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What does sensitive skin mean? This situation shows that you are sensitive skin_1

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What does sensitive skin mean? This situation shows that you are sensitive skin

You can tell at a glance whether your skin is healthy or not. Healthy skin turns red and white, otherwise it turns pale, otherwise it is flushed or grayed out. Human skin is different. One of these skins is called sensitive skin.Prone to allergies, let’s take a look at what sensitive skin means, how to maintain sensitive skin, what sensitive skin can not eat.

  What does sensitive skin mean? I believe that everyone is very concerned about their own skin, and everyone’s skin properties are different. For example, 90% of people who use certain cosmetics will not be allergic to it.Ten people have allergies, and ten percent of them are sensitive skin.

  How to maintain sensitive skin1, be sure to wash your face with warm water. Since it is sensitive skin, the skin naturally cannot touch irritating things. Therefore, using too cold water or too hot water when washing your face may cause serious skin damage.Damage, especially if the heat and cold are alternated, can be devastating.

  The correct way is to gently clean the face with warm water, and be careful when using a towel to wipe, do not use too much force!

  2. Do not exfoliate the stratum corneum frequently. Although it is said that many people want to exfoliate the skin, it is not advisable for people with sensitive skin, because the stratum corneum forces the protection of the skin.If you exfoliate often, it will only cause you to be allergic often.

  In life, you should avoid contact with saponin, some skin care products such as dead skin, etc., to reduce skin irritation!

  3. Eat more foods containing vitamin a. Foods supplemented with vitamin a include carrots, animal livers, and eggs. If these foods are eaten regularly, they can strengthen the skin’s resistance.

  Vitamin a has the effect of repairing the skin and enhancing the resistance, so often eating foods rich in vitamin a can improve sensitive skin!

  Characteristics of sensitive skin What are the characteristics of sensitive skin, how to judge whether you are sensitive skin?

Actually, it’s easy to find out if your skin is sensitive or not. Let’s take a look.

  1. The skin epidermis is thin, delicate and fair, with less sebum secretion, relatively dry, obvious microvessels, skin showing reduced drying function, reduced ability of the stratum corneum to retain moisture, and incomplete formation of sebum film on the skin surface.

  2. After contact with cosmetics or seasonal allergies, it is easy to cause skin allergies, redness, swelling and itching.

The skin lacks luster and the cheeks are easily congested and red.

  3. The skin is easy to appear due to seasonal changes.

The main symptoms are itching, burning, tingling, itchy skin and small rashes.

  4, easy to be affected by cold wind, food, water quality, ultraviolet rays, synthetic fibers, flavors, pigments and other external environments or substances.

  Sensitive skin causes 1, heredity.

A large part of sensitive skin is caused by heredity.

  2. The skin cells are damaged and the skin’s immunity is reduced. The thinning of the stratum corneum leads to insufficient skin moisture. Eventually, the skin’s barrier function is too weak to resist external stimuli.

Then, the nerve fibers of the skin are often excessively excited due to external stimuli, which easily causes skin problems such as redness, fever, and itching.

  Precautions for whitening sensitive skin 1. Keep applying sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin every day. Don’t think it is greasy or troublesome. It is the most direct way to combat dull skin and skin aging.

  2, supplemented with antioxidant-containing emulsions, such as green tea, grapes, pomegranates, etc., they are very good at fighting free radicals.

  3. Before going to bed every night, exercise your skin: put toner on your palm and rub it away, and pat your skin about 50 times to let the skin absorb moisture.

(Tap helps blood circulation, which makes the skin more shiny and brighter.) 4, eat more white foods, such as Tremella, barley, milk, soy milk and so on.

  How to choose skin care products for sensitive skin 1. Cleansing: Mild facial cleanser The skin layer of sensitive skin is very thin. If you use a strong facial cleanser, the skin will become thinner and more sensitive.

Therefore, MMs with sensitive muscles are better to choose some mild foam-free cleansing products.

  2. Skin care: The ratio of natural and easily absorbable products to other skin types, the ability of sensitive muscles to absorb moisture and nutrients is relatively weak.

Therefore, it is best for sensitive girls to choose natural and easily absorbable skin care products when supplementing skin care products. This will not easily cause skin irritation and will not increase the burden on the skin.

  Common allergens for dietary contraindications for sensitive skin include: rehabilitations; ingestion (fish, shrimp, milk, etc.); drugs; mosquito bites, animal fur, etc.

  There is also the need to avoid spicy fried foods during allergies, usually to eat light, avoid foods that can cause allergies, such as wine, seafood, etc., eat more fresh vegetables or fruits.

  Summary: Friends with sensitive skin are prone to allergies, so when choosing skin care products in your life, you must choose mild and non-irritating, and make sure what your skin is allergic to, and then stay away from these allergens, so thatCan effectively protect your skin.

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Autumn health face interview

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Autumn health face interview

Autumn health is expensive in raising yin and preventing dryness.

In autumn, the yang is gradually increasing and the yin is growing. Therefore, maintaining the body’s yin becomes the primary task, and the key to nourishing yin is to prevent dryness. This principle should be implemented in all aspects of life.

  Autumn dry lungs eat less Xin: Autumn rainfall is relatively reduced, the hair dryer is basically dry hot air, then the air is dry, this is the so-called “autumn dry”.

“Qiu dry” can be divided into two categories, one is just after the summer, the weather is still hot, the “warm dry” of the temperature difference between morning and evening; the other is the “cool dry” where the weather is really cool.

  Like the current climate, it is an obvious “warm and dry” climate. Under such climatic conditions, tonic is suitable for some other “warm” foods, such as: snow plow, pineapple, soy milk, honey, sugar cane, etc.Xin, spicy food, such as onions, ginger, pepper, pepper, to prevent Xin Wen help, aggravate the symptoms of lung dryness.

  In September and October, the temperature gradually dropped and entered “cool and dry”. At this time, it was a good choice to use “ears”, “hoof”, “apple”, “mountain”, “milk” and other food tonic.

Of course, whether it is “warm dry” or “cool dry”, we must pay attention to the balance of tonic, turn to “flat” and “nourishing”, pay full attention to the “micro-element” and “vitamin” supplement, so as to obtain the idealTonic effect.

  Moderate drinking is the most important: drink more water during the summer sweaty season, the air humidity is small in the autumn, the wind is strong, and the human sweat evaporates faster and needs more water.

Moderate drinking water is a maintenance measure that is moist and dry in the fall.

Drinking water with a small amount of frequent drinking is better, not suitable for binge drinking, drinking a large amount of water at a time, will increase the burden of intake, causing discomfort, only a small amount of slow drink, “moisturizing fine and silent” can match mouth, nose, throat, throat, esophagus, and evenThe trachea produces a moisturizing effect on the particle size.

In addition to eating more fresh vegetables, fruits, if necessary, can take vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C 1-2 tablets every day.

  Lung dry wound liver should eat acid: from the Chinese medicine five elements of raw grams, the lung is gold, liver is wood, Jinwang can Kemu, so that liver wood damage.

Therefore, you should eat sour foods such as apples, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, cherries, grapefruits, lemons, hawthorns, tomatoes, alfalfa, etc.

Because “acid into the liver”, it can strengthen the liver wood, prevent the lungs from causing damage to the liver, and can also lead to thirst, spleen and digestion, and increase appetite.

Sour food can astringe the liver, have the effect of protecting the liver and protecting the liver, but it can not be excessive.

Because many acidic foods, such as vinegar, ebony, etc., its sour taste can stimulate the stomach, prone to stomach ulcers, gastritis and other diseases, which are not good for the body.

  Autumn practice Qigong raises lungs: Autumn is also the golden season for practicing Qigong. It often exercises Qigong, can regulate the lungs and prevent colds.

In the morning, choose the fresh air, adjust the interest rate and slowly inhale the gas to replace it, then close the teeth and gently exhale, then breathe out for 30 times.

Practicing Qigong is also good for treating lung diseases.

Chronic bronchitis, patients with hypertension, should pay close attention to treatment in the fall to alleviate the symptoms after winter.

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Pick fruits to see your recent love luck

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Pick fruits to see your recent love luck

One day you quarreled with your lover and you fell out the door.

Who knows that there was heavy rain halfway, the lightning flashed and thundered, and you, without an umbrella and penniless, ran to a streetside shelter from the rain.

Waited a long time and the rain didn’t stop.

At this time, you are already thirsty and cold and don’t know what to do. A fruit vendor who is sheltering from the rain under the eaves is kind and wants to give you some fruits.

At this moment, you see that the lover is looking for you anxiously in the street with an umbrella.

You immediately picked one and ran towards the lover.

You will pick . A, pitaya B, grapefruit C, pomegranate D, watermelon E, lemon. Analysis of results: choose A: pitaya is expensive.

But it has an outstanding appearance, it is very stylish, and it is very high-grade.

So you have some kind of vanity about love. You look good, have a good family, and have a successful lover.

Even if the two get along in private, whether the lover really suits you is not the most important thing in your opinion, everyone can accommodate and run in with each other.

But is this substandard taste of pitaya really suitable for you?

  Option B: Eating grapefruit is very troublesome. It is very difficult to peel a thick layer of skin, then remove the white inner layer, and then peel another layer of transparent skin to eat.

But this is exactly what you want?

This feeling of giving.

In other words, a slight tendency to masochistic.

Feelings that are too smooth and too stable always make you want to run away and don’t know to cherish them.

It takes a lot of hard work and torture to get it, then it feels good.

  Choice C: The pomegranate commented that other fruit mutations were so special that they seemed to consist of N small cells.

In fact, love is also the same, composed of many trivial things.

So don’t imagine that love is too perfect, it will make the other person very hard.

Romance is important, but pursuing only perfect appearances will bring very unreal feelings to each other, and you will be disappointed when you really live together.

  Choice D: Sometimes I buy a watermelon and cut it back, it is red and sweet, and sometimes the cut watermelon is not red or sweet.

Watermelon is a fruit that tests the eye of a person who chooses melon.

So love is not necessarily a good-looking person, and there are many elements of luck.

But don’t doubt the luck to treat love.

You who prefer to bet, don’t bet on your marriage.

  Choice E: Lemons mostly come in the form of supporting characters, a seasoning for cooking, a taste of wine mixing, but without it, it will be overshadowed.

So you have to be careful about the role, protagonist, or supporting role that you have always replaced in other people’s love.

The fate of the supporting role is to become the protagonist; the second is to leave, of course, if you can continue to endure the pain of becoming a supporting role; the third is to continue to be good.

It may not be the opposite sex that competes with you, it may be the cause of the other person, or a hobby.