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Jingwang Electronics (603228) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Capacity Landing + M & A Integration 19 Years Marginal Improvement Could Be Expected

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Jingwang Electronics (603228) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Capacity Landing + M & A Integration 19 Years Marginal Improvement Could Be Expected

Core Views The company achieved revenue of 49 in 2018.

8.6 billion, +18 a year.

93%; net profit attributable to mother 8.

03 ten percent, +21.

66%; net profit after deduction to mother 7.

51 ppm, +19 a year.


The company’s downstream customers 武汉夜网论坛 are widely distributed in the fields of communications, consumer electronics, and automobiles, and rely on high-quality products to accumulate rich customer resources.

Looking ahead, the company’s market share is expected to further increase through the release of production capacity and the development of new customers.

2018 performance growth + 22%, RPCB, FPC, MPCB go hand in hand.

The company achieved revenue of 49 in 2018.

8.6 billion, +18 per year.

93%; net profit attributable to mother 8.

03 ten percent, +21.

66%; net profit after deduction to mother 7.

5.1 billion, +19 a year.


As far as the situation in a single quarter is concerned, the company achieved revenue of 13 in Q4.

44 trillion, ten years +21.

28%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

74 ppm, +21 for ten years.


In 2018, the company’s net profit increased slightly with higher revenue. Benefiting from Jiangxi Jingwang’s certification of emerging companies, the company’s actual yield decreased by 3pcs to 13.


In terms of business, 60% of RPCB revenues + 21%; 30% of FPC revenues + 14%, and 9% of MPCBs have the fastest growth due to low bases, at least + 25%.

Looking ahead to 2019, we are optimistic that the company’s capacity release will drive continued growth.

Costs and period expenses increased slightly.

Gross profit margin for 2018 was 31.

78% every year -0.

73pct, even if the FPC yield is increased by 3pcts, but due to the increase in raw material and labor costs, the gross profit margin slightly decreases.

In addition, company period expenses are 12.

8% +0 per year.

1pct, keep stable, in which the management expense rate is double +0.

66 points to 4.

8%, mainly due to the increase in incentives for employees, social security and share-based payment expenses; financial expense ratio benefited from increased exchange loss gains, and -0.

57pct to -0.


The company has multiple projects in parallel, and high-quality production capacity is accelerating.According to industry research, the company’s production capacity in 2017 includes 3.3 million square meters of RPCB + 750,000 square meters of FPC + 310,000 square meters of MPCB.

In 2018, the company is optimistic about the downstream needs of 5G, automotive electronics, etc., and accelerated the expansion of capacity in multiple projects in parallel: 1) The Zhuhai project completed the environmental impact assessment approval in April 2018 and will be constructed in three phases. After completion, 2 million square meters of FPC and 300 10,000 square meters of HDI production capacity.

2) The first phase of Jingwang Jiangxi project reached its production capacity in March, adding 1.2 million square meters of RPCB and 180,000 square meters of HDI board capacity.

In addition, the company issued the second phase of the convertible bond construction project, which will add 2.4 million square meters of RPCB annual capacity after it reaches capacity, and use its own funds to construct it in advance.
Q3 has one production line each.

It is expected that the company will increase its annual production capacity by nearly 9 million square meters after the completion of all projects.

Optimistic about the company’s production capacity to maintain 20 annually?
The steady growth of 30% has injected strong momentum into revenue growth.

Acquired a 51% stake in Zhuhai, a well-established FPC company, and a win-win situation with Luxion Precision.

In September 2018, the company took 2.

900 million acquisition of a 51% stake in Zhuhai, a win-win situation held by Luxun Precision, has been completed at the end of 2018 and has been renamed Zhuhai Wangwang.

The company’s FPC business customers have strong demand. After the merger and acquisition of Zhuhai Seaview, the problem of insufficient production capacity can be quickly alleviated. At the same time, the variety of FPC products can be enriched to enhance the company’s product competitiveness.

In 2018, Zhuhaijingwang’s consolidated net profit was 15.26 million yuan, which is still in the transition state. It is expected that the company’s “management model + high-quality orders” will be introduced, and Zhuhaijingwang is expected to quickly turn losses into profit.

In addition, the acquisition also opens the company’s strategic cooperation with Luxion Precision, and jointly concludes complementary advantages, resource sharing, and opens up wider development space.

Risk factors.

The new production capacity fell short of expectations, and the market competition in the PCB field intensified.

Profit forecast and estimation.

The company is one of the few domestic manufacturers covering both RPCB, FPC and MPCB.

The company focuses on smart manufacturing upgrades, and continues to expand and expand its production capacity in high-end products.

Based on the annual report data, we adjusted the company’s EPS forecast for 2019/20 to 2.


40 yuan (the original forecast was 2).


56 yuan), plus a forecast of 4 in 2021.

19 yuan, giving 30 times PE in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 78.

9 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

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Shanshan (600884) Annual Report Comments: Lithium Battery Materials Business Drives Revenue Growth Customer Development Continues

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Shanshan (600884) Annual Report Comments: Lithium Battery Materials Business Drives Revenue Growth Customer Development Continues

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report: gradually realized revenue 88.

53 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

05%; net profit attributable to mother 11.

15 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.

46%; net profit after deduction of non-return to mother3.

03 billion, down 31 a year.

30%; corresponding EPS is 0.

993 yuan / share.

Investment points: Three major materials drive revenue growth, and investment income increases. 1) The company’s revenue growth in 2018 is mainly due to the positive growth in lithium battery material business revenue, which achieved revenue of 70.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

06%, of which short-term materials, anode materials and carbides achieved revenue of 46.

64, 19.

38, 4.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 9 yuan each year.

49%, 30.

74%, 37.

10%; Overall, revenue from the apparel products business increased by 16.

The energy management business was affected by the 531 photovoltaic new policy, the new energy vehicle business was affected by the basic suspension of the new energy bus and logistics vehicle business, and Ningbo Livineng and Yunshan Zhixing exited the scope of the consolidated statement, and revenue decreased by 16 respectively.

61%, 79.


2) The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin in 2018 was 22.

10%, a decline of 3 per year.

The 29 units were mainly attributed to the decline in gross profit margin of the anode materials, clothing business and new energy vehicle business, of which the gross profit margin of raw materials fell by 7.

The 54 singles are mainly due to the increase in the value of low-cost raw materials in the same period last year, the increase in the proportion of sales of ternary materials with a reduced gross profit margin, and the increase in production capacity leading to an increase in depreciation costs per ton.

3) The company’s net profit margin in 2018 was 14.

09%, increase by 1 every year.

The 88 averages are mainly due to a 13% reduction in management costs.

The 62% increase in expenses during the period was lower than the increase in revenue, and due to the sale of Ningbo Bank shares in 2018 (8.

1.7 billion), cash dividends and other investment income.

91 trillion, a 55-year increase.

77%, investment income significantly increased the company’s performance.

4) In 2018, the company’s net operating cash flow for the first time6 was normalized for the first time for the first time, because the company continued to optimize the customer structure, increase the proportion of sales of high-quality customers at home and abroad, and better control accounts receivable.

Focus on lithium battery materials business, continue to develop customers, sales growth can be expected The company is a comprehensive supplier of lithium battery materials, now has target materials, replacement materials, oxide production capacity of 6 replacement, 8 replacement, 4 replacement.

1) The primary materials business is the company’s largest business, with sales in 20182.

01 Initially, it fell by 6 every year.

45%, mainly to ensure stable cash flow, the company reduced or even cancelled cooperation with some customers with poor repayments and higher risks.

However, the company’s successful expansion of high-end primary materials has led to a rise in revenue for multiple materials businesses.

45V high-voltage lithium cobaltate has been available in small quantities in 2018, and sales are expected to increase in 2019; 4.The 48V high voltage lithium cobaltate has been finalized and sent to downstream customers in batches; NCM523 / 622/811 power battery materials have been replaced in large quantities.

2) The anode materials business grew steadily in 2018, achieving sales volume3.

39, an annual increase of 9.

69%, due to insufficient front-end capacity, the terminal capacity cannot be fully released. When the first phase of the 10-ton-per-year adjacent material integration project in Baotou, Inner Mongolia is completed and put into operation, sales will increase effectively. At the same time, relying on the low electricity price advantage of Baotou, it can effectively reduce costs.To increase product gross margin.

3) In 2018, due to the increase in the development speed of power battery customers, the number of large customers such as Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Yiwei Lithium Energy, etc. was increased to double the sales volume to 1.

34 Initially, but not yet profitable, the net profit attributable to mother 杭州夜网论坛 after the depreciation of Juhua Kailan depreciation and the impairment of the goodwill of Luzhou Shanshan was -1955.

10,000 yuan, at least 232 can be reduced.

99 million yuan.

We believe that the rapid growth in sales of new energy vehicles drives the high demand for power batteries, and at the same time, energy storage batteries are in the growth stage. Driven by them, lithium battery materials will develop rapidly.

The company’s production and sales of lithium battery materials are leading in the industry, especially in the consumer battery market. Now it has increased the development of power battery and energy storage battery customers. The company has established cooperation with BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and other large customers, and the cooperation continues to develop in the future.Deepening, which drives the company’s sales of lithium battery materials.

Earnings forecast, maintaining the “overweight” rating. Based on the above analysis, we expect the company to be in 2019?
In 2021, the EPS will be 0.



17 yuan / share, PE is 17/14/12 times, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: the growth rate of new energy vehicles exceeds expectations; the price of lithium battery materials has fallen more than expected; the company’s research and development progress and customer development have exceeded expectations.

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The best tonic for beauty at zero high temperature_1

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The best tonic for beauty at zero temperature

In winter, it freezes dry, and the skin is dry and itchy. What is the most nourishing beauty?

  Honey honey is collected from the essence of flowers, which is known as the feminine beauty medicine. It is often consumed as honey to transform people into “faces like peach blossoms”.

In winter, the skin is dry, dehydrated, and less oily, and honey contains various kinds of rich biologically active substances, which can improve the nutrition of the skin and keep the skin delicate and smooth.

In particular, honey contains 47 trace elements, such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., which are necessary for human health and beauty.

  Therefore, it has won the favor of the Orientals, and it is also favored in the West.

Honey can be consumed alone, or it can be used as a nourishing cream with Ejiao, red dates, longan meat, walnuts, wolfberry and so on.

  Yuyan cream (Yinyinshengjin, moisturizing Yuyan) 500 grams of jade bamboo, 250 grams of white honey, choose white jade bamboo and cut into thick pieces, add water to boil three times to remove residue and concentrate, add white honey to cream.

Take 30 grams of fasting daily in the morning and evening with white water.

  Jujube and jujube are commonly used drugs in traditional Chinese medicine tonics, which have the effects of strengthening the spleen, nourishing qi, blood, and nourishing organ skin.

The vitamin content in red dates is the highest among all fruits, and it is known as “living vitamin pills”.

Medical research proves that vitamin C can inhibit the oxidation of dopa mutation in the skin, reduce the formation of melanin, and prevent pigmentation.

One of the important functions of vitamin A is to activate and regulate the growth of epidermal cells and anti-keratosis, so vitamin A supplementation improves the skin’s water barrier properties. For example, the simultaneous use of vitamin E can delay and reverse skin aging.

Vitamin E is known as “youth element”, it has the function of anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals, and promotes blood circulation of skin tissues.

Vitamin B family has a role in regulating the secretion of sebaceous glands.

As the saying goes: “Eat three dates a day, you won’t grow old for life.

“Immortal porridge (anti-aging and wrinkle prevention) 30 grams of Shouwu, 60 grams of rice, 20 jujube dates, scrape off the skin of Shouwu with bamboo slices, slice and fry the thick juice to remove the residue.Cook porridge in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar when cooked, and cook for another 1-2 minutes.

Take it on an empty stomach sooner or later, 7-10 days as a course of treatment, and then eat it every 5 days.

  Longan wolfberry longan, also known as longan, is sweet and flat, has the effect of nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, nourishes yin and nourishes blood, and is most suitable for women who are frail and sick, have palpitations, insomnia, and lackluster complexion.

Boil longan meat with rock sugar to make “Yuling paste”, and take one tablespoon every morning and evening, which is simple, convenient and easy to save.

According to ancient books, Chinese wolfberry has the effect of “invigorating the essence and insufficient qi, easy to color, whiten . it is longevity”.

Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi praised it as “the taste of top-quality functional nectar, but also knows that a spoonful can extend the age.”

Modern society is fiercely competitive, and it is easiest to consume essence. For example, if you do n’t forget to drink a cup of ruddy and sweet, wolfberry tea with a taste like grapes, it can be regarded as the perfect embodiment of modern women who treat their precious lives.

  Lotus Seed Longan Soup (Blood Moisturizing, Whitening and Beauty) 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of coriander seeds, 50 grams of rice kernels, 8 grams of longan meat, 500 ml of water, simmer for 1 hour, season with a small amount of honey, and finish serving onceDrink lotus seeds with soup.

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Washing your face is not good enough to seriously affect your face_1

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Washing your face is not good enough to seriously affect your face

The skin has a lot of self-regulating functions, but only cleansing cannot be performed by itself.

So if we think that the cleansing of the skin is just a trivial matter rather than a recognized one, then you are wrong.

  Incompletely cleaned skin is not only prone to keratinous hypertrophy and crack sores, etc., it will affect the absorption of skin care products and become dirt and remain on your skin.

Therefore, the first step in doing basic maintenance is often more effective.

  4 Common Misunderstandings in Washing Your Face ● Misunderstanding 1: Foam cleansing is cleaner and richer. Foam is light and comfortable. It not only soothes the skin and regulates fatigue, but also relaxes mood and improves mood. It is indeed a good cleansing choice.

However, foam cleansing products usually contain surfactants, and alkaline ingredients, and the cleaning ability is changed. It is suitable for oily skin, or special local cleansing for the “triangular area” of mixed skin.

For dry or normal skin, excessive use of foam cleansing products in dry weather will often make the skin drier and tighter, sometimes accompanied by mild itching and peeling.

  Some people think that the richer the foam, the better the effect when choosing a foam cleansing product, but it is not necessarily true.

Rough and loose foam is often the soap-based precipitation in the product, the nutritional content is reduced, and the cleansing and moisturizing effects are not very good. Therefore, the quality of skin care products cannot be judged by the amount of foam alone. The key is to look at the foam quality.

High-quality foam products should be delicate and textured, and the foam will not burst in a short time, so that it can nourish the skin and maintain moisture at the same time.

  ● Misunderstanding 2: Reuse makeup remover The main ingredients of makeup remover are oil and emulsifier.

After using something like foundation, removing makeup with a cleansing oil becomes easy and thorough.

Although the cleansing oil has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, the rest of the people will have acne, inflammation and other unsuitable manifestations. This is mainly related to the more complex oily components of the cleansing oil. The oily components of the cleansing oil usually have the following types:Synthetic esters and vegetable oils.

  Makeup remover must be used every time you remove makeup. It may seem like a clean and thorough habit, but it is not.

In order to reduce the expected irritation to the skin, makeup remover oil should only be used when the makeup is thicker.

If you must use it every day, then you must choose a cleansing oil that suits your skin to reward the delicate young skin, and then it is best to clean it again with a cleansing product.

  ● Misunderstanding 3: Toner can be used. Toner can be used in the traditional sense. The role of toner is secondary cleansing. The skin of freshly washed face is affected by the cleansing products in contact with the skin, which is generally alkaline. The role of toner is to restore the surface of the skin.PH value, and conditioning cuticles, prepare skin for better absorption of skin care products.

With the continuous progress of beauty technology, toner is no longer just a secondary product of secondary cleansing, but a skin care product that integrates multiple functions into one side.

A toner containing fruit acid and pure vitamin C to make skin fair and smooth without knowing it.

In addition, it should be noted that many of the toners are currently divided into different types according to the skin type. Products suitable for normal to oily skin usually contain ingredients such as anti-oil and shrink pores. This ingredient is used for sensitive and dry skin.Consultation on standardization should be clear.

  ● Misunderstanding 4: Asian women are keen on light skin care products, especially soft skin care products, which can be quickly and thoroughly absorbed by the skin after application.

However, while the skin is not burdened, for those skins in urgent need of nutritional supplements and extra environmental protection, the intensity of nutrition and protection is obviously insufficient.

Using only light skin care products for a long time can easily cause skin malnutrition, or dry skin due to lack of water.

What’s more, the seemingly refreshing gel products also use the same reorganization. If the tandem quality is not good enough, it will still cause skin replacement and sensitivity issues.

  The following is a list of some commonly used ingredients in the cleansing agent. The brake is used as a reference in the purchase of cleansing products: salicylic acid salicylic acid is very effective in preventing and treating acne.

The content is 0.

It is limited to 5% to 2% and can be used as a gel-like product.

However, salicylic acid-based products do not have significant effects after everyone uses them, and it usually takes about one month to see results.

  Benzene peroxide Benzene peroxide can dissolve keratin and wash hair follicles, and has a significant inhibitory effect on sebaceous hair follicle bacteria.

And relieve the symptoms of acne.

Used as a creamy or foamy product.

For sensitive skin, use Contains 2.

The 5% portion of benzene peroxide will feel drier than the same portion of salicylic acid.

  Glycolic acid The main role of glycolic acid is to remove dead skin cells and prevent double pores.

However, please note (especially for sensitive skin) that the use of glycolic acid may cause skin thinning and inflammation.

When using it for the first time, try not to use it in the evening, and then use the general cleansing agent the next morning until the skin adapts to glycolic acid.

  Medicinal Scrubs Medicinal scrubs mainly contain small particles of salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which can effectively help remove dead skin when cleaning.

Medicinal scrubs can be used once a week (twice for oily skin).  Non-medical cleansing agents Non-medical cleansing agents If you are using doctor-prescribed acne treatment products, it is recommended to use non-medical cleaning products.

Or if you have dry skin, non-medical cleaning products will be more suitable for you.

  Choose a cleanser and start cleaning your face.

Have you done your skin cleansing?

  1Temperature of the water The temperature of the cleansing water should be about 30 ℃. Do not use too hot water, because the skin is drier, destroying the original elasticity and gloss, and it is easier to grow wrinkles.

Of course, too cold water should not be used, because cold water cannot clean the dirt and excess oil in the pores.

Washing your face with warm water will allow your pores to open, allowing you to clean more thoroughly without harming your skin.

  The cleaning sequence usually starts with thick makeup parts, partial eye shadow and lip makeup, etc. It should be noted that if these two parts are cleaned at the end, most other cleaned parts are stained with cosmetics, which is equivalent toWashed in white.

  2Cleaning intensity Do not apply too much force to prevent damage to the skin.

Especially the area under the eyes, because it is longer and faster, it is best to step down gently through the skin.

In addition, when cleaning, do not use your fingertips, but also make full use of the power of your fingers to gently massage.

  The cleaned skin feels particularly smooth, but if it feels very dry after washing, it means that the sebum film has been damaged, and the skin’s moisture and moisturizing ingredients have been quietly lost in the cleansing of the skin.

  3 granule cleansers are also very safe to use. Massage granules with granules need to be carefully selected. Some massage granules are jagged, and re-use will cause skin damage. If the massage granules are round, it will basically not cause skin.Harm, for example, the massage particles of Olay Revitalizing Cleansing Milk are very small and soft, which will not only harm the skin, but also gently cleanse the skin.

  4 The concept of no need to use cleaning products without makeup is wrong. The normal secretion of oil from sebum membranes will absorb dust, and at the same time the metabolism of the skin itself will cause aging keratinocytes to accumulate on the surface of the skin.The exhaust gas is dusty, the dust on the construction site is overwhelming, and your elbow is constantly “oily”, and the oil stains and dirt are contaminated together, and it is more difficult to be cleaned.

If not washed off in time, these substances will clog pores and cause problem skin, so cleaning the skin is the most critical and important step in caring for the skin.

  5 Makeup must be removed for makeup. Some people do not remove makeup after makeup, and want to replace their makeup by washing their faces several times. This is actually wrong.

Because the face is washed too many times, although it can wash away the oily dirt on the face, it will also wash away the oil and moisture that protect the skin, which makes the face dry or very sensitive.

If you use oily makeup or waterproof mascara, the face wash will not work.

Because the facial cleanser can only clean and make-up products, but cannot remove the oil, you must use makeup remover to clean the makeup.

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When a woman loses shyness

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When a woman loses shyness

I still clearly remember that just 10 years ago, when someone was telling a yellow joke in the office, except for some people who laughed, young girls blushed, and the older ones accompanied them with silence and indifference to show their rejection;Two years ago, when a woman started writing with her body and developed it into a landscape of the city, I thought that was an alternative; a year ago, when we asked a woman: “Are you living alone?

And she replied without hesitation: “You curse, you live alone!”

“And then when I started talking about Huang Duanzi, I had to wonder if the world has really changed; a few months ago, I met a new human girl, and she said,” Who says that when married, he can’t make other men.?

I love my husband and I have to be loyal to him are two different things.

What ‘s more, a male friend said that he hooked up with a MM online two days ago, and on the phone, he expressed the idea of seeing each other, and the other party told him a website, saying, “After going up, I sawThe one with the left lower leg and his legs crossed is me. “He went up and took a look at: pornographic nets . in this way, I have reason to be afraid.

I do n’t know when I will never see a girl who will blush, by the way, when was the last time you saw a girl who blushed?

 At this time, my first thought is always: Where are these women’s faces?

Although I am a woman, I still feel strange to them; although I say that they are women, seeing them, I still have a word involuntarily in my heart: inferior embryos.

When I was young, I refused to be friends with such a faceless person, and today it is still the same.

This does not mean that I must be more noble than others, but at least I am not indecent.

Due to the nature of my work, I have many opportunities to reach women of different genders, but I always find it difficult to be friends with girls who are very open-minded, and I often find excuses to leave mid-way.

I was born in the 1960s. For our generation, the values of openness are far from fully specific actions. Even a man in the 1960s lived a long life, but he chose love and the scale of marriage was stillIt is based on traditional ideas, and it is definitely not as westernized as the people born in the 1970s and 1980s.

I paid attention to the faces of many young girls and found that whether they were listening to a man’s tease or talking about yellow paragraphs themselves, their faces really did not have any flushing. For the past three years, I seem to only remember that there were two girls who wouldShy enough to look up.

 I often lose shame for modern women, then humiliate and sorrow after abandoning shame. I believe that when a woman no longer knows what shame (or face) is from the body to the spirit, it must be at the bottom of human degradation.

 When writing this article, I still thought so.

Because I am still constantly in a large number of fashion magazines and online, some articles-for example, glory as a prostitute; once again, I masturbated my happiness and the like-the ideas expressed by the ideas, the experience caused by the trapped and shocked;From time to time, I still have to face some faceless people who always appear in front of my eyes.

I am the only one to sigh for the willingness of some young girls to be the evil flower of the modern city, and more importantly for the women who are already married to women who are busy secretly losing their virtuous sorrow.

I insist that everything in the world can be degraded, but only a woman can’t, because her nature is motherhood, her beauty lies in the nobleness of her mother’s world, her gentle and elegant temperament, and her virtues of firmness and virtue.

A woman is the mother of the world, and therefore the mother of the world.

When women all start not to be shy, not to be ashamed, and to tarnish the dignity of motherhood, what they destroy will be all men’s nostalgia, worship, respect and love for women, and the world will no longer have dreams, no fun,It’s a magical sad thing, think about it.

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Slimming Natural Chinese Medicine Concentration Camp

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Slimming Natural Chinese Medicine Concentration Camp

There are many Chinese medicines that have weight-loss effects. A large part of them are used in weight-loss foods, weight-loss capsules, and weight-loss teas.Guiding role.

  Although the rhubarb “Rhubarb” is good, it should be used with caution. Features: The root of the Rhizoma family Rhubarb contains emodin, emodin, rhein and other anthraquinones.

  Efficacy: Attack guide stagnation, purging fire and cooling blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and biliary and yellowing.

It can increase intestinal peristalsis, promote the excretion of triglycerides, fecal cholesterol, reduce the absorption of minor complications and have the effect of weight loss and lipid reduction. It can also promote bile secretion and eliminate the increased content of bilirubin and bile acids in bile.For the digestion and absorption of adults, while enhancing cellular immune function and anti-aging effects.

  Contraindications: The spleen and stomach are weak, and those who are cold should not take it.

  Ligustrum lucidum features: The fruit of the genus Ligustrum lucidum is effective in nourishing kidney and liver, strengthening waist and knees, reducing fat and weight, and reducing triglyceride and cholesterol.

  Hawthorn Hawthorn diet can treat irregular menstruation: Contains maslinic acid, feed acid, saponin, fructose, vitamin C, protein, trace oils, amino acids, tartaric acid, citric acid, flavonoids, lactones, lipases, sugars andCalcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

  Efficacy: It has the function of dilating blood vessels, reducing heart load, increasing coronary blood flow, improving myocardial blood supply, oxygen supply, alleviating angina pectoris, and has a certain effect on chest tightness and palpitations.

The blood fat is reduced by digestion of food by the spleen, which has the effect of reducing weight.

  Salvia compound salvia solution can cure impotence: it contains tanshinone, isotanshinone, isocintanone, and vitamin E.

  Efficacy: Activating blood circulation, reducing blood fat, reducing weight loss, soothing safflower safflower (Huoxuetongjing, removing stasis and pain relief) Features: Unsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid, oleic acid Efficacy: significantly reduce serum total cholesterol and triglyceride GanodermaShould I choose the original Ganoderma?

  Features: The whole plant effect of the multiflora plant purple orchid or red orchid: inhibits the combination and transformation of lipids, reduces blood lipids, prevents atherosclerosis, and reduces weight.

  Chicken Blood Vine Chicken Blood Vine (Huoxue, Shujin) Features: Legume dense flower beans, white flower linseed vine, fragrant flower rock vine or leaf rock bean vineEfficacy: Huoxue Shujin, prevent atherosclerosis, weight loss Honeysuckle look!!

Seventy-two change effect of honeysuckle: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing blood fat, weight loss, contraindication: boiled water, cassia (cassia seed) computer family should drink tea-cassia seed characteristics: containing emodin, emodin, rhein, aloe rhubarbEmodin, emodin glucose compound, emodin cresol, emodin methyl ether, cassiarin efficacy: blood pressure lowering, blood lipid lowering, antibacterial, weight loss.

  枸杞子枸杞子养生但别乱吃的特点:少数主要成分亚油酸功效:滋肾,润肺,补肝,明目,抗衰老高血压动脉硬化,降脂减肥禁忌:宜制成减肥药膳  荷Ye Qiao uses lotus leaf to cure diseases. Features: Contains liensine, fermented substances and other effects: In addition to annoying and quenching thirst, reducing weight and reducing fat, Leonurus and Leonurus “Panmengongfu” features: Containing Leonurus, Stachydrine, Leonurus, Leonurus, etc.Effects of various alkaloids: Activating blood and removing blood stasis, eliminating fat and losing weight, why chrysanthemum Cixi is inseparable from chrysanthemum characteristics: chrysanthemum (picture-news-web), chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum efficacy: dredge wind, clear heat, eyesight, detoxify, degradeFat, weight loss contraindications: can make tea drink Chuanxiong Chuanxiong: headache good medicine effect: Xingqi Kaiyu, Huoxue analgesic, Qufeng dryness, fat removal weight loss Shandougen effect: laxative, expectorant, swelling and night sweats,适用于伴有便秘咳嗽,盗汗等症的过度者山茱萸  功效:补肾肝,涩精气,固虚脱,降血脂,减毒的作用五灵脂别小瞧了动物的粪便特点:(鼠吾)鼠Feces efficacy: bleeding and pain relief, lipid-lowering weight loss Achyranthes knee effect: scattered congestion, analgesic swelling, lipid-lowering weight loss taboos: spleen deficiency and diarrhea, loss of dreams, menstruation, and pregnant women avoid taking Pinellia and PinelliaAspartic acid, glutamic acid, arginine, β-aminobutyric acid and other amino acid effects: antitussive, expectorant, antiemetic, detoxification, lipid-lowering, weight loss Angelica sinensis Chinese medicine atlas features: contains a variety of amino acids, minerals,Vitamin efficacy: blood and blood, promoting blood circulation, reducing blood fat, weight loss, taboos: can take medicinal wine, cook medicated meals, stools and cauldrons, take cautiously. Efficacy: decompose, expand blood vessels, increase blood flow, reduce blood fat. Taboo: lack of liver blood., Pregnant women cautiously use Atractylodes lanceolata traditional Chinese medicine atlas features: volatile oil gravel and atractylol, curculol, β-eucalyptol, etc. efficacy: lower blood sugar, blood lipids and weight loss characteristics of Eclipta prostrata: containing volatile oil, feed quality, saponinEcliptazone and vitamin A effects: cooling blood, hemostasis, nourishing liver and kidney, reducing fat and losing weight. The characteristics of radish root: contain a large amount of sugar, glucose, a small amount of fructose, xylose and citric acid, malic acid, oxalic acid, etc.功Effect: Moisture and water, light weight and lipid-lowering Shouwu Features: Contains phenols, emodin, emodin, rhein. Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and expelling wind, purging and detoxifying, reducing blood fat and reducing weight.: Diuresis and dampness, for the treatment of hyperlipidemia, diabetes, mild liver, stroke recovery period, etc. Yin Chen Ben is the same root-Yin Chen, Artemisia annua effect: choleretic, antihypertensive, diuretic, weight lossFeatures: Motherwort fruit, unsaturated oleic acid, linoleic acid and other unsaturated molecular weight effects: promoting blood circulation, stasis, promoting blood circulation, reducing glyceride and cholesterol and reducing weight. Love Tip: If you want to lose weight, you must do it under the guidance of a doctor!

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Zhang Ziyi’s Golden Body Regimen

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Zhang Ziyi’s Golden Body Regimen

Zhang Ziyi’s figure is well recognized.

There are tricks to maintaining such a good figure.

Below we will make a concrete analysis of Zhang Ziyi’s daily exercise, diet, and life. To see that to maintain a golden figure, health should start from some aspects: long-distance running is good for fat removal, and Zhang Ziyi usually likes running.

Long-term running is a good way to lose weight.

Because long-distance running can consume a lot of feces and transformation in the human body, but also can make your calves thinner and more contoured.

There is also a good exercise for the heart and lungs.

Note that the long-distance runners in all competitions are very slim, so long-distance running is a very good exercise for maintaining body.

  Fracture before bed, relax the muscleIt’s also very effective.

We can also do some extra exercise every night before going to bed to relax and soothe the tired body with a full pull before going to bed. After waking up, you will feel much relaxed.

  Dance is softer because Zhang Ziyi has practiced dancing since she was a child and has a certain skill. She has learned very fast in many dance and fighting operas, and every move is very professional.

The most important thing is that the softness of her body has been exercised by dance. Through the years of practice, the softness of her body has become better and better, and the contours of her body have become thinner and slimmer during the growing period.

This is an important factor for Zhang Ziyi to have a good figure.

  The fullness and fluency of swimming Zhang Ziyi often goes swimming because swimming is a very good sport. After long-term exercise, the body will look very full and the fluency is outstanding.

This is why most swimmers have good bodies.

Swimming can exercise your chest and buttocks muscles, and it can also make your arm consume a lot of your aunt in the process of continuous paddling.