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[Benefits of honey white sugar washing face]_Efficacy_Effect

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銆 愯 渹 據 湠 槠 栠 礨 瑴 悑 擂 擂 擂 昩 銆 抱 锷 熸 晥 _ 鏁 堟 灉
In the world, you will be able to find out what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?姛鏁堛€傝渹铚滅櫧绯栨礂鑴告洿鏈夋晥鐨勬竻娲佽倢鑲わ紝浣胯倢鑲ゆ洿鍔犲厜婊戯紝瀚╃櫧锛岀粏鑵汇€傝繕鍙互璧峰埌绁涚棙鍗般€佸幓榛戝ご鍜岀編鐧界瓑锛屽挨鍏舵槸鍒╃敤鐧界硸鍘绘殫鐤嵃鏁堟灉寰堝ソ锛岀敤鐧界硸鑷埗缇庣櫧闈㈣啘杩樺彲浠ュ幓瑙掕川鍘绘鐨瓑閮芥槸闈炲父涓嶉敊銆傝渹铚滄礂鑴哥殑濂藉涓€エ わ わ ゆ ゆ ゆ イ ヤ 鈴 鈄  偄 1: 氲 渹 铚?0 What’s wrong with you?5姣崌銆傚皢涓よ€呮贩鍚堝潎鍖€锛屾瘡鏃ユ棭銆佹櫄娲楄劯鍚庢秱鑴搞€佹墜銆傛鏂硅兘娑﹁偆鍏昏偆锛岄櫎鐨辩編瀹癸紝鍏婚鎮﹁壊銆傚ソ澶勪簩锛氬幓鏂戙€€1锛氳渹铚?0Who’s born?50鍏嬨€傚皢闈掓诞钀嶅幓鏉傝川锛屾礂鍑€鏅掑共鐮旀垚鏋佺粏鏈紝鍔犲叆铚傝湝璋冩垚杞啅锛屾瘡鏅氱潯鍓嶆秱闈紝娆℃棩娓呮櫒鐢ㄦ俯姘存礂鍘汇€傛鏂归€傜敤浜庨泙鏂戙€?鐧界硸娲楄劯濂藉涓€1鍒╃敤鐧界硸鍘绘殫鐤嵃鏁堟灉涓嶉敊鍋氭硶锛氭礂瀹岃劯鍚庯紝灏嗙櫧鐮傜硸鍔犳按鎻夋弶鍗冲彲銆備笉杩囪寰楁礂鑴告椂鏈€濂界敤涓婃礂闈㈠ザ锛屼娇鐢ㄧ櫧鐮傜硸鍔犳按鎻夎劯鏃惰娉ㄦ剰闃叉杩囨晱鐜拌薄鐨勪骇鐢熴€?2 镒 ╃ 鍏 协 界 塸 顸 頸 い 埗 Ti 庣 槠 闱 ㈣ 啘 鍙 Each one is not in the line of the silicon, and it is not a good thing, and what is it? What is the difference?拌劯閮ㄦā鍧楁墦寮€浜嗭紝鐒跺悗閲囩敤鐧界硸鎴栬€呯孩绯栧拰铚傝湝鐨勬贩鍚堢墿锛屾秱鎶硅劯涓婏紝鍙』鍗婂皬鏃跺乏鍙筹紝鐢ㄦ俯姘存礂鍑€鍗冲彲銆?This is the best way to get married, and the best way to get married is to make sure that the whole chain is up and down, and how to change it, and how to change it.What is the difference between this and the other? It ‘s very difficult to find out what is happening in the world. It ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?劉 把 銆?4 鍒 ╃ 撏 楏 塸 塸 溠 撠 涚 涙 涉 変 汉 鐪 熸 槸 鍑 鎮 掗 気 簽 駄 凄 鐢 ㄧ ョ ョ ョ ョ ョ ョ ョ テThe world is not afraid of sorrows and chopsticks. It ‘s easy to read. It ‘s very difficult to see what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?You can’t do it, you can do it, you can’t do it, you can do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it璬 镺 樺 娗 呓 呲 奀 噣 鍗 冲劲 銆?鐢ㄧ櫧绯栧幓瑙掕川鍘绘鐨繖绉嶅仛娉曢渶瑕佽渹铚滀笌娓呮按鍘熸枡鍋氳緟鍔╋紝灏嗙櫧绯栥€佽渹铚滃拰娓呮按鍧囧寑娣峰悎锛岀劧鍚庡湪娲楁荡涔嬪悗锛岀浉淇℃瘺瀛斿凡缁忓叏閮ㄨ鎵撳紑浜嗭紝杩欎釜鏃跺€欏彧闇€灏嗘贩鍚堝ソ鐨勭編瀹瑰墏浠庤吙閮ㄥ紑濮嬫墦鍦堟寜鎽╋紝涓€涓儴浣嶄竴涓儴浣嶇殑杩涜锛屽ぇ姒傛墽The most important thing is that it ‘s very difficult to get through it, and it ‘s very difficult to make a good choice.What are you saying? What are you thinking about? Xinjiang’s borders are sloppy. Are you looking at the umbrellas? The umbrellas and the peaks and the mountains and rivers?

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[A woman takes a bite of it during menstruation, and her disease is all upper body!

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[A woman takes a bite of it during menstruation, and her disease is all upper body!

MMs know that when menstruation comes, there are many things to avoid, especially cold drinks.

But you know what?

Not only cold drinks, but other drinks are also “fearful” of menstruation!

1. The menstrual blood of green tea contains relatively high hemoglobin, plasma protein, and hemoglobin, so women will lose a lot of iron after menstruation, so they should add more iron.

The tea contains more than 30% of the implanted acid, which is easy to combine with iron ions in the cascade, causing precipitation, hindering the absorption of iron ions by the mucosa of the intestines; causing slight pain, causing worry, irritability and emotional instability,At the same time, the vitamin B stored in the body is also consumed, destroying the intensified metabolism.

2. Caffeine-containing beverages can slightly increase pain, cause worry, irritability and emotional instability, and consume more vitamin B stored in the body, destroying metabolic metabolism.


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Longda Meat (002726): Doubled breeding and slaughter in three years to rebuild Longda

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Longda Meat (002726): Doubled breeding and slaughter in three years to rebuild Longda
Summary of the report 1. Breeding business: rapid expansion of production capacity, huge flexibility in performance and flexibility: the convertible bond project is expected to be put into production in 2 years, and the company’s breeding capacity will increase to 1 million heads, and the production capacity can be doubled within 2 years. The growth rate will be listed on the marketRanked among the best in the company.  Sales price: At present, the pig price in Shandong is higher than the national average price by about 1 yuan / kg. The company has fully benefited from the current and future high pig prices, and its performance has achieved explosive growth.  Yield damage: Increased reduction in productive biological assets, growth in productive biological assets in the first quarter of 20191.06%, a decrease of 7 from the end of 2018.41%, the company is less affected by the epidemic in the sector, and the long-term pig production volume is guaranteed.  2. Slaughtering business volume: The production capacity 佛山桑拿网 has been greatly increased, and the business scope has been expanded to expand the production capacity: The company plans to add 500 in the next 3 years?8 million head / year slaughter capacity, expected 2021?2022 slaughter capacity will reach 1300?14 million heads / year.The total slaughter volume of the company in 2018 was 477.80,000 heads, expected to reach 6 million heads in 2019; it is expected to reach 11 million heads in 2021, and the industry ranks second.  Business Layout Expansion: Join hands with Lan Run to enter the Southwest.In June 2019, Lanrun Development became the company’s controlling shareholder; Dai Runbin, the actual controller of Lanrun Development, and Dong Xiang and his wife became the actual controllers of the company.Lanrun and its parent company Yijun Holdings have been cultivating in the southwest market for many years. In the future, it will help the company develop the southwest market and further develop the company into a national meat products company.Breaking through Lan Run’s market expansion operation and merger and acquisition experience, the company is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the meat products business.  Earnings forecast gives Buy rating.Based on the rapid growth of the company’s slaughter volume and slaughter volume, the company’s profit forecast and target price are raised. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019/2020/2021 will be 3 respectively.21/4.14/4.7.9 billion, corresponding to 0 EPS.42/0.55/0.63 yuan, giving the company 30 times PE in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 16.50 yuan, give a buy rating.  Risk warnings 1. Breakthrough in pork price fluctuations will have an impact on the company’s operating income and costs; 2. Blue ears and African swine fever that may occur during breeding will adversely affect the company ‘s pig breeding business; 3. Food safetyThe accident will have a potential impact on the company’s slaughter and meat products business.  4. The launch of African swine fever vaccine may interrupt the process of de-capacity production, and the company’s profitability may be less than expected.

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Chujiang New Materials (002171): Merger and acquisition of Tianniao High-tech into the field of carbon composite materials

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Chujiang New Materials (002171): Merger and acquisition of Tianniao High-tech into the field of carbon composite materials

Event description: The company released its 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report. In 2018, it realized revenue of 13.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 18%.

68%; net profit attributable to mother is 4.

09 million yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

3%; budget benefit 0.

34 yuan / share.

Revenue in the first quarter of 2019 was 29.

500 million, a decrease of 1 previously.

97%; net profit attributable to mothers was 71.93 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 29.

2%, the budget benefit is 0.

06 yuan / share.

Event comment: The slight increase in sales of metal materials led to growth in performance, and Tianniao High-tech completed its performance commitment.

The company achieved a total sales of 48 metal materials.

In the 1980s, it was an increase of 9 over the previous year.

39%, of which: sales of advanced copper alloy strips, precision copper alloy wires, copper conductor materials, and special steel were 17 respectively.

92 constant, 3.

9 for the first time, 9.

91 for the first time, 17.

07 for the first time, increasing by 7 every year.

2%, 8.

04%, 27.杭州夜网

02%, 3.


Metal materials products achieved revenue of 12.9 billion yuan, an increase of 19.

15%, gross margin is 7.

26%, an increase of 2 per year.


Revenue from high-end equipment manufacturing1.

7.8 billion, a decrease of 12 previously.

68%; corresponding gross margin is 55.

88%, an increase of 3 per year.


Skybird High-tech successfully completed its 2018 performance commitments and realized deduction of non-net profit of 6,159.

750,000 yuan, but because the asset transfer was completed on December 20, 2018, the impact on the company’s performance was small.

Sales expenses, management expenses, and financial expenses increased steadily, and research and development expenses increased significantly.

In 2018, the company’s sales expenses and management expenses were 1.

39, 1.

64 ppm, an increase of 11 per year.
42%, 15.
7%; financial expenses were 9.89 million yuan, and the expenses brought about by the increase in operating scale increased.

R & D expenses are 4 ‰, increasing by 1607 annually.

5%, mainly because the company increased the research and development expansion of the three major sections, and optimized and upgraded the product structure.

Skybird is emerging and leading, and the future of carbon composite materials is broad.

Tianniao High-tech’s main research and development are the application of special high-performance fibers. Carbon composite materials will gradually replace graphite materials and powder metallurgical materials in the future, and have broad application prospects.

Profit forecast and investment advice: The company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 is expected to be 5, respectively.

16, 6.

02, 6.

78 ppm; EPS is 0.

43, 0.

50, 0.

57 yuan, with a P / E of 14 on April 23, 2019.

93X, 12.

79X, 11.

36X, give overweight rating.

Risk reminder: Sky Bird High-tech cannot complete the promised profit, and the copper price fluctuates greatly

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Super full on sun protection Q & A_1

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Super full on sun protection Q & A

Why is my skin sunscreen or dark?
What is the right sunscreen?
How to choose the right sunscreen?
Many beauty-loving people always have a “love-hate” relationship with the sun. Some people like the sexy complexion brought by sunbathing, while others try their best to avoid the “gift” of the sun on the skin.
But no matter what, it is a season that needs sun protection. People who love their skin always want to know more sun protection methods. Xiaobian collected netizens’ Q & A for sun protection for everyone.
  Netizens’ Q & A Q: Do I need to apply sunscreen after applying a cream?
  A: Not necessarily.
This must first understand the difference between the two.
The definition of a barrier cream is relatively broad. Only makeup base products that modify the skin tone, smooth skin, and cover pores can also be classified as a barrier cream. The most important use of sunscreen is to isolate ultraviolet rays, which are called UVA and UVA.UVB (Not only these two types of ultraviolet rays, but others do not cause much damage to the skin).
However, in order to improve product effectiveness and simplify skin care procedures, manufacturers now sometimes introduce products with two functions.
  Q: The thicker the sunscreen product, the better the sunscreen effect?
  A: Not necessarily.
Although sunscreen products do need to be applied in a sufficient amount to fully achieve the sun protection effect on the label, if they are applied too thickly, the skin will not be breathable and acne and acne problems may occur.
The most moderate amount to apply sunscreen products is to reach 0 on the surface of the skin.
The thickness of 1MM, especially for outdoor activities and long-term exposure to the sun, in addition to the amount should be sufficient, remember to reapply every 40-80 minutes, so as not to reduce the sun protection effect.
  Q: Can sun and face products be used interchangeably?
  A: No.
Because the skin on the face is not the same as the skin on the body, in general, the sunscreen that can be used on the face can also be used on the body, but the converse is not recommended.
The ingredients of body sunscreen products are not as delicate as those for facial products. Applying it on the face can easily cause sensitivity and irritation of the facial skin, so it should be avoided.
  Q: Eyes and lips do not need sun protection?
  A: Wrong.
The skin on the eyes and lips is more delicate than the skin on the face and is more vulnerable to UV rays. Therefore, these two parts should be more protected.
Eye sunscreen products, it is best to choose moisturizing texture without greasy, easily absorbed by the skin, and can provide eye skin soothing, moisturizing and repairing products.
  Q: The larger the SPF / PA value, the better?
  A: Not necessarily.
Although the higher the sun protection factor, the higher the protection of the skin, but you still have to choose the sun protection factor according to your environment and activities.
Choose a sunscreen with a proper coefficient to keep the skin fresh and free of burden so that it can be completely absorbed by the skin.
For daily protection and maintenance, you only need to choose around SPF15, which can already block 93% of UVB, while SPF30 products can block 97% of UVB, the difference is not too big.
However, if the sun protection factor is too high, it will cause a burden on the skin. Instead of emphasizing the coefficient, it is better to apply sunscreen regularly, and the effect is more guaranteed.
  Q: Sunscreen products that have not been used up this year will continue to be used next year?
  A: Never.
It is best to use the sunscreen within 3 months to half a year from the date of opening, because each time you open and close, the external air and humidity will affect the quality change, so it is recommended to use it as quickly as possible.
In addition, the ingredients in sunscreen products originally absorb ultraviolet rays. After being left for one year, the sunscreen ingredients in them have almost absorbed, and they can no longer absorb ultraviolet rays.
  Q: Sunscreen products are not makeup, don’t you need special makeup?
  A: Wrong.
Sunscreen is the same as adding a protective layer to the surface of the skin, which is the same as the foundation’s covering principle. Of course, it needs to be removed.
And many sunscreen products are waterproof and oil-proof, and often cannot be thoroughly cleaned with a general cleanser, so after applying sunscreen, remember to help your skin remove makeup.
  Q: How do I know if sunscreen products are waterproof and sweat-proof?  A: If the product has the WATER-RESIS 鄄 TANT mark on it, it means that the product can face the sunscreen effect in water for about 40 minutes; if it has the VERYWATER-RESISTANT mark on it, it means that the product can last for 80 minutes in waterLeft and right protection.

In addition, you can also use a cup of clear water for testing. The sunscreen is dripped into the clear water. The less easily it blends with water, the more water-resistant and sweat-proof it is.

  Q: Asians are less prone to getting spots?

  A: Wrong.

Because of Asia ‘s topography and climate, UVA ‘s damage to the skin is much greater than in other regions. In addition, Asians ‘skin texture is a dominant constitution of congenital melanin production, and the amount of melanocytes can also be generated.People in other areas are fast, and the metabolism of melanin in the epidermis is relatively slow. It is easy to cause uneven distribution of melanin, pigments precipitate, and spots are formed.

  Q: Can sun protection also fight aging?

  A: It should be said that sun protection alone cannot completely prevent aging, but anti-aging must be done with sun protection.

An investigation report pointed out that the ultraviolet rays exposed to the sun before the age of 18 accounted for 80% of a person’s life. Applying sunscreen SPF15 or more to 18-year-old infants every day until the age of 18 can reduce the risk of skin cancer by 78%.

Experts suggest that lightly mature men and women who have passed the age of 25 must even reflect sun protection in their daily homework. It can be seen that sun protection is important for the appearance of beauty, and more importantly to maintain skin health.

Only by maintaining the normal immune mechanism of the cells, can the skin’s self-defense be restored, and the chance of skin aging can be fundamentally reduced.

  Q: Is there a light-sensitive substance in a certain food?

  A: Many foods have this phenomenon, and some medicines have similar conditions, such as gray enzymes.

There are mainly more wild vegetables in the plant, as well as chemical materials such as animal food and chlorine and hydrogen, which will also produce this reaction after exposure to sunlight.

  Q: Is it better to go out to bask in the spring and summer?

  Answer: Exposure to the sun can also cause some trouble, because after the transition of the sun is excessive, the skin is damaged by sunlight.

Sometimes when we swim in free radicals, the skin will appear red and swollen in the exposed area. Even at night, there will be blisters and dry mouth and uncomfortable feeling. This is called sunburn, and it is medically called solar dermatitis.

This situation is a photometric reaction. Almost all people experience this kind of reaction after a winter, when they are suddenly exposed to strong sunlight in summer.

  Q: What new problems will occur after sun exposure?

  A: Redness and swelling of the skin caused by sun exposure, followed by bleeding and pigmentation. This is a normal physiological process and a self-protection ability of the body against sunlight.

For example, after sieving this time, the skin pigmentation will be reduced, and the next time it will be resistant to sunlight, it is also a sign of health.

There is another situation that requires special attention. We call it plant solar dermatitis, which is to eat certain plant foods. It just means that many people like to eat some wild vegetables in the summer in the north. After eating, there are some light-sensitive components that are absorbed through high temperature channels.It is distributed into the skin. If you eat this food at the right time, it is called mustard dumplings and the like. After the change, it will be exposed to the sun, but it is only said that there is a small amount of easy sunlight reaction on the forearm of the face.Red, swollen, blisters and even necrosis, leaving scars after healing.

  Question: Isn’t the person often exposed to the sun, the skin will have a self-resistance?

  Answer: Sunburn is a protective effect, but long-term long-term sun exposure, or eating long-term armed outdoor activities, there is a lot of sunlight, this situation will produce a type of chronic sun damage.

  Q: What kind of performance does chronic sunlight damage show?

  A: Light aging will actually increase skin wrinkles, gully vertical and horizontal type performance, very old.

The person in this picture is a very obvious manifestation of skin aging. Maybe this person is actually not so old, because he is exposed to more sunlight. Of course, the aging of the skin is physiological and has to be wasted, exogenous.The main cause of skin aging is sunlight, so sunlight can be avoided through protection. Avoiding the sun can delay the skin aging process.

  Question: Is there a big difference between the eastern and western aesthetics of skin color?

  A: Yes.

We Chinese people like fairer skin, Europeans and Americans like wheat-colored skin. There are two ways to appreciate it, so Asians like to take a measure of covering.

Let me show you a photo. This photo shows that our Asian gay men are still holding umbrellas. In several European and American countries, lesbians also wear very few clothes in the sun, and enjoy the sunHowever, this can cause a problem of photoaging.

  Q: What does UVA and UVB mean?

  A: Ultraviolet light is a kind of wavelength light, we artificially separated him into several segments.

The shortest wavelength of ultraviolet rays is called UVC. This ultraviolet rays are fully absorbed by the atmosphere when sunlight passes through the earth’s surface, and will not hit the earth’s surface and cause no harm to people.

The other is medium-wave ultraviolet, which is UVB.

It ‘s very toxic in sunny places, so it ‘s easy to cause sunburn. The other is called long-wave ultraviolet, called UVA, which has a longer wavelength and stronger penetrating power.Even thin clouds can penetrate and even be reflected and refracted by light, which can cause skin damage, but the toxicity is relatively weak.

Among the ultraviolet rays we receive, there is more UVA and less UVB, but UVB is more toxic to the human body.

  Q: Is sun protection the UV protection?

  A: Sunscreens are mainly UV-resistant, especially UV-B. In fact, polymorphous solar rash is also caused by UVB, but sunscreens have better UVB-proofing effects, and UVA-proofing effects are worse.Black, aging will play more of a role.

Sunscreen cannot completely block the darkening and aging of the skin.

  Question: On cloudy and rainy days, if there is no sun, is there no UV?  A: At this time, the ultraviolet rays are very weak, but if it is only a thin cloud layer, UVA long-wave ultraviolet rays can penetrate, and many sunscreens are basically anti-UV rays.

  Q: Why is a thin layer of sunscreen resistant to blocking UV rays?

  A: There are two main types of sunscreens: a large number are physical covering materials, sometimes called titanium dioxide; another type is zinc oxide, which is a small particle that is mixed into a cream and applied to the skin to become whiteA piece of it can form a protective film, reflecting the ultraviolet light.

If the SPF value just mentioned is very high, it will require a lot of covering material, and it will be greasy to apply.

The other ingredient is a chemical sunscreen that can absorb or heal skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. A general sunscreen is a mixture of two ingredients.

  Q: Today’s sunscreen products are outstanding and refreshing, so what’s the difference between a refreshing sunscreen and a greasy sunscreen?

  A: If it is particularly refreshing, the sunscreen effect is definitely not as good as a greasy sunscreen.

Because physical shielding plays an important role in the effect of sunscreen, the sun protection index must be relatively oily. If it is refreshing, unless there are many chemical additives, even this is not as good as the oily effect.

  Q: Some sunscreens have a lot of plus signs behind PA. What does this mean?

  A: PA ++ refers to the strength of a protective effect against UVA. The more plus signs, the better the protection.

  Q: What do the most common SPF values mean?

  A: The SPF value is a professional term called an abbreviation for sun protection index, which refers to a certain sunscreen, which can increase the skin’s protective ability against sunlight several times. As mentioned earlier, the sun will cause skin rednessIf you apply this thing, the time of redness and swelling will be a little longer. The two comparisons will give a value.

  Q: Is the SPF value higher, and the longer the sun protection, the better the effect?

  A: It may be better if it is large, but it is not a multiple. For example, it is SPF55. It can actually block more than 90% of the sunlight, and it can be increased to 30%.Since you add things, the more chemical things, the more physical things, the feeling is not good, so there is no need to blindly choose a sunscreen with a high SPF value.

  Q: Generally speaking, how much SPF value is enough?

  A: 10-15 is enough. Q: How to choose sunscreen correctly?

  Answer: 1. For people with normal skin, the SPF value is 8-12.

2. For people who are sensitive to light, the SPF value is 12-20.

3, office workers, SPF value is below 15.

4, outdoor swimming beach, SPF value of 30 or more.

  Special Note: Be careful when choosing sunscreen for sensitive skin!

  Q: How to deal with friends who have been sunburned?

  A: If it is a little bit red, you can use some ice water at home, put the normal saline in the refrigerator, and apply the ice water directly, so it can be cooler.

If you go to the hospital, we will use some dry cleaning agents in the hospital, such as menthol and a cool coat.

  Q: Is sunscreen harmful to children’s skin?

  A: Children’s skin development is not complete, it belongs to allergic skin.

For example, when you have eczema, don’t use these sunscreen products.

If you must use it, you can experiment before using it to see if you have an allergic reaction. If you are allergic, do not use it.

  Q: How to protect our eyes in summer?

  A: The best way to protect your eyes is to wear colored glasses.

The colored glasses have the function of blocking ultraviolet rays, mainly not in the color itself, but in the material of the lens.

Glass lenses and resin lenses can block more than 90% of the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when wearing glasses, the anti-ultraviolet function lives on the glass lenses, not on the color depth.

  Q: Should hair be protected from sun?

  A: The hair should also be sunscreen, because the hair is also part of the skin, so the sun can still cause his injury, the skin is dry, dry, broken, especially the color of the hair, it is easy to fade.

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14 Easy Food Therapies Easily Cure Baby’s Cold and Other Common Diseases

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14 Easy Food Therapies Easily Cure Baby’s Cold and Other Common Diseases

Introduction: What should I do if my baby has a cold, diarrhea, anorexia, etc.?

Injection or medicine?

In fact, only a few simple ingredients are needed to make delicious medicated meals, so that babies can not only enjoy the food, but also easily cure minor illnesses.

  Cold onion and vinegar porridge: Take 20 green onion roots, wash and cut into small pieces.

Take 50 grams of rice, put it into the pot after washing, add water to the boil, put in the onion section, and cook into porridge.

Add 5 ml of balsamic vinegar and stir slightly to serve.

This porridge has the effect of relieving sweat.

Suitable for babies who have fever, runny nose, nasal congestion and other cold after cold.

  Pueraria congee: take 15 grams of kudzu root, 10 grams of silver flower, 5 grams of ginger, boil for 20 minutes, remove the residue to get juice.

Add 50 grams of rice, cook porridge, add any sugar when serving.

Have clearing heat and expelling wind.

It is suitable for fever, headache, vomiting, redness and swelling in the throat and other colds.

  Diarrhea plantain porridge: Take 30 grams of fresh plantain or 15 grams of dry plantain for sale in the pharmacy, wash, chop, cook for 20 minutes, remove the residue and add juice, add 50 grams of rice, take porridge.

Have clearing heat and dampness and diuretic effect.

For babies with acute diarrhea and little urination.

  Chinese yam and barley porridge: Take 30 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of yam, and 15 grams of barley kernels, and cook a total of porridge. The porridge will be seasoned with sugar when cooked and ready to take.

Spleen and dampness effect.

Suitable for babies with persistent diarrhea.

  Anorexia yam millet porridge: Take 80 grams of yam and cut into small pieces.

Millet 50 grams, boiled with yam after washing, add a small amount of sugar to take.

It has a tonic effect on the spleen and stomach.

Suitable for babies with thin yellow muscles and loss of appetite.

  White radish porridge: Take one white radish, slice, 50 grams of rice, and wash.

Cook the white radish for 20 minutes and cook with rice.

After making porridge, add the right amount of brown sugar and take.

It has the effect of strengthening stomach and regulating qi.

Suitable for babies with indigestion and bloating.

  Inflatable grapefruit chicken: a small rooster, washed and chopped after slaughter.

One green grapefruit, cut open the top, and scoop.

Stuff the chicken pieces in grapefruit, add some wine and salt, cover the top cover, put water in the bowl and steam for about 3 hours, eat chicken and soup.

Have spleen anti-asthma effect.

It is suitable for babies with long asthma.

  Chuanbei honey melon: a watermelon, cover with Chetty, dig out some hoe.

Add 3 grams of Chuanbei powder, 50 grams of honey, 50 grams of rock sugar, cover, put in a large bowl and steam for about an hour across the water.

Eat the juice inside the melon.

Have clearing heat, reducing phlegm, and asthma.

Suitable for cough, thirst, constipation, thick sputum.

  Enuresis ginkgo kidney porridge: take pig kidney or sheep kidney pair, wash and shred, add wine and hydrochloride to reconcile, ginkgo 15 grams, rice 50 grams.Add it to the pot together and add water to make porridge.

It has kidney and astringent effect.

Suitable for babies over 3 years old with kidney deficiency, frailty.

  Stone Bushen Porridge: Take Cuscuta chinensis, Stone Calamus, 10 grams each of psoralen, fry for 20 minutes, remove residue and leave juice, add 50 grams of rice, take porridge.

It has the effect of nourishing kidney and resuscitating.

It is suitable for babies who have frequent enuresis and cannot easily wake up after falling asleep.

  Mumps daylily porridge: Take 50 grams of fresh daylily, add water and cook first, then add 50 grams of rice, season with salt, and boil into porridge.

Have clearing heat, swelling, diuretic effect.

Suitable for the initial stage of mumps.

  Banyin porridge: take 10 grams of isatis root, 12 grams of silver flower, boil for 20 minutes, remove hawthorn for juice, increase rice by 50 grams, and add proper sugar.

It has antipyretic and detoxifying effects.

For babies with mumps fever and obvious redness.

  Intestinal worm green plum juice: Take 30 grams of green plums, wash them and put them in a bowl, add 100 ml of rice wine, cover with a lid, and steam for 30 minutes.

Take 10 ml each morning for 7-10 days.

It has Shengjin to quench thirst and expelling pain and analgesic effect.

Suitable for tapeworm and hookworm.

  Vinegar and Ginger Juice: Take 100 grams of ginger, wash, shred, place in 250 ml of rice vinegar, seal in a jar and use after one week.

Take 10 ml daily for 3 days.

It has a driving effect.

Suitable for intestinal ascariasis.

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Two diet therapies to prevent heartbreak

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Two diet therapies to prevent “heartbreak”

If the “fire” in the human body loses its restraint and regulation, it will cause the disturbance of physiological functions.
Taking “heart fire” as an example, Chinese medicine believes that the mind is the master of the human body, the heart is the sun, and its nature is fire.
The fiery evil invades the human body and hurts the heart first.
Hot heart attack can easily lead to a series of pathological changes such as hyperactivity, insufficiency of qi and blood, restlessness, etc., symptoms such as upset, insomnia, forgetfulness, sore tongue and so on.
Especially the “yin deficiency and fire” crowd is more susceptible to hot feelings, showing symptoms of “hot and angry” such as upset, irritability and even faint slang.
People who are often prone to anger should eat a light diet, eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, and eat more cold foods, such as watermelon, pear, grapefruit, coconut, hard persimmon, mangosteen,Tomato, bitter gourd, loofah, cucumber, strawberry, lettuce, purple cabbage, lotus seed and mung bean soup, lotus seed tincture, green tea, etc.
  Avoid spicy food, quit smoking and alcohol, and eat less “hot” food such as beef and mutton.
You should also pay attention to eating fruits. Some fruits are hot fruits, such as lychee, orange, pineapple, longan, etc., onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, pepper, fumigant food, hot spicy, etc. are easy to get angry.
  Two methods of dietary treatment are recommended: 1, lotus seed soup, lotus seed 30 grams (without lotus heart), mast 15 grams (wrapped with gauze), moderate sugar, water decoction, eat lotus seeds and soup.
It has the effect of clearing heart and purging fire.
  2. Yali tofu egg soup with 2 to 5 duck pears, 1 tofu, 2 eggs, and salt.
Yali peeled, heartless, and cut into small pieces or slices.
Cut the tofu into small pieces, and the eggs are broken into egg liquid.
Add duck pear and tofu into a suitable amount of water and cook for 10 minutes, then add egg liquid and roll.
Can nourish yin and clear the heart.

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Measure your style index is not high?

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Measure your style index is not high?

On weekends, you wear casual T-shirts, jeans, and rush to the place to meet your boyfriend.

On the way, you suddenly want to go to the bathroom.

Fortunately, there is a bathroom in the fast food restaurant on the roadside. You hurried into the women’s toilet, but it was full, and there were many people waiting in line!

It’s time to go on a date. You decide to try your luck at the men’s bathroom.

After entering, I found that there were just a few men in them who were all startled by you who broke in suddenly.

Faced with such a situation, what words would you say to get through the difficulties?

  A, “No!

Is this a men’s room?

B, “Hmm, I’m sorry, the ladies’ toilet is out of order . Can you borrow it?”

C, “Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m a man like you!”

D, “Ah, oh, me, a toilet cleaner!”

E, “Unfortunately, my puppy was lost while walking . didn’t it come here?”

“The person who chose A is a multifaceted Eve who only exudes infinite charm for the opposite sex!

  You can express your own charming language. Once you are in the sight of the opposite sex, you pay great attention to maintaining the designed image: set beautiful, charming, and intelligent.

However, when you are among the female friends who are familiar with each other, those deliberately created temperament, confusing elegance will disappear without a trace!

The emotions will utter some nonsense that will surprise the people present.

They don’t know which one is the real you. The instincts are aversion, stench, jealousy, and disgusting emotions. But the person who chooses B is super attractive to the opposite sex, and is a fashion girl with zero distance from charm!

  Although it was a lie, he still directly expressed his request. If it is a man, who can refuse it?

Your external temperament, costume is always like a bright light, attracting the sight of the opposite sex.

Charm and elegance are an integral part of you. As a matter of course, you have always maintained a considerable attraction for the opposite sex!

In social occasions, the well-integrated “beautiful and refined, elegant and intelligent, virtuous and generous” often impresses the opposite sex.

  The person who chose C is an “alternative” woman who knows the opposite sex but is not attracted!

  Your lies are bold enough!

In the eyes of the opposite sex, you are not attractive enough, and naturally you cannot talk about attraction.

In the workplace and daily interpersonal communication, you are more willing to put yourself in a neutral position.

Especially in the work, the colleagues of the opposite sex feel more that you are a savvy, magnificent, one-sided manager and dedicated work partner.

However, in the same sex, you have an extremely popular charm index, simple, kind, and indifferent personality that does not stick to small things, so that you have many friends.

  The person who chose D is an oriental woman with traditional connotation!

  Your beauty does not leave a stunning impression in the eyes of the opposite sex. It takes a few more contacts to slowly discover it.

In the process of dealing with the opposite sex, you are restrained, quiet, and even a little mundane, but if you have the opportunity to show your outstanding cooking talents, exquisite cutting skills . will surprise everyone around you.

In the eyes of the opposite sex, you have the typical charm of oriental women.

  The person who chooses E is the weak girl in the eyes of the opposite sex, the passionate woman behind the self-control mask!

  Your lies are indeed lovely, but unfortunately you have failed to express your thoughts.

In the face of the familiar opposite sex, you are willing to show your delicate and delicate part of temperament.

However, in the social activities of strangers, you will “sanely” keep your unique silence and deeply control your inner emotions. It is difficult for people to tell whether you are happy or helpless from your expression.

All Huacai may disappear in this control, because it is difficult for the opposite sex to stay by your side .

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9 ways to maintain a woman’s secret garden to stay young from the inside out

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9 ways to maintain a woman’s “secret garden” to stay young from the inside out

Women want to stay young without the health of the uterus and ovaries.
In TCM theory, all internal reproductive organs of a woman, including the uterus and ovaries, are called female cells.
Only the health of women’s cells can continuously secrete a variety of special substances, regulate metabolism, nourish the body, ensure the normal menstruation and ovulation, and ensure the normal “operation” of the kidney, heart, spleen, and liver, thereby ensuring your health from the inside out,young!
  Yanggong = Maintenance of “woman cells” In the Chinese medicine system, women cells are located in the middle of the lower abdomen, after the bladder and before the rectum, are the internal reproductive organs of women, including women’s ovaries and uterus. Its main function is to produce menstruation and pregnancyfetus.
Menstruation is caused by viscera, qi and blood on women’s cells, and whether women’s cells are normal or not directly affects menstruation.
At the same time, the physiological functions of women’s cells are closely related to the meridians, internal organs, and qi and blood.
  “女子胞”对女性身体的影响  中医认为,当女子胞运转不正常时,各种物质会分泌不足,轻则皮肤缺水、弹性降低、易产生皱纹,身体曲线变形、局部脂肪堆积;重则Menstrual disorders, ovarian dysfunction, difficulty in conception, cold sex, no orgasm.
Not only that, the unhealthy women’s cells can also affect the internal organs, meridians, and qi and blood, leading to adverse reactions such as loss of appetite, poor mental state, mood swings, and decreased sleep quality.
If this symptom appears, it means that the flowers in the women’s secret garden have begun to wither and need your careful maintenance!
  九招呵护“女子胞”  1、每周看次惊险片,脏器功能变好了  看惊险片时,一般的人都会感觉到紧张、心跳加速、呼吸急促、全身紧绷,通常人们都认为这It is harmful. In fact, this is also an effective method of replenishing Qi.
Breathing information is actually multi-frequency deep breathing.
Taking a deep breath can inhale more fresh air, provide the required oxygen for each organ, improve or improve its function, and increase the oxygen content of the blood, so that the blood is smooth.
So watching thrillers has the effect of strengthening kidney qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, and regulating ovarian function.
But everything is too late, we have to choose different levels of thrillers based on our own mental capacity, just once a week!
  2、种盆迷迭香,保你气血充足  中医上讲,女子胞与肝、肾和任脉、冲脉关系最密切,因为肝藏血、生殖机能都由肾所主,冲、任二The pulse starts from the female cell.
Women’s livers have blood and feet, and their kidney qi is strong, but the qi and blood in the second pulse are sufficient, and the women’s cell functions are normal.
Plant a rosemary in the office or at home. Its aroma can be used for any purpose.
  The blood gas is unobstructed, and the liver can be refreshed, strengthen liver function, and purify the air!
Potted rosemary is actually very easy to grow, and it is resistant to drought. Water it once a week.
Be careful not to plant rosemary in the bedroom, otherwise you may “can’t sleep at night”.
  3. Put cinnamon on the beef stew. The delicious and warm-filled yak meat enjoys the reputation of being “the arrogant in the meat”. Its protein and amino acid content is very rich and the fat content is low, so it tastes delicious and has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, and nourishing qi and blood.
Cinnamon is a kind of warm tonic medicine, which can disperse cold and warm blood, and promote blood circulation.
With it, still worried about dysmenorrhea?
  4, often according to the blood sea points, blood circulation is more smooth. Women’s cells are closely related to the spleen, because menstrual cramps and fetal care are dependent on blood.
The Xuehai acupoint is a place where the blood from the spleen meridian gathers. Frequent massage of the Xuehai acupoint can play the role of passing the meridians, promoting blood circulation, keeping warm, and so on, while alleviating the symptoms of soreness caused by dysmenorrhea and various gynecological diseases.Can also achieve freckle beauty effects.
  Where is the Blood Sea Point?
  Sitting on a stool, the thighs and calves are 90 °, and a depression appears on the inside of the knee. There is a raised muscle above the depression, and the blood sea point is at the top of the raised muscle.
You can press the Xuehai Point with your thumb, index finger, middle finger, or ring finger. It is best to press at 9 to 11 o’clock every day when the spleen and menstrual qi is the strongest. Press each side for 3 minutes, soreness is appropriate.
  5、稳定激素,就要先稳定你的体重  有些美眉追求骨感美,体重过低,肝、脾、心等脏腑功能受损,导致气血不足,从而影响卵子的产生,容易引发慢性不排卵And infertility; some women like to eat snacks, do not like sports, digestion of the spleen and stomach is obstructed, and the waist and abdomen are like “Michelin tires”. This not only affects the figure, but also leads to increased male hormones, ovarian abnormalities, and ovulation.The consequences of infertility.
Therefore, the weight of a woman must remain at a normal index in order to ensure the health of women.
  6、和谐的性爱,让你一直年轻快乐  在中医上,房事乃是养生精髓所在,不可纵欲、禁欲,而是要节欲,即适度与和谐的性生活,能够使人精神愉快、充满信心,It can relieve stress and eliminate loneliness, and can also improve immunity and delay the degradation of ovarian function.
Contraception is also an important part of a harmonious sex life. Medical research shows that for every abortion, the quality of eggs will drop by 6%, which will thin the inner wall of the ovaries, damage the uterus, and reduce egg activity.
It is best to use condoms to prevent contraception, to avoid hormonal disorders in the body caused by the use of contraceptives, resulting in decreased egg quality.
  7、少吃食用油,排卵期更正常  民以食为天,在中国“多油更营养”的观念根深蒂固,大城市中有的人饮食习惯西化后,对高油脂食物的摄入量更多.
Excessive consumption of edible oil will destroy estrogen, increase the intake of non-physiological hormones, reduce the quality of eggs, and affect the ovulation cycle.
Therefore, the three-meal diet should be based on the principle of low oil.
How to control “low oil”?
The most scientific solution is to consume about 25 grams of edible oil per day. The amount of oil in two and a half spoons of white porcelain spoon is just about 25 grams.We have to adjust and choose more foods with water, stir food with cooking oil to avoid high temperature oil cooking; we can also choose oil pots with scales to accurately control the dosage!

  8. Aerobic exercise “three-three” system, improve the vitality of eggs. Women have been sitting in the office for a long time, blocked blood circulation, insufficient metabolism, qi and blood stasis, which are extremely harmful to the health of women’s cells-ovulation cycle disorder, eggsReduced vitality.

Can’t insist on exercising every day?

Then we must at least adhere to the “three three” system of aerobic exercise.

  ”Three three” system aerobic exercise is to exercise at least 3 days a week, exercise time can not be separated every 30 minutes, the heartbeat during exercise should be maintained at about 130 times / minute.

Aerobic exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, etc. can accelerate the body’s metabolism, promote blood circulation, ventilate and bleed, the body’s metabolism is good, the endocrine system can operate normally, and the female cells can get the best care!

  9, also wear cotton socks at home, the cold quickly dissipated!

  Women’s cells are most afraid of cold and cold, because the cold will lead to the disorder of women’s cells.

According to Chinese medicine, “cold coming from the feet” says that when the soles of the feet are cold, the blood vessels in the feet contract, blood entry is blocked, and blood circulation in the whole body is not smooth, and the body will feel cold.

Therefore, keeping your feet warm is paramount.

In summer, you can choose thinner cotton socks to resist the cold from the air conditioner and electric fan. In winter, do n’t wear cotton slippers even if there is heating in the room, because the space in the cotton slippers is too large to reach the feet.Effectively keep warm.