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When a woman loses shyness

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When a woman loses shyness

I still clearly remember that just 10 years ago, when someone was telling a yellow joke in the office, except for some people who laughed, young girls blushed, and the older ones accompanied them with silence and indifference to show their rejection;Two years ago, when a woman started writing with her body and developed it into a landscape of the city, I thought that was an alternative; a year ago, when we asked a woman: “Are you living alone?

And she replied without hesitation: “You curse, you live alone!”

“And then when I started talking about Huang Duanzi, I had to wonder if the world has really changed; a few months ago, I met a new human girl, and she said,” Who says that when married, he can’t make other men.?

I love my husband and I have to be loyal to him are two different things.

What ‘s more, a male friend said that he hooked up with a MM online two days ago, and on the phone, he expressed the idea of seeing each other, and the other party told him a website, saying, “After going up, I sawThe one with the left lower leg and his legs crossed is me. “He went up and took a look at: pornographic nets . in this way, I have reason to be afraid.

I do n’t know when I will never see a girl who will blush, by the way, when was the last time you saw a girl who blushed?

 At this time, my first thought is always: Where are these women’s faces?

Although I am a woman, I still feel strange to them; although I say that they are women, seeing them, I still have a word involuntarily in my heart: inferior embryos.

When I was young, I refused to be friends with such a faceless person, and today it is still the same.

This does not mean that I must be more noble than others, but at least I am not indecent.

Due to the nature of my work, I have many opportunities to reach women of different genders, but I always find it difficult to be friends with girls who are very open-minded, and I often find excuses to leave mid-way.

I was born in the 1960s. For our generation, the values of openness are far from fully specific actions. Even a man in the 1960s lived a long life, but he chose love and the scale of marriage was stillIt is based on traditional ideas, and it is definitely not as westernized as the people born in the 1970s and 1980s.

I paid attention to the faces of many young girls and found that whether they were listening to a man’s tease or talking about yellow paragraphs themselves, their faces really did not have any flushing. For the past three years, I seem to only remember that there were two girls who wouldShy enough to look up.

 I often lose shame for modern women, then humiliate and sorrow after abandoning shame. I believe that when a woman no longer knows what shame (or face) is from the body to the spirit, it must be at the bottom of human degradation.

 When writing this article, I still thought so.

Because I am still constantly in a large number of fashion magazines and online, some articles-for example, glory as a prostitute; once again, I masturbated my happiness and the like-the ideas expressed by the ideas, the experience caused by the trapped and shocked;From time to time, I still have to face some faceless people who always appear in front of my eyes.

I am the only one to sigh for the willingness of some young girls to be the evil flower of the modern city, and more importantly for the women who are already married to women who are busy secretly losing their virtuous sorrow.

I insist that everything in the world can be degraded, but only a woman can’t, because her nature is motherhood, her beauty lies in the nobleness of her mother’s world, her gentle and elegant temperament, and her virtues of firmness and virtue.

A woman is the mother of the world, and therefore the mother of the world.

When women all start not to be shy, not to be ashamed, and to tarnish the dignity of motherhood, what they destroy will be all men’s nostalgia, worship, respect and love for women, and the world will no longer have dreams, no fun,It’s a magical sad thing, think about it.

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Slimming Natural Chinese Medicine Concentration Camp

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Slimming Natural Chinese Medicine Concentration Camp

There are many Chinese medicines that have weight-loss effects. A large part of them are used in weight-loss foods, weight-loss capsules, and weight-loss teas.Guiding role.

  Although the rhubarb “Rhubarb” is good, it should be used with caution. Features: The root of the Rhizoma family Rhubarb contains emodin, emodin, rhein and other anthraquinones.

  Efficacy: Attack guide stagnation, purging fire and cooling blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and biliary and yellowing.

It can increase intestinal peristalsis, promote the excretion of triglycerides, fecal cholesterol, reduce the absorption of minor complications and have the effect of weight loss and lipid reduction. It can also promote bile secretion and eliminate the increased content of bilirubin and bile acids in bile.For the digestion and absorption of adults, while enhancing cellular immune function and anti-aging effects.

  Contraindications: The spleen and stomach are weak, and those who are cold should not take it.

  Ligustrum lucidum features: The fruit of the genus Ligustrum lucidum is effective in nourishing kidney and liver, strengthening waist and knees, reducing fat and weight, and reducing triglyceride and cholesterol.

  Hawthorn Hawthorn diet can treat irregular menstruation: Contains maslinic acid, feed acid, saponin, fructose, vitamin C, protein, trace oils, amino acids, tartaric acid, citric acid, flavonoids, lactones, lipases, sugars andCalcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.

  Efficacy: It has the function of dilating blood vessels, reducing heart load, increasing coronary blood flow, improving myocardial blood supply, oxygen supply, alleviating angina pectoris, and has a certain effect on chest tightness and palpitations.

The blood fat is reduced by digestion of food by the spleen, which has the effect of reducing weight.

  Salvia compound salvia solution can cure impotence: it contains tanshinone, isotanshinone, isocintanone, and vitamin E.

  Efficacy: Activating blood circulation, reducing blood fat, reducing weight loss, soothing safflower safflower (Huoxuetongjing, removing stasis and pain relief) Features: Unsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid, oleic acid Efficacy: significantly reduce serum total cholesterol and triglyceride GanodermaShould I choose the original Ganoderma?

  Features: The whole plant effect of the multiflora plant purple orchid or red orchid: inhibits the combination and transformation of lipids, reduces blood lipids, prevents atherosclerosis, and reduces weight.

  Chicken Blood Vine Chicken Blood Vine (Huoxue, Shujin) Features: Legume dense flower beans, white flower linseed vine, fragrant flower rock vine or leaf rock bean vineEfficacy: Huoxue Shujin, prevent atherosclerosis, weight loss Honeysuckle look!!

Seventy-two change effect of honeysuckle: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing blood fat, weight loss, contraindication: boiled water, cassia (cassia seed) computer family should drink tea-cassia seed characteristics: containing emodin, emodin, rhein, aloe rhubarbEmodin, emodin glucose compound, emodin cresol, emodin methyl ether, cassiarin efficacy: blood pressure lowering, blood lipid lowering, antibacterial, weight loss.

  枸杞子枸杞子养生但别乱吃的特点:少数主要成分亚油酸功效:滋肾,润肺,补肝,明目,抗衰老高血压动脉硬化,降脂减肥禁忌:宜制成减肥药膳  荷Ye Qiao uses lotus leaf to cure diseases. Features: Contains liensine, fermented substances and other effects: In addition to annoying and quenching thirst, reducing weight and reducing fat, Leonurus and Leonurus “Panmengongfu” features: Containing Leonurus, Stachydrine, Leonurus, Leonurus, etc.Effects of various alkaloids: Activating blood and removing blood stasis, eliminating fat and losing weight, why chrysanthemum Cixi is inseparable from chrysanthemum characteristics: chrysanthemum (picture-news-web), chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum efficacy: dredge wind, clear heat, eyesight, detoxify, degradeFat, weight loss contraindications: can make tea drink Chuanxiong Chuanxiong: headache good medicine effect: Xingqi Kaiyu, Huoxue analgesic, Qufeng dryness, fat removal weight loss Shandougen effect: laxative, expectorant, swelling and night sweats,适用于伴有便秘咳嗽,盗汗等症的过度者山茱萸  功效:补肾肝,涩精气,固虚脱,降血脂,减毒的作用五灵脂别小瞧了动物的粪便特点:(鼠吾)鼠Feces efficacy: bleeding and pain relief, lipid-lowering weight loss Achyranthes knee effect: scattered congestion, analgesic swelling, lipid-lowering weight loss taboos: spleen deficiency and diarrhea, loss of dreams, menstruation, and pregnant women avoid taking Pinellia and PinelliaAspartic acid, glutamic acid, arginine, β-aminobutyric acid and other amino acid effects: antitussive, expectorant, antiemetic, detoxification, lipid-lowering, weight loss Angelica sinensis Chinese medicine atlas features: contains a variety of amino acids, minerals,Vitamin efficacy: blood and blood, promoting blood circulation, reducing blood fat, weight loss, taboos: can take medicinal wine, cook medicated meals, stools and cauldrons, take cautiously. Efficacy: decompose, expand blood vessels, increase blood flow, reduce blood fat. Taboo: lack of liver blood., Pregnant women cautiously use Atractylodes lanceolata traditional Chinese medicine atlas features: volatile oil gravel and atractylol, curculol, β-eucalyptol, etc. efficacy: lower blood sugar, blood lipids and weight loss characteristics of Eclipta prostrata: containing volatile oil, feed quality, saponinEcliptazone and vitamin A effects: cooling blood, hemostasis, nourishing liver and kidney, reducing fat and losing weight. The characteristics of radish root: contain a large amount of sugar, glucose, a small amount of fructose, xylose and citric acid, malic acid, oxalic acid, etc.功Effect: Moisture and water, light weight and lipid-lowering Shouwu Features: Contains phenols, emodin, emodin, rhein. Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and expelling wind, purging and detoxifying, reducing blood fat and reducing weight.: Diuresis and dampness, for the treatment of hyperlipidemia, diabetes, mild liver, stroke recovery period, etc. Yin Chen Ben is the same root-Yin Chen, Artemisia annua effect: choleretic, antihypertensive, diuretic, weight lossFeatures: Motherwort fruit, unsaturated oleic acid, linoleic acid and other unsaturated molecular weight effects: promoting blood circulation, stasis, promoting blood circulation, reducing glyceride and cholesterol and reducing weight. Love Tip: If you want to lose weight, you must do it under the guidance of a doctor!

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Zhang Ziyi’s Golden Body Regimen

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Zhang Ziyi’s Golden Body Regimen

Zhang Ziyi’s figure is well recognized.

There are tricks to maintaining such a good figure.

Below we will make a concrete analysis of Zhang Ziyi’s daily exercise, diet, and life. To see that to maintain a golden figure, health should start from some aspects: long-distance running is good for fat removal, and Zhang Ziyi usually likes running.

Long-term running is a good way to lose weight.

Because long-distance running can consume a lot of feces and transformation in the human body, but also can make your calves thinner and more contoured.

There is also a good exercise for the heart and lungs.

Note that the long-distance runners in all competitions are very slim, so long-distance running is a very good exercise for maintaining body.

  Fracture before bed, relax the muscleIt’s also very effective.

We can also do some extra exercise every night before going to bed to relax and soothe the tired body with a full pull before going to bed. After waking up, you will feel much relaxed.

  Dance is softer because Zhang Ziyi has practiced dancing since she was a child and has a certain skill. She has learned very fast in many dance and fighting operas, and every move is very professional.

The most important thing is that the softness of her body has been exercised by dance. Through the years of practice, the softness of her body has become better and better, and the contours of her body have become thinner and slimmer during the growing period.

This is an important factor for Zhang Ziyi to have a good figure.

  The fullness and fluency of swimming Zhang Ziyi often goes swimming because swimming is a very good sport. After long-term exercise, the body will look very full and the fluency is outstanding.

This is why most swimmers have good bodies.

Swimming can exercise your chest and buttocks muscles, and it can also make your arm consume a lot of your aunt in the process of continuous paddling.