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White-collar workers beware of eight mental illnesses

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White-collar workers beware of eight mental illnesses

Experts remind that some mental illnesses can heal themselves through regulation, but there are also serious ones that can lead to suicide.

Therefore, the elites must care about their mental health while working in ecstasy.

  Major depression can lead to suicide In this survey, the most people with depression.

There are many factors leading to depression, including genetics, biochemistry, personality, dieting, weight loss, lack of exercise, and insufficient sunshine.

The main manifestations are persistently low emotions, significantly reduced interest in daily life and entertainment, pessimism, reduced self-evaluation, lack of energy, and lack of confidence in work and study.

Some physical manifestations are imminent, such as unexplained headaches, physical pain, dizziness, tinnitus, diarrhea, and constipation.

  Patients with severe depressive episodes are often accompanied by negative suicidal ideas or behaviors.

The course of depression is as short as a few days and as long as more than 10 years.

Depression generally has a better prognosis, but is prone to recurrent episodes.

People with the above symptoms should pay attention to arranging behavior activities and gradually establish a confident activity procedure.

Participate in recreational activities, exercise more, avoid overloading work, and cooperate with short-term training. Its beneficial medication.

  Half of the patients treated for anxiety can improve. Among those surveyed, the number of those with serious anxiety ranks second.

The cause of anxiety has not yet been determined. Most anxiety sufferers are people who are timid, have low self-esteem, are suspicious, do things before and after, hesitate, and have a poor ability to adapt to new things or the environment.

There are two types of clinical anxiety and chronic anxiety.

Acute manifestations include dyspnea, chest tightness, chest pain, trembling, sweating, etc .; chronic manifestations include restlessness, lack of security, fear for no reason, and upset.

Although the patient suffers from certain concerns that cannot exist in reality, he still cannot control his sense of fear.

The prognosis of anxiety is related to the patient’s individual quality in vivo. If handled properly, most patients will improve within six months.

Usually pay attention to eliminate doubts, arrange work and study life correctly, often give yourself some encouragement, participate in community activities, make friends and so on.

  Obsessive-compulsive disorder can alleviate the number of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder. This survey ranked third.

There are many predisposing factors for obsessive-compulsive disorder, including changes in the work and living environment, requiring excessive strictness, difficult circumstances, fear of accidents, family disagreements, etc.

Make patients cautious, worried, and cause obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The clinical manifestations of obsessive-compulsive disorder are two categories: obsessive-compulsive perception and obsessive-compulsive movement.

Such as compulsive suspicion, repeated door locks, compulsive thinking, forced counting, etc.

  Obsessive-compulsive disorder is not terrible. When it is critical, you have to be brave to face it rationally, and let things go naturally. Once you encounter a problem, speak to your friends and family about your psychological tension and fear, and get spiritual relief.

Schedule your time as soon as possible, or consult a professional doctor.

  Elite also has dyslexia. The number of dyslexia ranked fourth in this survey.

Patients with alexithymia fail to properly express emotions, local fantasies, and are prevalent in patients with psychosomatic disorders, neurosis, and various mental disorders.

People who are hesitant to report arousal disorders have poor understanding of emotional changes, poor response to psychotherapy, and often have adverse effects on treatment.

Dyslexia may occur in patients with many diseases, such as coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, etc .; gastrointestinal diseases related to psychological factors, skin diseases, etc.

In addition, mental disorders such as neurosis, mental pain and the like.

  Adaptation disorders often occur within a month of a sudden change. The fifth place in the survey is the potential for adaptation.

Adaptation disorders are generally manifested as low mood, sadness and crying, sensitivity and suspiciousness, willingness to tell others about pain, truancy, absenteeism, irregular life, etc.

Adaptation syndrome usually occurs within one month of stress time or life change. In addition to long-term depression, after the stress and difficult situation is eliminated, the duration of symptoms generally does not exceed 6 months.

  Paranoid tendencies tend to be paranoid among suspicious and irritable people. Sixth is paranoid tendencies.

The cause of paranoia is currently unknown, and is generally induced by limb stimulation based on personality defects.

Patients often manifest as self-centered, stubborn, strong, pretentious, sensitive, suspicious, fantasizing, irritable, and self-evaluating.

The course of paranoid psychiatric disease is mostly persistent, and some may not heal for life. After old age, due to physical and metabolic decline, symptoms may be resolved.

  Worry that may cause fear to rank seventh is the tendency to fear.Phobia causes people to have a strong and expected fear of certain objects, and takes the initiative to avoid them to alleviate their concerns.

The object of fear may be single or multiple, such as animals, squares, closed rooms, ascending or social activities, etc., often knowing that there is no need to be afraid, nervous, but unable to restrain.

People with a tendency to fear must face themselves to enhance their sense of security.

  Unexpected emergencies easily lead to stress disorder. The eighth place is the possibility of stress disorder.

There are many factors such as life time, obvious changes in the living situation, social and cultural environment influences, individual personality characteristics, and individual differences such as education level.

Presents a variety of symptoms such as self-talk, nervous expression, restlessness, excitement or shouting, attenuation, despair, and so on.

For unexpected events, we must respond with positive attitudes and measures, gradually change our living habits and behaviors, adjust interpersonal relationships, and adapt to the surrounding living environment.

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Detailed explanation of pumpkin red dates pork rib soup

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Detailed explanation of pumpkin red dates pork rib soup

Growth and efficacy: recipes for children; osteoporosis recipe taste: savory taste; process: cooking pumpkin and red dates pork rib soup Ingredients: main ingredients: 700 grams of pumpkin, 500 grams of pork ribs (large ribs), 100 grams of dried (dried), 25 grams of scallops.

  Seasoning: 3 grams of ginger, 3 grams of salt teach you how to make pumpkin and red date pork rib soup, how to make pumpkin and red date pork rib soup is delicious1.

Peel and squash the pumpkin, wash and cut into thick pieces; 2.

Add pork ribs and boil for 5 minutes, remove and wash; 3.

Wash the red dates and remove the seeds; 4.

Jiang Yaozhu (scallop) is washed and soaked with water, it takes about one hour; 5,

Add 11 cups of water or an appropriate amount to the boil in the pot, add the ribs, Jiang Yaozhu, pumpkin, red dates, ginger to boil; cook for three hours on low heat, season with salt.

  Tips: Health Tips: Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, Strengthening Bone and Muscle; Pumpkin is sweet and warm, Buzhong Yiqi, Jujube can nourish the spleen and stomach, Yiqi Shengjin, Pork Ribs can complement Yang Yitong pulp, nourishingYin Yaozhuo, Jiang Yaozhu has liver and kidney, warm five internal organs.

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Men should recognize waist and arm health

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Men should recognize waist and arm health

Men want to have a smooth and handy “play” in the process of sexual behavior. They should pay attention to the health and motor functions of the waist, back, joints and arms on weekdays.

If you want to keep the movement of these parts smooth, it is best to do more targeted exercises to help these areas. Some of the following simple recruitment soft exercises to help promote the support of arms and lower back, usually in bed orCan be done on the ground.

Men want to maintain “strength”, it is best to take time every night to do a few times (the number of times depends on each person’s different physical fitness), in the future “bed activity” will not be unable to help.

  Prone stretch stretches into the body towards the ground, lay straight forward and lie down, straight forward, slightly lifted, straight forward and feet try to tilt backwards, each shift for 10 to 15 seconds, thenRelax slowly.

  The cat posture fracture is as the name suggests. This set of motion shapes is like a cat shrinking. First, lean forward and forward with your palms touching the ground. Then pull the body above you back to the hips to touch your feet.At the top of the foot, stretch your arms as far as possible, lengthen your head and ends, and stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. Then slowly relax and repeat the entire movement.

  The posture of elbow palm pressing is similar to ordinary palm pressing, the difference is that the top is attached to the ground.

Support the ground slightly beyond the radial head vertically, and then perform a palm press to bend and straighten.

Pay attention to keeping the waist slightly bent, each movement lasts for 10 seconds, and then do it again, but remember to do it according to your ability.

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Avoid three risk factors

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Avoid three risk factors

The summer weather is sultry, and many people like to sleep in the air at night, so good.

Unexpectedly, when I woke up, many people found their own stiff neck – careful pain, unable to turn the head.

Duan Junfeng, chief physician of the hospital rehabilitation medicine department, pointed out that many white-collar workers now suffer from cervical spondylosis. If there are risk factors such as bad sleeping posture, it is particularly easy to fall off.


hzh {display: none; }  危险因素一:吹空调  周小姐在外企工作,压力较大。Recently, the weather is hot, she has to turn on the air conditioner every night to sleep.

One night, she worked overtime until 12 o’clock in the evening before going to rest. She slept very well. When she woke up in the morning, she suddenly felt the tingling on the left side. I thought that the activity would be better, but the more the activity, the more painful the neck.

  Duan Junfeng said that many people think that young people will not rest on the pillow. In fact, if the young work is overworked during the day, the air conditioner or electric fan will be used to sleep at night, the cervical vertebrae will be stagnant, the meridians will be blocked, and the cervical spine will be stiff and painful.It is very easy to have a stiff neck.

  Suggestion: Air conditioner, electric fan should not be blowing against the human body. When sleeping, the cover should not only cover the whole body, but also cover it.

  Risk factor 2: Pillows Mr. Gao Liang often has a stiff neck since he was in his 20s.

Not long ago, he went to the hospital for treatment. He often knew his own pillows because he liked to sleep high pillows. He often put two pillows together and slept together. As a result, the cervical curvature was straightened.

  In fact, many of the initial and repeated cervical spondylosis are associated with improper use of the pillow.

Pillows are good, most of them affect the health of the cervical spine.

Pillows should not be too hard or too soft. The most important thing is to have a certain supporting force.

  Suggestion: For most people, the height of the pillow when lying on the back should be one’s own punch height (when the thumb is outside the fist, the fist is placed horizontally and vertically), and the side should be one punch plus two horizontal heights.The softness of the pillow is easy to deform, which is beneficial to the full relaxation and rest of the neck and hip muscles during sleep.

  Risk factor three: lying on the sleeping pillow in addition to blowing air conditioning, choosing a pillow is not appropriate, prefer to sleep on the side, lying down and sleeping, etc. will also lead to stiff neck.

When people are asleep, they need to twist their heads to breathe, and prolong the twisting of the head. It is easy to cause the cervical spine to be over-twisted and misplaced, resulting in a stiff neck.

  Recommendation: When lying on the back, the torsion angle of the head and neck should not be too large (the steering angle is safer within 30 degrees), and the lower head position is easier to sleep when lying on the side. Resting at the office at noon does not prevent the preparation of a U-shaped neck pillow.

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Japan’s most hot and thin waist method, 2 minutes a day, one week, waist circumference minus 7cm

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Japan’s most hot and thin waist method, 2 minutes a day, one week, waist circumference minus 7cm

In the hot summer, the most happy thing for girls is to wear vest shorts to reveal a small waist and long legs.

and many more?
The girls with small intestines said that they were very wronged. They didn’t want to wear long trousers to cover the small flesh, but how many can control their mouths?

Is there a less expensive method of thin waist?

Don’t panic, come!

Japan’s recently popular thin waist Dafa has been madly spread on major social platforms. There are only two simple actions, one week, the waist can be angered by 7cm, and the Japanese popular variety “サタデープラス” is also very attractive.people?

It’s better to talk about it if you don’t practice it.

The first action: Up movement 1, first, stand upright, the heel is unfolded, the toe is opened at 60°; 2, put both hands up, lift up to the top of the head, straighten and merge; 3, then, toe forward,Slowly lift the heel and shrink the waist. 4. When the heel is lifted to a certain height, hold on for 5 seconds, then slowly lower the heel for 5 seconds.

Action essentials: the heel must be together; when lifting the heel, put the consciousness on the belly and back muscles, be sure to straighten the waist up!

Straighten your waist up!
There is a small trick here: if the abdomen is too curved, the belly will stand out and it will be difficult to maintain balance. If you use your strength on your butt, you can simply straighten it. Friends who have no confidence in their physical strength can rely on the top.
The second action: Down action 1, first, open the feet, the separation is bigger than the shoulder width, the toes extend 30°; 2, must be extended, toward the middle toe, then the body slowly presses, thenSlowly stand up and repeat it 5 times.

3, when the 5th time, after the body is pressed down, the pressure is raised 5 times, and then slowly stand up.

Action essentials: The contraction must not be introverted. When the thigh is bent down, there is no effect in applying the introversion.

These two little actions are simple and easy to remember, and they don’t take up space. They can be done anytime, anywhere.

According to your own situation, each action is done 20-40 times, rest for 30 seconds and then continue to the next action, cycle 2 per day?
In 3 groups, you can achieve the effect of thin waist and hip.


During the exercise, do not deliberately diet, continue to eat and drink.

Are you ready to abuse your abdomen?

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How to judge young children suffering from orangutan red heat?

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There is some way to prevent scarlet fever

How to judge young children suffering from orangutan red heat?

There is some way to prevent scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is an acute rash-like respiratory infection caused by group A type B hemolytic streptococcus. Traditional Chinese medicine is called “rotten throat” and gradually disappears. It is seen in winter and spring.

The age of good hair is 5-15 years old.

The clinical features of fever, angina, diffuse red rash on the body and skin desquamation after rash.

So how do mothers judge that young children have red hot dogs?

What is the way to prevent scarlet fever?

Let’s take a look.

How do you judge that a child has scarlet red?

1, children generally have a history of exposure to scarlet fever patients 1 to 7 days before the illness (average 2-3 days).

Scarlet fever is mainly transmitted by air droplets.

2, a sudden high fever.

Persistent fever, up to 39 ° C, severe cases up to 40 ° C or more, may be associated with headache, general malaise, loss of appetite and other symptoms.

The level of fever and heat history are consistent with the multiple oligonucleotides and growth and decline of the rash.

3, angina.

The table has sore throat, and there is purulent secretion in the pharyngeal isthmus, which can appear before the rash.

4, rash.

On the second day after fever, the rash began. It began at the back of the ear, the neck and the upper jaw, and quickly spread throughout the body within 24 hours.

A typical rash is a uniformly distributed tip-sized papule on diffusely congested skin with fading, accompanied by itching.

5, scarlet fever typical rash.

At the same time as the rash, the tongue nipple is swollen, called “strawberry tongue” or “yangmei tongue”.

6, blood routine.

The total number of white blood cells increased, mostly at 10-20×109 / L, and neutrophils often exceeded 80%.

Method 1 to prevent scarlet fever, ventilation and disinfection: the children’s room should be frequently ventilated and ventilated, more than 3 times a day, 15 minutes each time.

The utensils used by the children should be boiled and disinfected; the used handcuffs should be boiled with boiling water.

After the child has healed, it is necessary to carry out a thorough disinfection. Toys and furniture should be scrubbed with soapy water or Sushui, and can not be scrubbed. It can be exposed for 1 to 2 hours outdoors.

2, timely medical treatment: in the high season, especially in the surrounding scarlet fever patients, parents should pay close attention to the child’s physical condition, once the child is found to have fever or rash, should be promptly sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

3, treatment and isolation of patients: children should pay attention to bed rest, hospitalization or home isolation, do not contact other children; other people should wear masks when contacting patients.

Antibiotic treatment must be sufficient in a sufficient amount.

After 24 hours of adequate antibiotic treatment, it is generally no longer contagious and can be isolated if appropriate.

Special note: pediatric orangutan red fever is a common disease, frequently-occurring, parents should closely observe, pay attention to the early manifestations of complications, timely treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

Children who have acquired scarlet fever need to be immediately isolated and treated. In the acute phase, they should rest in bed, and most of them can be cured in 10 seconds.

Related recommendations for high incidence of winter scarlet fever quickly try to prevent scarlet fever diet!

How to prevent you from doing this during the scarlet fever season!

Seven major dietary contraindications for scarlet fever patients

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Put it in the porridge and ruin the child’s life.

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.Porridge is taboo, how much do you know?

Put it in the porridge and ruin the child’s life.

.Porridge is taboo, how much do you know?

A mother added salt to the porridge and personally ruined the life of the child for 8 months. The mother was only trying to make the baby grow better, and listened to the recipe of “eat salt and strength”, no one intended to “kill”.Dead child!

1. What is the cause of the tragedy?

Baby can’t eat salt within one year of age!

The reason why people are so sad is that the mother added too much salt to the baby’s porridge.

A high-salt diet will increase your baby’s heart and kidney burden.

The baby’s internal organs are not yet fully developed, and a long-term high-salt diet may also cause the baby’s kidneys and impaired heart function.

Baby babies within one year of age are advised to eat plain foods without adding additional seasonings.

In milk and porridge, as well as the nutrients needed for enough babies.

2, what are not suitable for adding in the porridge?

In order to shorten the time of porridge, some people in the edible alkali add a certain amount of edible alkali in the porridge, so that the porridge cooked is sticky and rotten, which is more palatable.

I don’t know if the nutrient loss of this cooked porridge is great.

Rice used for porridge, millet, sorghum, etc. all contain a lot of vitamins, and vitamins B1, B2 and vitamin C are stable in an acidic environment, and are easily decomposed in an alkaline environment.

Over time, it will lead to a lack of vitamins.

Therefore, do not put alkali when cooking rice porridge, you can add some glutinous rice, oats, etc., can not only increase the viscosity of porridge, but also will not destroy the nutrients, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Iced food ice porridge is a food that is very popular among children. The sweet taste and the thickness of the ice have won the favor of teenagers.

However, whether it is iced food in porridge or ice porridge directly, it is not conducive to health for a long time.

But it is not suitable for cold and cold, weak elderly and children.

When the ice porridge is drunk, there is almost no clogging of the pores of the human body, which makes the metabolic waste difficult to excrete, and may affect the gastrointestinal function.

Why egg eggs are not suitable for adding porridge, there is a specific point.

Some people like to throw eggs in the shell directly into the rice to cook porridge, which is actually not good.

Because there may be bacterial residue on the egg shell, it can’t be washed off by water.

It is not good to put it directly into the pot.

The correct way can be to break up the eggs and add them to the porridge. It is best to wait until the water is opened and put them in 3. The children’s blacklist for all ages is very fragile. Don’t give them inappropriate food.Things, otherwise it is easy to regret.

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What kind of milk powder for premature infants to drink?

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What kind of milk powder for premature infants to drink?

What kind of milk powder do premature babies drink?

Presumably, this is what many mothers want to know, but before we want to know what milk powder for premature babies to drink, we must first understand the nutritional needs of premature babies.

Nutritional needs of premature infants 1. Protein: The protein absorbed by mature infants from breast milk accounts for 6-7% of total conversion, and the protein transformed by premature infants accounts for 10 of total conversion.

2%, higher than normal children.

2, amino acids: 9 kinds of essential amino acids in normal children, 11 kinds of premature infants, because premature infants lack the related invertase, can not convert methionine into cystine, phenylalanine is converted into tyrosine, so cystineTyrosine becomes an essential amino acid and must be taken from food.

3, inorganic salts: premature infants need more than mature children, because the final stage of oxides is the stage of increased inorganic salts, such as: calcium, phosphorus, iron to increase, less than a month, premature infants will lack inorganic salts.
4, vitamins: premature infants lack of vitamin E, prone to hemolytic anemia, premature infants are not as good as mature adults, and may lack fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients.

Due to different situations, individual differences, nutrition should be carefully considered in combination with individual circumstances.

The milk powder of premature infants is chosen to be 1. According to the ingredients, α-lactalbumin in milk is only 4% of the total protein, relative.

α-Whey Protein can provide a combination of amino acids suitable for your baby, improve the bioavailability of protein, and reduce egg accumulation, thus effectively reducing the cholesterol burden.

At the same time, α-lactalbumin also contains sleep-regulating neurotransmitters that help the baby sleep and promote brain development.

2, according to the age of the baby to choose the milk powder instructions have a suitable age or age, can be selected as needed.

Suitable for baby’s milk powder, the first is no constipation after eating, no diarrhea, body weight and height and other indicators of normal growth, the baby sleeps well, appetite is normal.

Then the baby has no breath, less eyelids, no rash.

3, according to the baby’s health needs to choose the development of the digestive system of premature infants is worse than the child, optional milk powder for premature infants, until the body weight develops to normal (greater than 2500 grams) can be replaced into infant formula; for babies lacking lactase,A baby who causes chronic diarrhea to cause loss of lactase in the intestinal mucosa, a baby with high blood pressure and skin disease, and replaces desensitized milk powder, also known as soy milk formula.

In children with acute or chronic chronic diarrhea or short bowel disease, due to the destruction of mucous membranes in the body, a variety of digestive enzymes are lacking, and recombinant protein formula can be used; children with iron deficiency can supplement high-iron milk powder.

These choices should preferably be carried out under the guidance of a clinical nutritionist.

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Can salpingitis cause ectopic pregnancy?

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How to treat salpingitis?

Can salpingitis cause ectopic pregnancy?
How to treat salpingitis?

Women’s reproductive health is very important for women. The fallopian tube is one of the important reproductive organs of women. If there is water in the fallopian tube, it will seriously affect the female’s ability to survive and physical health.

Can salpingitis cause ectopic pregnancy?

How is the treatment of salpingitis usually done?

Can salpingitis cause ectopic pregnancy?

Yes, salpingitis will increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy.

When the fallopian tube is completely blocked, it will cause infertility; when the fallopian tube is “unobstructed”, the sperm and the egg can be fertilized, but because the channel of the fallopian tube is stuck, contracted, the fallopian tube cannot be effectively contracted, and the fertilization cannot be performed.The eggs are transported to the uterus, and the fertilized eggs stay in the fallopian tubes and cause ectopic pregnancy.

How to treat salpingitis?

Fallopian tube inflammation is divided into acute and chronic, and the treatment methods are different: acute salpingitis: if the patient is in good general condition, the symptoms are light, and can tolerate oral antibiotics, antibiotic treatment can be performed in the clinic.

If the patient’s general condition is poor, the condition is serious or the outpatient treatment is invalid, hospitalization should be hospitalized for comprehensive treatment based on antibiotics.

If the drug treatment is ineffective, there is a persistent abscess or rupture of the abscess, and surgery is required.

Chronic salpingitis: It is more difficult to treat chronic salpingitis. It is often treated with symptomatic treatment, such as rest, strengthening nutrition, and supplemented with physical therapy.

How to prevent salpingitis?

(1) Pay attention to the cleansing of the vulva: women should pay attention to the hygiene of the individual and the vulva, wash the vulva frequently, change the underwear frequently, preferably the cotton underwear that penetrates the air, use the sanitary napkins from the manufacturer.

(2) Attention to sexual hygiene: Pay attention to hygiene during sex, use condoms as much as possible, and do not have sex when there is bleeding in the vagina.

(3) Enhance physical fitness: Balance diet, adhere to exercise, and reduce the chance of illness.

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Fiber vegetarian slim beautiful

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Fiber vegetarian slim beautiful

The beautiful summer is coming again. I looked at the excess meat on my body and the “swim ring” in the mirror. I was upset again.

Beautiful clothes can’t be worn, and the previous pants seem to be particularly tight.

A few days ago, I saw my former friend Tingting. Suddenly, she felt that she was too slim. She kept knowing that she now uses the vegetarian health method and proper fitness to have such a magical effect.

But how can vegetarian food be compared with meat? The taste is too far apart. This is really a problem for every meat that must be there.

Tingting told me mysteriously that she would take me to a good place and definitely let me replace the abandoned meat.

How can I pout?

  On the weekend, Tingting came to the north gate of Taoranting Park in Xuanwu District. We walked 200 meters to the north. Suddenly, a blue-brick house with ancient charm was reflected in my eyes. There was also a black lacquered gold plate on it: “The eventPuda?

Bodhi edge.”

Such a high atmosphere, and the beauty of antiques, I can not help but sigh that Beijing actually has such a simple place.

I asked Tingting, here is the underground, do you bring me to worship Buddha?

Tingting mysterious smile, took me and went in.

  It was discovered after entering that the natural world inside was isolated from the external cockroaches.

This is an ancient house complex with dense grass and trees. The blue floor tiles look particularly quaint, and the silk bamboo floats in the breeze. It is a scent of aroma. Is it a fairyland here?

The waiter led us to a glass house in the corner, looking through the glass to see the beauty of the yard, the birds flying on the trees, the catkins floating in the air, and the scent of the grass and the fragrance of the flowers could be heard in the vague.It reminds me of the beautiful mood of “the wide leaves are clear, the flowers are even plain.”

  When asked Tingting this is a treasure, Tingting said that this is an ancient courtyard that can worship Buddha and eat vegetarian food, called “Bodhi margin vegetarian vegetarian”.

These pure places, such beautiful scenery, have given me a strong interest in the vegetarian food here.

Soon, the vegetarian dishes we ordered were on the table.

My eyes are round and round, is this vegetarian?

The names of “Dongpo and Di” in front of my eyes are auspicious and the appearance is exactly the same as that of Dongpo.

  Listening to the waiter, this dish replaces the finest Mei cuisine of Hakka as the raw material, highlighting the original flavor of the dried vegetables and the sweet taste of the vegetarian meat. The taste is strong, the tongue is fluid, and the appetizer is special.

I took a sigh of relief, but the taste of the meat is exactly the same, and there is no greasy meat, no big oil stimulation, and it will not make me feel a slight feeling. Instead, the taste of this meat is more than real.The meat is smoother and more fragrant.

  The second big dish is the “Fu Bao”.

This dish is not only a strange name, but also a very creative look.

On the nutritious and delicious soup, there is a tin foil lotus leaf tray, which is filled with smooth abalone slices.

There are a lot of wild mushrooms in the soup outside. It tastes delicious, fresh and transparent. The abalone slices are fine, smooth and fragrant.

However, the place where the dish is more colorful is still the “Fobao” homophonic “Fu Bao”.

  The waiter said that if you can hold the abalone slices with your left hand, it represents the blessings of your predecessors; if you hold the abalone slices with your right hand, it represents the blessing of your life.

It means that some people try hard, but they may not be able to win a “floating abalone”. Some people do not care, but they can get a “blessing”.

Therefore, if you want to get this “blessing”, you have to look at your chances!

  After that, I tasted the exquisite vegetarian foods such as “fireworks and non-fish”, “bacteria cigarette rain”, “fragrance around the world”, the name and appearance are very artistic, and the taste is mellow, completely replacing the green vegetables with organic fertilizer andMade from the finest quality meat, there are no five sin in cooking, and the eggs are excluded, which are both nutritious and toxin free.

This vegetarian experience has made me feel deeply. The original vegetarian food can also be so delicate and delicious. After I have satisfied the taste, I will not grow slightly. The hot summer makes me see the slimness of the body.

  ”Bodhi margin vegetarian vegetarian” is really a vegetarian in the capital, let me look at the vegetarianism, and let me know more about the world should continue to add understanding and blessing, self and others will be happier.

The philosophy contained in every dish here has made me inexhaustible, and the dust in my heart has been really washed!