assembly’s “timely use of policy tools such as universal and targeted RRR cuts.”.The spirit of increasing financial support for the real economy, especially small and micro enterprises.Under the background of increasing downward pressure on the economy and sluggish physical financing needs, the release of funds to reduce the bank’s debt can effectively alleviate the pressure on the bank’s debt end. The bank’s targeted reduction in bank structure will support urban commercial banks and private small and micro enterprises. The combination of scale and structural policies will help reduce the physicalFinancing costs.  The RRR cut still reflects the characteristics of structural easing, not “flooding in floods”, but the hedge against the tax period in mid-September to gradually or reduce open market operations to maintain reasonable liquidity; anotherOn the other hand, the recent tightening of financing policies for real estate companies, as well as the extension of a clear statement that mortgage interest rates will not be downgraded, will subsequently or mainly promote the flow of funds to entities and support private small and micro enterprises.In addition, the issuance of special bonds will initially increase the excess reserve requirements of commercial banks. This reduction will also help proactive fiscal policies and jointly support the real economy.  From a follow-up point of view, the policy and mechanism of currency policy will be further gradually promoted to promote the conversion of wide currency to wide credit.On August 17, in order to deepen the reform of interest rate marketization, improve the efficiency of interest rates, and promote the reduction of the financing cost of the real economy, it was decided to reform and improve the formation of the loan market quoted interest rate (LPR) formation mechanism. The new LPR quoted mechanism is “Mid-Term Lending Facility (MLF)”; On August 20th, the National Interbank Funding Center issued the first quotation since the reform of the LPR mechanism.25BP, compared with 4 before the reform.31% cut 6BP, 10BP lower than the benchmark; 5-year LPR reported 4.85%, 5BP 杭州风月网 lower than the benchmark; overall, the slight reduction of the “first show” of LPR basically accords with market expectations, while at the same time leaving room and possibility for the subsequent downward adjustment of LPR through the reduction of policy interest rates;Against the backdrop of increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, there will continue to be policy rate cuts such as MLF reductions to guide further declines in LPR and reduce physical financing costs.

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AVIC Hi-Tech (600862): Performance growth and growth in 2019 optimistic about the company’s composite materials business continues to develop

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AVIC Hi-Tech (600862): Performance growth and growth in 2019 optimistic about the company’s composite materials business continues to develop

Event: The company announced the 2019 annual performance forecast, and the internal net profit attributable to the mother in 2019 will be about 5.

50 ppm, an increase of 80 in ten years.

8%; the net profit of alternative non-recurring gains and losses attributable to shareholders of the listed company is approximately 2.

3.5 billion, down 13% a year.

Comments: 1.

The company’s annual net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 has increased year by year. It is optimistic that the company focuses on its main business, improves quality and efficiency, and the composite materials business continues to develop for a long time.

(1) The report initially achieved a net profit of approximately 5.

50 ppm, an increase of 80 in ten years.

8%, mainly driven by the following factors: ① The report increased, the new materials business income showed a steady growth trend, and the net profit was about 2.

880,000 yuan, an annual increase of about 78 million yuan, an annual increase of 37.

14%; ② The number of reports, the machine tool business actively explored the market, strengthened control over costs, and reduced losses by 0 in one year.

11 trillion; ③ the scale of real estate business income has narrowed, withdrawing completed at the end of 2019, and the consolidated net profit decreased by about 1.

260,000 yuan, but the actual net profit of Zhihao Real Estate’s distribution and transfer of consolidated caliber 南京龙凤网 is about 2.

5 ppm, that is, the actual net contribution of the real estate business as a whole increased by approximately 1.

24 ppm; ④ The investment income of the companies participating in the headquarters increased by approximately 0.

17 trillion; ⑤ The number of reports, the consolidated value-added assessment and amortization decreased by about 0.

1.2 billion.

(2) The non-recurring profit or loss attributable to shareholders of the listed company is approximately 2.

35 ppm, a year-on-year decrease of 13%, mainly due to the decline in land operations.

(3) According to the announcement of the company, the current aviation industry group has absorbed the former controlling shareholder of the merged company AVIC Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd., so that the company becomes a second-level subsidiary of the aviation industry group, the merger level is reduced, and the company’s management efficiency is gradually improved.

In fact, Aviation Industry Group is working hard to promote the strategic integration of professional integration. After directly holding the equity of AVIC Hi-Tech, it will also help promote internal resource integration, promote the development of related industries, and provide stronger support for the company.

We are optimistic that the company’s composite materials business will continue to develop for a long time under the background of high downstream demand boom, focus on the main business, and improvement of quality and efficiency.


The real estate business has exited, focusing on new aviation materials and the development of special equipment.

The company’s main business is new aviation materials business, the main equipment business and actual business of machine tools, covering new aviation materials, high-end intelligent equipment, rail transportation, automobiles, medical equipment, equipment manufacturing, real estate and other fields.

In December 2019, in order to supplement the annual commitment to withdraw from the real estate business in an orderly manner within five years of the major asset reorganization in 2015, the company issued an announcement that it has transferred 100% equity of Jiangsu Zhihao, a subsidiary held by Beijing Stock Exchange, to the transferee.For Nantong Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd.

With the orderly withdrawal of the company’s real estate-related business, the company will form a business layout with the main industries of new aviation materials and high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing, and the rapid development of the new aviation materials business will be highlighted.


Core aviation composite materials companies are expected to benefit from accelerated equipment replacement.

The company’s subsidiary aviation industry composite materials is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service of composite materials. According to the company’s announcement, its main customers are aviation industry OEMs and parts production units.

The company’s composite material technology and industrial scale are at the leading domestic level. The composite material design technology and engineering capabilities are internally competitive. In terms of high-performance resin and prepreg technology, resin-based composite material manufacturing technology, and advanced non-destructive testing technology, etc.In the domestic advantage area.

As the core company of aviation composite materials, the company is expected to benefit from the subsequent continuous replacement, and the composite materials business is committed to maintaining rapid growth.


Actively lay out the market for civilian composite materials, with ample room for growth.

The company is currently actively promoting the application and industrialization of aviation composite materials technology in the fields of civil aircraft, automobiles, rail transportation and new energy, and actively exploring the civil aviation market.

According to the company’s announcement, China ‘s civil aircraft industry is currently in a leapfrog development stage. The domestic large-scale passenger aircraft C919 successfully flew for the first time and entered the experimental stage. The Sino-Russian joint development of the wide-body passenger aircraft CR929 also entered the preliminary design stage, and its composite materials accounted for more than 50%.
In the future, various civil aircraft models will enter the batch production stage, and the demand for composite material components will be strong. The replacement of raw materials such as aviation prepregs and honeycomb core materials will also increase. The domestic civil aviation composite materials industry is expected to become a future developmentAttractions.

At the same time, composite applications for automobiles, rail transit, and ships have entered a stage of rapid development, and the civilian market for composite materials has broad development space. 5,

Earnings forecast and rating: Considering that the company is expected to continue to benefit from the advantages of card slots and refurbishment construction, and the civil composite materials market has ample space, we give the company a “recommended” rating. Our 2019/2020/2021 EPS forecasts are 0.



42 yuan, corresponding to 28/34/26 times the PE in 2019/20/21.

Risk Warning: Military product orders fail to meet expectations; civilian product market development fails to meet expectations; major development projects fail to meet expectations

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Physiological Yoga

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Physiological Yoga

The yoga teacher divides a woman’s physiological cycle into four parts. Do different actions at different times to help you improve your physical condition. You only need to do four or five actions per cycle to make you feel obvious changes.

  One Tuesday before the physiological period: Condition the ovarian hormones and recharge the body.

  During this time, women’s estrogen secretion is weakened, and their emotions are particularly irritable. The action of fractures should be mainly used to clear the breath of the skin, promote the pelvic blood circulation, and change the bad emotional period.

You can add some exercises to the abdomen to prevent the waist and abdomen from hoarding a large number of uncles.

  Tip: Do n’t turn your “temper” into appetite arbitrarily during this time, eat a lot of high-calorie foods, these accumulations greatly increase the risk of unfortunate hoarding.

  One Tuesday during the physiological period: Soothes the breath of the chest and shoulders and relaxes the lumbosacral region.

  During this period, women’s constitution is the weakest. It is not recommended to do some actions to stimulate the reproductive system. The upper body is mainly stretched.

First learn to adjust your breath to let your physiology enter a quiet and relaxed state; then open your shoulders, rotate the shoulder joint clockwise and counterclockwise, comb your body’s left and right veins, and stretch forward to expand your chest.

  The first Wednesday after the menstrual period: Unblocking the bones and muscles, strengthening the body and reducing fat.

  During this period, women’s estrogen secretion is the strongest, physical fitness gradually returns to the best state, and metabolism is fast. It is the first golden week of fitness and weight loss, so seize the opportunity, don’t be lazy, just control diet and do targetedExercise can have weight loss.

  Tip: Have you walk fast every day?
20 minutes, do a full exercise after returning home.

Avoid large intake of high feces and high conversion food.

Every day, we need to strengthen local strength training to achieve the purpose of shaping.

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Chinese medicine makes my retina flow

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Chinese medicine makes my retina flow

Now, when combing my thick black hair, I ca n’t help but be filled with emotion. It ‘s my traditional Chinese medicine that cured my head sores and allowed me to grow back again . When I was only ten months old, my headThe ascension was full of malignant sores, and the pus was bleeding continuously, and it eventually developed into a peeling pomegranate on the entire head, and the original hair was completely replaced, which looked like an unbearable disgrace.

  In order to treat me, my parents had a young me, and involved in transfers to hospitals of all sizes.

However, I went to many hospitals, took a lot of western medicine, and gave a lot of injections, but my condition did not improve in the slightest.

I really responded to the old saying, “If you have a disorder, you should go to the doctor.” At that time, as soon as I heard that there was a good doctor, my parents could go to me for treatment.

However, the effect of each treatment was very small. My head was still bleeding and pus, and I could not grow hair at all.

My parents are very worried that when I grow up, I will not grow hair to become bald.

  Repeated medical visits and repeated failures not only exhausted all the savings in the family, but also owed the debt to the next buttock. This made parents even more frustrated, and almost did not have any hope and was left to fate.

  Just then, a relative from my distant house came to visit the house and said that there was an old Chinese medicine practitioner who was particularly good at treating skin diseases such as malignant sores.

The parents have the last hope to find the old Chinese medicine practitioner.

After looking at my head, the old Chinese medical practitioner opposed my parents: “Go back and use the pods on the lime tree (Ailanthus altissima) and the pine cones on the pine. After burning to ashes, put them in a bowl and mix them with warm waterShape, then smear it on the head, and heal soon!

“Parents who didn’t spend a penny returned to the house doubtlessly and followed the methods of old Chinese medicine.

But to my parents’ surprise, a miracle turned out. The sore on my head gradually disappeared, atrophied, and scarred. It was completely healed in half a month, and my hair gradually grew.

  It is now that when elderly parents often look at my thick black hair, they thinly sigh with emotion: “Thanks to that old Chinese medicine doctor, I made you grow hair .” After editing: You are in the process of watching Chinese medicine,There are some unforgettable experiences, touching stories, profound experiences. Let us write to you and let us experience the unique charm of Chinese medicine together.

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Whitening + wrinkle coffee beauty DIY

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Whitening + wrinkle coffee beauty DIY

There are more and more people who love coffee. In addition to its bitter taste and fascinating aroma, as well as its refreshing effect, the charm of coffee can also be beautiful!

For example: using the brewed coffee grounds massage alternately transforms the skin to be smooth, firming and cosmetic.

Let’s “tasting” a cup of coffee with endless aftertastes. In this romantic moment, we are full of mouthfeel and beautiful.

  Why can coffee be beauty?

  Caffeine is the core component of coffee. Although it is controversial in the field of nutrition, it is the main functional component of popular slimming skin care products.

The caffeine extract is added to skin care formulas, and the active ingredients penetrating deep into the skin can stimulate the digestion and excretion of fecal cells and restore the bloated body.

  (1) Homemade coffee wrinkle-removing mask material: 1 egg yolk, 1 spoon of honey, 1 spoon and a half of flour, coffee powder 2 money Method: Efficacy: make the skin more elastic, smoother, remove wrinkles and prevent wrinkles.

  Coffee Whitening Mask (2) Coffee Whitening Mask Material: Almond amount, coffee powder amount, 1 protein.

  Method: Efficacy: moisturize and remove wrinkles, make loose skin tight, lighten dark spots, and make skin fair and bright.

  (3) DIY methods for other coffee skin beauty: 1.

Coffee fumigation refreshing: 2.

Coffee thin face massage: Method: Put a suitable amount of coffee powder into the massage cream and massage it with a light hand. The area from the jaw to the cheeks is maintained for 15-20 minutes a day, which is very effective for tightening the cheeks and double chins.

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Anti-aging Chinese medicine General

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Anti-aging Chinese medicine “General”

Once the human body lacks iron, it will cause anemia, decreased resistance, and affect the life of cells and the body.
Iron is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome oxidase, and catalase.
  The Chinese herbal compound Sijunzi Decoction is rich in iron and is a good iron supplement.
  Zinc is a constituent and activator of many enzymes and is involved in reproduction, sexual function, and immune function.
  If the human body is deficient in zinc, human sexual maturity and fertility will be affected and inhibited. At the same time, energy metabolism of brain cells will be impaired, and taste and smell will be abnormal.
  The Chinese herbal medicine Polygonum multiflorum has a zinc content of up to 421 micrograms / gram, which is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary Chinese medicine.
It is generally believed that animal foods have a higher zinc content but only 50 micrograms / gram, which is difficult to compare with Polygonum multiflorum.
  Selenium is one of the constituents of the glycopeptide oxide, which can catalyze the decomposition of toxic peroxides in the cell, and can resist aging and cancer.
  Traditional Chinese medicines such as flax kernels, garlic, shayuanzi, astragalus and dilong are rich in selenium, which is a good medicine to delay aging.
  Manganese can improve the synthesis of sex hormones in the human body, can activate a series of enzymes, and has anti-aging and anti-cancer effects.
  Cistanche, psoralea, Chinese wolfberry, etc. are rich in manganese.
  As an important promoter of iron utilization and hematopoiesis, copper is involved in body immunity and elastin synthesis, which has a significant impact on life span.
  Tea, tincture, turtle plate, salvia, red tincture, Buzhong Yiqi Pill and other rich copper.

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6 steps, baby is also tender in autumn

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6 steps, baby is also tender in autumn

Guide: Baby’s skin is thinner than adults. The skin has less elastic fibers and lacks elasticity. It is easy to be penetrated and damaged by foreign objects. If you use a rough towel to scrub the baby, it will easily hurt the skin and make the skin changeGet rough and aging.

  Baby skin care six steps 1, facial care 1, symptoms: baby often drools and spit milk.

  2. Nursing: A soft and moist towel should be prepared to clean the cheeks for the baby. In autumn and winter, apply a moisturizer in time to prevent skin cracking.

  Second, eye care 1. Symptoms: The corners of the eyes are red, and there is a lot of discharge from the eyes.

  2. Nursing: Wash the corners of your baby’s eyes once a day with wet cotton wool.

  Third, nasal cavity care 1, symptoms: nasal secretions plug the nostrils and affect breathing.

  2. Care: Use a wet cotton swab to gently roll out the secretions.

  Fourth, umbilical care 1, symptoms: the baby’s umbilical cord has changed, sometimes the umbilical hole is slightly wet or a small amount of bleeding.

  2. Nursing: Regardless of whether the umbilical cord can be replaced, clean the umbilical cord every day after taking a bath, that is, use a sterile cotton swab dipped in 75% medical alcohol, slowly extend it gently clockwise from the center of the umbilical cord, repeat three times, and replace three cottonStick, wipe away dirt and blood, and keep the umbilical dry and clean.

When the umbilicus is swollen or has purulent discharge, go to the hospital immediately.

  V. Chest Care 1. Symptoms: The baby’s chest is very delicate, and diapers should be changed in time.

  2. Nursing: Wash and change the diapers frequently. When changing the diapers, use Johnson’s baby supple paper towel to clean and clean the remaining urine stains and fecal stains, and then apply baby diaper cream.

  6. Body and limbs 1. Symptoms: If the baby sweats frequently.

  2. Nursing: A soft towel should be provided for him to dry his body in case he catches cold, and cotton underwear should be changed frequently, and the baby should be bathed every day.

  3. Symptoms: If in the dry season or changing clothes, a thin and soft white piece of dandruff comes off.

  4. Nursing: keep the skin clean. After bathing, it can be changed according to the season, autumn and winter: apply emollient oil or lotion to prevent skin cracking and damage.

Summer: Apply talcum powder. Babies who have rashes should keep the room ventilated and cool. Apply hot glutinous powder after bath to reduce friction.

  5. Symptoms: scratches, etc.

  6, Nursing: Cut your baby’s fingernails short, don’t wear him too thick and too warm.

  One of the three tips to keep your baby’s skin tender and delicate is to cover the baby’s tender skin with a “protective film”.

  Baby-specific moisturizers usually have lotions (moisturizers), moisturizers and moisturizers. For reference, they contain natural moisturizers (moisturizers). Moisturizers are rich in moisturizing factors, Can effectively moisturize the baby’s skin; emollient oil contains natural mineral oil, can prevent chapped, moisturize the skin effect is stronger.

In my wheat pocket, I just used Johnson’s lotion. I don’t hesitate to myself, and even to my baby!

I sometimes pour out a lot and apply lotion to his whole body. I have been very persistent in summer!

So my baby ‘s skin is super nice and super white!

  Second, take care of your baby’s young and tender lips so as not to crack.

  Baby’s small lips are more delicate than adults’, and in the fall, they are especially prone to peeling and cracking.

When your baby’s lips are cracking, first apply a damp hot towel on the lips to allow the lips to fully absorb moisture, then apply lip balm, and pay attention to let your baby drink more water.

  Third, do not use rough towels to scrub your baby.

  The baby’s skin is thinner than adults. It has less collagen fibers in the skin and lacks elasticity. It is easily penetrated and damaged by foreign objects. If you use a rough towel to scrub the baby hard, it will easily damage the skin and make the skin changeGet rough and aging.

  Diet adjustment should let your baby drink plenty of water and add water in time.

Make sure your baby drinks 5-8 glasses of water every day. You can also give some honey water appropriately. Honey has a good moisturizing effect, but you should not give too much, because too many sweets are not good for your baby.

  Autumn is the season for fruit maturation. A large number of fruits are listed one after another. To make full use of this favorable natural resource, let your baby eat more water-converted fruits, such as pears, oranges, and oranges.Eat fresh fruits, you can also make fruit salad, or squeeze fruit juice, so as to increase your baby’s freshness and promote his appetite.

  It is also necessary to add an appropriate amount of vitamin A, because vitamin A has the original function of maintaining the mucosal layer of the skin.

When the human body lacks vitamin A, the initial manifestations are dry skin tissue and desquamation.

Vitamin A is rich in animal foods such as pork liver, chicken liver, eggs, and milk.

The main advantage of plant sources is carotene.

Carotene is higher in dark vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, amaranth, lettuce, rape, peas, etc. Fruits are rich in mango, orange, and coriander.

  The diet should be light, too much salt will take away the baby’s water.You can also boil some moisturizing sugar water, such as Sydney rock sugar water, Tremella fuciformis, etc.

  Choice of skin care products Because their skin is not fully developed, the protective effect against dehydration of the epidermis is not great.

In addition, their skin has low mechanical strength, thin stratum corneum, high pH and less sebum, so the skin is mostly dry and also affected by external influences.

Children’s cream is mainly added with appropriate amounts of bactericides, vitamins and pearl powder, protein and other nutritional and health additives, and the products are mostly neutral or slightly acidic, which is consistent with the PH value of infants and young children.

Infants and young children often use it to protect the skin, prevent excessive diffusion or replacement of water, avoid dry and cracked skin and irritation caused by fecal, urine, acid, alkali or microbial growth.

  Baby-specific moisturizers are generally divided into three types: moisturizer, moisturizer, and moisturizer. The latter is more oily than the former.

Under the classification, moisturizers and moisturizers with natural moisturizing ingredients generally contain moisturizing factors, which can effectively moisturize the baby’s skin; moisturizing oils generally contain natural mineral oils, which can prevent dry cracks and moisturize the skin.

In addition, the skin care products on the market are divided according to the age of one year. Babies under the age of one year are specialized in special baby care products, and those over the age of one year can choose child care products.

  When buying children’s skincare products, you must first choose professional products, not professional. Products from children’s skincare manufacturers are likely to contain adult products. It is best not to buy them.

Even if it is a manufacturer that specializes in producing children’s cosmetics, do not buy new products. It is best to choose some mature old products, other people’s introductions and opinions, and the brand of baby skin care products should not be changed often, so that the baby’s skin need not be right.Different skin care products are repeatedly adjusted.

In addition, look at the ingredients of the product, try to choose some ingredients that are relatively simple, do not contain fragrance, alcohol, non-irritating, can protect the skin moisture balance well to reduce the irritation of the baby’s skin.

It should be noted that if the baby has an allergic reaction to the skin after using skin care products, such as skin redness, rash, etc., it should be stopped immediately.

In addition, because you and your baby are in constant contact, using a similar type of moisturizer is a good choice.

  Daily care for the lack of moisture in the autumn air, so a humidifier should be installed in the room where the baby is to be kept continuously to humidify the air.

There should also be more green plants in the room.