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Listen: Broccoli is the best vegetable

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Listen: Broccoli is the best vegetable

Among the various vegetables, some have the highest nutritional value?

You may find it difficult to compare.

However, a recent study in Japan showed that the average nutritional value and disease prevention of broccoli far exceed other vegetables, ranking first.

  Vitamin C content is higher than the nutritional content of broccoli, which is higher than peppers. Besides being high in content, it is very comprehensive, mainly including protein, impurities, traces, minerals, vitamin C and carotene.

According to analysis, each 100 grams of fresh broccoli flower ball contains protein 3.

5 grams-4.

5 grams is 3 times that of cauliflower and 4 times that of tomato.

In addition, broccoli is more comprehensive in minerals than other vegetables. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, and manganese, which is much higher than the cabbage flowers of the same Brassicaceae family.

  Many people think that tomatoes and peppers are the most vitamin C-rich vegetables. In fact, broccoli has higher vitamin C content than them, and is significantly higher than other ordinary vegetables.

Moreover, the vitamins in broccoli are very complete, especially the content of folic acid is rich, which is also an important reason why its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary vegetables.

  Anti-cancer effect The anti-cancer effect of broccoli is recognized worldwide as an important part of research by Western and Japanese scientists in recent years.

Broccoli tops the list of anti-cancer vegetables published by Japan’s National Cancer Research Center.

The United States “Nutrition” magazine also published research results on broccoli can effectively prevent prostate cancer.

The anti-cancer effect of broccoli is mainly due to the replacement of sulfur glucose contained in it, which is called long-term consumption can reduce the incidence of cancers such as diabetes, prostate cancer and gastric cancer.

  In addition to anti-cancer, broccoli is also rich in ascorbic acid, which can enhance the detoxification ability of the liver and improve the body’s immunity.

Some of these flavonoids can regulate and prevent hypertension.

At the same time, broccoli is a high-fiber vegetable, which can effectively reduce the absorption of glucose from the stomach, reduce slender blood sugar, and effectively control the condition of diabetes.

  Cold salad is good for preserving nutrition. For most Chinese people, broccoli has only appeared in large numbers on our table in recent years.

The way of eating is currently monotonous, and most of them are stir-fried or garlic fried.

In fact, an important characteristic of broccoli is that the color will remain green after boiling or simmering, and the taste will be more crispy.

Therefore, cold or soup is also a good choice.

  In foreign countries, broccoli is mainly eaten with salad or cooked as a side dish of western food. This avoids the loss of nutrition during high temperature heating and is more beneficial to health.

People who are accustomed to hot dishes can also sauté it with meat, eggs or shrimp.

  In addition, when picking broccoli, the heavier the feel, the better the quality.

However, it is also necessary to avoid the flower ball from being too hard, such broccoli is relatively old.

After buying back, it is best to eat it in 4 short-term, otherwise it is not fresh.

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The wonderful feeling of being a father

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The wonderful feeling of being a father

As a father, I tasted the most wonderful feeling in the world. The miracle of creating life is enough to cause excitement and excitement, and a strong sense of happiness surrounds me deeply.I am deeply grateful to my wife for the tremendous sacrifice she has caused for me and our children.

  Especially during childbirth, the unbearable pain caused me to shed tears countless times, and I hated myself so close to me, watching her twitch every few minutes on the sick bed, full of heads.Sweat soaked in a few towels, and my distorted face looked at me helplessly, but I couldn’t help her at all.

Every pain in my heart cuts a wound, and my heart is bleeding!

Helpless and anxious, I have the strength of the whole body but nowhere else. I can only turn my head and wipe it away secretly every time when tears fill my eyes.

  The death rate from the heartbeat monitor is sometimes rapid, and sometimes the slow heartbeat makes me nervous, too fast and afraid of being too fast, and slow and afraid of stopping, causing fatal asphyxia.

So that now whenever I hear a similar heartbeat, even on TV, it will make my heart beat faster and my blood will surge. It is estimated that it fell at that time, it may be conditioning.

  At this moment, any comfort that can be expressed in words in the world is suddenly so pale and hypocritical, because you are not a mother who is about to give birth. You cannot understand and have no right to say anything, so a woman willing to choose to become a mother is brave and greatYes, it deserves respect and love.

  To all prospective dads who will soon become fathers, if possible, be sure to accompany your wife to give birth, it is best to go into the delivery room together, as long as you have to stay by her and give her all your care and support,Tell her how much you love her, even if you can do nothing, as long as you look at her with your loving eyes, it will give her great encouragement and strength!

  Only men who have seen his wife deliver can appreciate the hardship of being a woman, and in the future life will give his wife more understanding, love and support, and strive to be a qualified husband and father!

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Partial wearing of beautiful hair bags[Photos]

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Partial wearing of beautiful hair bags[Photos]

At present, if the Baotou is popular, if you are not careful, it will become a joke, how do the girls in Baotou in Japanese magazines do it?

step1 1. Comb high and fragile, comb all the hair behind your head into a ponytail and tie it.

Step2 2. Rotate part of the horsetail and then split the horsetail into two halves. Let the half rotate in one direction, and it will naturally become a small bag.

step3 3, the clip is fixed with a clip.

step4 4. After applying the wax, fix it with hair wax and wrap the broken hair.

Step 5 5. Finally, the hair spray gel is wrapped with the other half of the pony tail, and the hair spray is neatly wrapped.