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Man running is key to time

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Man running is key to time

Some people wake up early, get up early in the morning, and prefer to exercise outside at dawn.

Some go to the park, some go to the grove by the road and do various exercise activities or running.

They believe that the morning air in the garden is fresh and free of dust, which is good for health.

  Running is the easiest and most effective method of fitness, but do you know the best time to run?

  The disadvantages of early morning running are that some people wake up early, get up early in the morning, and like to exercise outside at dawn.

Some go to the park, some go to the grove by the road and do various exercise activities or running.
They believe that the morning air in the garden is fresh and free of dust, which is good for health.
  However, getting up in the morning to exercise is not good for the elderly or people with poor heart function.

Medical statistics show that the early morning is not the peak time for cardiovascular attacks, but also the time when sudden deaths are greatest, with an incidence of 61%.


Yantian, associate professor of sports physiology at Yamaguchi University in Japan, points out that early morning jogging causes excessive stress on the heart, because early in the morning the heart usually substitutes to adapt to complete exercise.

Yantian also said that jogging stimulated a large amount of hormones secreted in the body, which made the heart beat faster.

The results of his experiments on a number of college students show that the amount of adrenaline secreted by people who jog in the morning is 2 to 4 times higher than the hormone secreted by jogging in the afternoon or evening.

  Evening jogging is best. A group of Japanese medical researchers led by Tokyo’s Kyorin University professor assistant Lin Junyi said that evening jogging is better than morning and afternoon.

This was their replacement after performing a step-by-step sequencing test on each of eight men aged 24 to 28 from 7.30am to 5.30pm.

  They believe that jogging in the morning may cause blood clots and promote heart failure, while jogging at night may reduce the tendency of blood clots and prevent heart failure.

  What are the benefits of running: Long-distance running with arthritis and insisting on long-distance running may cause artificial attacks.

This is the American scientist Sherlock observed the lesions caused by the knee joints of marathon runners with the help of magnetic resonance imaging equipment.

  Sherlock found that athletes rarely experience spinal tissue abnormalities and fluid accumulation even after completing tens of kilometers of long-distance running.

Conversely, some recreational long-distance runners shortened these physiological changes after 30 minutes of long-distance running.

It is speculated that the adaptability of “better biomechanics” and “body through long-term training” enables marathon runners to run long distances while maintaining healthy and strong knee joints.

  Jogging can strengthen bones Experts from Chiba University School of Medicine in Japan believe that jogging can make bones “young”.

The hospital compared the bone changes of 41 members aged 30 to 80 in three jogging groups in Chiba Prefecture with 86 members who usually do not like sports.The bone density of bones and arm joints is about 40% higher than that of non-exercised people.

This bone density is close to that of a twentieth year.

  For men, the longer the jogging distance in a week, the higher their bone density.

Only those who persevere in jogging can achieve an effect equivalent to the bone density of young people.

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Zhongli is the soul acupoint for treating stomach diseases

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Zhongli is the “soul acupoint” for treating stomach diseases

Appropriate Symptoms: Zhongyu points are suitable for most stomach and duodenal diseases, such as gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis, and gastric prolapse.
Especially effective for relieving stomach pain and treating indigestion.
  Zhongxuan is a convergent acupoint of four meridians. It is also known as the “soul acupoint” of the stomach.
  The middle acupoint is located on the upper abdomen, anterior midline, and 4 inches above the middle of the umbilicus.
  The commonly used method is by rubbing or rubbing.
Rubbing means that both palms overlap or single palm is pressed on the Zhongli acupoint, and the clockwise or counterclockwise direction is slowly pushed in a circle.
  When massaging acupoints during the massage, care should be taken not to cause friction between the hands and the skin, that is, the palms are always close to the skin, and the subcutaneous fat, muscles and other tissues are used to make a small range of circular movements to make the abdominal cavity feel hot.
The operation is performed regardless of time and place, and it is best to do it half an hour after a meal, and the intensity should not be excessive.
  穴位配伍  配百会穴、足三里穴、神门穴治失眠、脏躁;  配膻中穴、天突穴、丰隆穴治哮喘;  配梁丘穴、下巨虚穴治急性胃肠炎;  Combined with Ganshu point, Taichong point, Sanyinjiao point, and Gongsun point to treat gastroduodenal ulcer; Combined with 脘 point and Liangmen point (electric acupuncture for 20 minutes) to treat biliary ascariasis;, Kodo (combined with acupuncture), treatment of low back pain, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation (uterine irregularity); with Qi Hai point, Zusanli point, Neiguan point, Baihui point for gastric prolapse.

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Can you seize a job opportunity?

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Can you seize a job opportunity?

Playing poker, the four families compete for the upper and lower kings, each with 13 cards, (three can’t bring cards, there are no sister pairs, and four can blow other cards) The card after you start is 5666678999What card do you play first when you play first?

  Analysis When you first play is -99 — prudent planners at work, you are used to taking a moderate step back, but you will never give up the opportunity, but quietly wait for others to finish the hole cards, and then youThen make a plan, make the best decision according to expectations.

You belong to the faction that hasn’t made a name for three years and has become a blockbuster.

  5 ——Prudent Conservator In your work, you like to handle all kinds of things in the most secure way. You do n’t ask for merit but you do nothing. You believe that if you do your job well, you will have good luck.

Generally speaking, you will quietly wait for the leader’s appreciation and promotion. Before you can’t stop it, changing jobs is so far away for you.

  7 ——Confident adventurer You are good at large-scale planning, and you will not change your goals. Although you plan for some adventures, you are confident in your plan and believe you can succeed.

There are often ups and downs in your work. Fortunately, you can use your strength and luck to get through the risks.

  56789 ——The proficient calculator seems to have no courage, and even the reversible hole cards are quietly let go. In fact, everything is already in your calculation.

Others envy you for your easy success. Do n’t you know that for this heavy lifting, you have no choice whatsoever. Unless there is a very special situation, your work can be said to be leak-free.

  666 ——It is said that in the work of the player, you will impulsively undertake some things beyond your ability, and hope that good luck can come to yourself, but in fact, often impulses will be bad, and some opportunities can actually be graspedIt has also been wasted, and thinking twice before you go will definitely benefit you.

  999 ——Waiting for Opportunities Many times, at work, things that could have been done well, but you always put the initiative into the hands of others, risk waiting for the opponent’s failure, and then you can get the opportunity.

Although I don’t know if it is good or bad, it is a strategy.